Wednesday, July 3, 2013

IWSG and Sharing Good News

It's time once again for the Insecure Writer's Support Group, hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh. This month's co-hosts are Nancy Thompson, Mark Koopmans, and Heather Gardner. Thanks to all for hosting!

As this month's IWSG came around I was feeling insecure about the fact that I couldn't think of anything to write about for my post. Kind of ironic! But then I remembered that one of the purposes of the group is to "share and encourage," and I thought there was no better time to share some of the good news I've seen around the blogosphere in the past few weeks.

So without further ado, here are some of the fun and exciting things I've seen lately:

Tyrean Martinson released Dragonfold And Other Adventures this week. Isn't that an awesome cover? Here is some info on the book:

DRAGONFOLD AND OTHER ADVENTURES includes imaginative stories and poems, written between 2008 and 2013. Some of these adventures have been previously published, and others are waiting to be discovered for the first time.
Previously published titles include: “Dragonfold”; “Enough to Do”; “The Identity of Captain Wrath”; and “Embers.” This book also contains a sample of Martinson’s novel, Champion in the Darkness.
Find these previously published stories and more adventures in Dragonfold and Other Adventures, a collection of new and old stories and poems with fantasy and scifi elements.

Nancy LaRonda Johnson published her second book, Salted With Fire. Yet another wonderful cover! From Nancy's blurb for the book:

Black magic, murder, insanity, humor, honor and devotion. Salted With Fire is a journey of flash fiction and poetry that shows my writing transformation from worldly to wanting to please God.

Flash fiction is my passion; poetry is my release. I love creating a complete story, with a beginning, middle and end, with twists, humor, drama, compassion and horror, all under 1000 words. Salted With Fire isn’t just a book of stories and poetry, it is my journey as a writer, from writing only for the mere joy of it regardless of the message, to writing stories that highlight God’s will for people, even if the stories themselves are not religious in nature.
Congratulations to both Tyrean and Nancy!

Finally, Lisa Regan's Finding Claire Fletcher is a finalist in the eFestival of Words Best of Independent eBook Awards. Lisa is up for best novel and best heroine and if you've read her book you know she deserves to win both. Not that I'm biased or anything. :D

Visit Lisa's blog here to find out how to vote for her and help her secure these awards.

I also just want to say thank you to everyone who left such kind comments on my announcement about my second novel The Ghosts of Aquinnah. You guys always make everything even more exciting and I've honestly never met a more supportive group of people. And I guess ultimately that's what this IWSG is all about! :)


  1. That is what this group is all about!
    Very happy for all three ladies.

  2. Congratulations to all of you! What wonderful news!

  3. Love all the happy news. This month IWSG is all positive news, and that truly is exciting!

    Again, congratulations!

  4. Wonderful news Julie!
    ~Just Jill

  5. What awesome news indeed! Sounds like an excellent alternative when there's no insecurities to talk about. Keep up the awesome! :)

  6. Yay, some good news on IWSG day! Congrats to Nancy and Tyrean. And I voted for Lisa yesterday. She was kicking butt last time I looked. :)

  7. Wonderful things to post today!! I love seeing good things happen to those around us.

  8. This is a great use for ISWG, well done for thinking of it! :)

  9. Yea for all of you! You're right, seeing you celebrate other writers' successes is a great way to help us overcome our insecurities.

  10. Yup, Alex is right. That's the whole purpose. Yeah, Julie

  11. This is a great way to look at IWSG. Congrats to Tyrean and Nancy.

  12. Congrats to you, Julie! You deserve so much success!

  13. Congratulations to Tyrean. I love the cover. And congrats to the other authors as well.

  14. @Alex, I totally agree.

    @Rachel, thanks!

    @Yolanda, it is fun to see all the good things going on. Thanks again!

    @Jill, thanks!

    @David, it's such a rare thing for me to not have insecurities to talk about LOL. A miracle almost. :D

    @LG, I voted too, I hope she wins big.

    @Elizabeth, me too, it's fun.

    @Laura, thanks!

    @Sher, I totally agree, it has helped me a great deal.

    @Karen, thanks!

    @Suzanne, so happy for both of them.

    @Susan, thank you!

    @Michael, isn't that dragon cool? I totally love it.

  15. Love those covers!
    And yay for Lisa!!!

    Great post! :)
    IWSG #118 until Alex culls the list again.

  16. Congrats to Tyrean, Nancy, and Lisa!

  17. Wow - congrats to all. What a positive post :-)

  18. Wow - congrats to all. What a positive post :-)

  19. Oh this was a great idea, Julie! Thanks for sharing and congrats to everyone on their good news!

  20. Tyrean's cover is awesome. I'm so excited for her! I don't know the other authors. Thanks for the introduction to them.

  21. @Melissa, I agree, so happy for all three ladies.

    @Cherie, I second that!

    @Linda, thanks!

    @Gwen, glad you liked it, thanks!

    @Brinda, I agree, I just love Tyrean's cover so much. Lisa and Nancy are both great.

