Monday, March 4, 2013

March Mania at The Tiki Hut and The Boomtown Craze Launch Party


Carol Kilgore is running all over the blogosphere this month for her March Monday Mania event, and I am excited to be holding down the fort  Under the Tiki Hut today in her absence. As part of the mania, Carol is giving away a copy of her novel In Name Only and I am giving away an ebook copy of Polar Night, so visit Carol's site if you'd like to find out how to enter to win. Or just come to chat with me about Alaska and the Arctic while we hang out at the Tiki beach.

Today is also the day for M. Pax's Boomtown Craze launch party, and I'm thrilled to be taking part in the celebration. Congratulations, Mary!!

Here is all the info on the latest in the totally fantastic Backworlds series.

A Grand New Age of Boom or Dust?

Boomtown Craze, Book 3 in the Backworlds series is here!

In the far future, humanity settles the stars, bioengineering its descendents to survive in a harsh universe.

To secure his future, Craze must propel his world into a more prosperous era. Only days away from the grand opening of his new and improved tavern, he is confronted by a loony Backworlder intent on mucking up his plans. Gaunt and trembling, she claims her spaceship is possessed. She also has a connection to the underworld that shakes loose the dark past of one of Craze’s closest friends. It all threatens to end Craze’s prosperity before it begins.

Meanwhile off world, Captain Talos works desperately to outwit the mercenary Jixes and lure them away from his and Craze’s budding prospects. The mind-control weapon Talos uses against them is wearing thin, and his next move may be his last.

Will Craze and Talos’s efforts bring about a grand new age of boom or damn them to forever struggle in the dust?
Available in ebook at:

Other Outlets can be found at

It will also be available in paperback from Amazon shortly.

About the author:
M. Pax is a Browncoat and SG fan, she’s also slightly obsessed with Jane Austen. In the summers she docents as a star guide at Pine Mountain Observatory where the other astronomers now believe she has the most extensive collection of moon photos in existence. No fear, there will be more next summer. She lives in stunning Central Oregon with the Husband Unit and two lovely, spoiled cats.

You can also find M. Pax on LinkedIN, Pinterest, YouTube, and Wattpad

Mary is hosting a great giveaway of both paperbacks and ebooks at her site, so visit her here to find out how to enter. If you haven't already read The Backworlds, you're missing out! I've no doubt this third installment will be as fantastic as the first two.

Congratulations again to Mary and I'll see everyone over at The Tiki Hut! :)


  1. Great post, good luck to Carol.


  2. Congrats to M.Pax!

    Ah, I would love to be at that Tiki hut right now. I could use the vacation. :)

  3. Hi, Julie,

    Congrats to you both. Haven't read Polar Night yet, but it's on my TBR list. Hope it's doing well.

  4. Love that photo of Mary. And congrats to her and Carol and you...and, wow, lots of releases!

    Off to the Tiki Hut.

  5. @Al, I hear you on that. I've got the winter blahs for sure.

    @Joy, thank you!

    @LG, I agree, it's a great photo. Thanks!

  6. Congratulations, Mary! And already visited the Tiki Hut this morning.

  7. I'm so thrilled to have you visiting the Tiki Hut this week!

    And I love the cover for Boomtown Craze!

  8. Congrats to all of you~
    Where is the party?!

  9. @Alex, thank you for visiting!

    @Carol, me too, I think it's a great cover. Thanks again for having me!

    @Ella, I think it's at Mary's place!

  10. Congrats to M Pax! I'd love to be at a warm, tiki hut kind of place right now, too! Oh, and Julie I still need to get your new book, too! I hope it's a best seller!! :)

  11. Thank you a million times over, Julie ;D

    Can't wait to visit the Tiki Hut!

  12. Congrats to Mary! Julie, you did a great job over at the Tiki Hut!


  13. @Becky, oh, thanks, wouldn't that be amazing? :)

    @Mary, my pleasure! Congrats again!

    @Julie, thank you! It's always fun to be at Carol's place. :)

  14. Good luck to Carol and Congratultions to Mary!

  15. Super excited for Mary. Heading over to the Tiki Hut. :-)

  16. @Michael, me too!

    @Johanna, I second both of those!

    @Misha, see you over there. :)

  17. I'm about half way through Mary's book, Boomtown Craze, and can't wait to finish. It's a great read and she did a fantastic job of bringing these characters alive.

  18. @Karen, oh, I have no trouble believing that! Looking forward to reading it myself. :)

  19. Hi Julie - visited over at the Tiki Hut - very interesting! My husband was in Alaska in the service (long before I knew him!) I have your book and can't wait to read it. Nice to feature M.Pax too!

  20. Okay, let's see. We're celebrating Mary's launch here. Check. Congratulations to Mary.

    But Julie's at the Tiki Hut. No problem, I always go there. And to find Carol I need go... Oh heck, I'll just go to the Tiki Hut and figure it out from there.

  21. Man, I just cannot seem to keep up in blogworld! I just co-hosted a hop with Mary last week and somehow I totally missed out on her release party. Congrats to her & I just adore that picture!

    Have fun at the tiki hut!

  22. @Melissa, thanks so much for getting the book, I hope you will like it!

    @LD, LOL, I hope you found Carol. :D

    @Nicki, I know, it's very hard to keep up lately. Your bloghop was great, I really enjoyed it!

  23. I've been off the radar for a while - I was not aware M Pax had a new release. I hope you both have great success with your book sales.

  24. So many awesome books out there, so little free time :-( Oh well, I'm sure the kids don't need clean clothes, they'll only make them dirty again!

  25. @Annalisa, LOL, that's a good approach to take. :D

  26. Mary Pax rocks!!
    Off to te Tiki Hut!

  27. Grrrrrr.... sorry for typo!
    *take two* Off to the Tiki Hut!

  28. yay for julie! yay for mary!
    great happenings so far in 2013!!

  29. @Michelle, LOL, thanks! And I totally agree about Mary!

    @Tara, definitely! Thanks so much.


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