  22. Congratulations to Tyrean and Nancy and to you!

    I think this is perfect for the IWSG... it is wonderful encouragement :)

  23. Congrats to these 3 ladies! Really exciting news!
    Writer In Transit

  24. @SK, thanks!

    @Michelle, isn't it? Makes me smile to see so many good things happening around the blogosphere.

  25. Congrats to you and the three ladies!!!.lots of good news in Blogdom today.

  26. Congrats to Tyrean and Nancy! Since you brought Lisa Regan to my attention, I went to her blog and followed the instructions to vote for her. And again, wishing you huge success with Ghosts of the Aquinnah! I'm so excited for you!!! :-)

  27. @Stephen, thank you and thanks again for the shout-out today.

    @Molly, :)

    @Lexa, that's great you voted for Lisa, she deserves it! And thanks again for your congrats.

    @Tonja, I agree, they're really good.

  28. Can you hear me waiving my fist in the air and doing the "whooop whooop whooop" noise for these fine authors? GO WRITERS GO! Fun celebration. :)

  29. Congrats to you all! Nothing like a wonderful perk-up like good news. :)

  30. Girl power up in here!


    The support from this community is so overwhelming. I think we're all very, very lucky :)

  31. I am glad for the good news. Definitively good news is worth sharing! :)

  32. I'm sorry I was a couple days late to your big announcement, but YIPEE! *confetti all around*

    And congrats to Tyrean, Nancy & Lisa too.

  33. Woo hoo for Lisa, Tyrean, and Nancy. I love seeing everyone getting out there.

    Can't wait for your new book, Julie.

    Happy 4th!

  34. Yay! Congrats to all the authors!! I love the cover, Tyrean!!

  35. Giant, huge, wonderful congratulations all around! And you're very right that was a great way to do IWSG- seeing other author's success helps the rest of us keep going! Thanks, Julie!

  36. Congrats to everyone on their success. Those all look like great novels.

  37. A good news day indeed. Congratulations all around.

  38. Big congrats to Tyrean and Nancy! Yay! And thank you so much for sharing the news about Finding Claire Fletcher. You are so sweet and I appreciate it so much!

  39. Hey Julie! That's so great about your book! I read about it somewhere else too... Alex's I think. But Big Congrats to you! That should be tons of fun promoting!!
    And yay for all the other authors!! :D

  40. Julie, lots of good stuff going on for us writers. Hope Lisa cops those awards.

  41. @Julie, I'm doing that whoop whoop with you. :)

    @Christine, so true!

    @Samantha, oh I didn't even think of that but you're right about the Girl Power! :D

    @Al, definitely. :)

    @Nicki, oh, nothing to apologize for! Thanks so much, I appreciate it.

    @Mary, thanks!

    @Ciara, isn't it great? Love that dragon.

    @Beverly, thanks!

    @Stephanie, I agree.

    @LD, nothing beats good news. :)

    @Lisa, my pleasure!

    @Sheena, that's for sure.

    @Pk thank you!!

    @Joy, it's fun to have so much going on, no doubt.

  42. You're right, Julie. Just as we can share our insecurities, we can do some sharing and encouraging. It's wonderful you're sharing about the great things going on recently and still very excited for your good news as well :-)

  43. that is too cool, bask in the coolness going on and let's make others's all gonna be good with lots of cool promos!!

  44. How beautiful of you! And you definitely did pass on encouragement, in a most surprising way to me. Thanks Julie! And I'm so glad you otherwise have no insecurities now. May that last and last. Writer’s Mark

  45. Hi Julie,

    In the true ideals of "IWSG" aka, "I Was Seeking Gary", you have displayed such a sharing, caring ethos.

    It's great you bring further awareness of these fine folks.

    And yes, peace and hope, your way,


  46. That's a lot to celebrate! A great way to start the holiday weekend. Happy 4th! :)

  47. I've heard of Dragonfold before, but not Salted With Fire. So cool of you to share others' good news!

  48. Hi Julie .. love the titles of the books ... and so pleased your new novel is taking shape .. good luck and happy Fourth of July - cheers Hilary

  49. @Angela, thanks, I appreciate it!

    @Tammy, I agree, lots of good stuff coming up.

    @Nancy, you're welcome! And I doubt my lack on insecurity will last more than a week but who knows LOL.

    @Gary, the "I was seeking Gary" hop is something I look forward to every month. :D

    @Heather, glad to help spread the word!

    @Hilary, I think the titles are great too. Thanks!

  50. @Michael, sorry I missed your comment earlier. Thanks so much and I hope you had a great 4th!

  51. What FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!


  52. All the covers are great looking. Always great to see authors promoting authors :)


  53. @Donna, I agree about the covers and it's fun to have a chance to promote other authors. One of the best things about the blogosphere I think. :)

  54. Congrats to all of the authors! I'm also very excited about Ghosts of the Aquinnah! Sorry I'm so late.


  55. @Julie, oh, thanks! Nothing to apologize for at all! I really appreciate it, thanks so much.


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