Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Faves and Celebrations

Hello and Happy Friday to all!

As I mentioned in Wednesday's IWSG post, I'm planning to blog more frequently. I know that several bloggers do lists each Friday and I decided I wanted to try that myself. So each Friday I'm going to post 5 favorite things in a variety of categories. We'll see how this goes!

For the first week I'm starting with something very simple - my 5 favorite pictures of my dog Clancy and my cat Nate. Clancy and Nate used to be on this blog a lot more than they have been recently and they're kind of annoyed that they've been ignored. So I promised them I'd try to give them more attention. ;)

First up, their version of a conga line:

 Nate when he's had WAY too much to drink:

Clancy letting me know exactly what he thinks of my idea to dress him up as Batdog for Halloween:

 And Clancy letting me know how sick he is of me making him sit for the camera:

Finally, as I am a Game of Thrones addict I totally love my Jon Snow Funko toy I got recently. Nate doesn't agree at all and has no patience with my nonsense.

So there's my first round of Friday Faves. If Clancy and Nate have their way they will be the subject every week. :D

While we're on the subject of pets and animals, I wrote earlier this summer of my plans to start a new blog devoted to animal rescue called Cincinnati Tails. I've realized since then that I simply don't have the time to get a new blog up and running, so I've decided to incorporate my ideas for Cincinnati Tails into this blog. Since I want to start blogging more frequently it only makes sense to bring the posts I would be doing for Cincinnati Tails over here to my blog home. So I hope to have more animals taking over the blog from time to time. :)

Finally, it's time for another Celebrate the Small Things hop with Vikki at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author.

This week I'm celebrating the fact that I feel more energized about blogging and writing than I have all summer. I've been in a total slump and haven't focused on any new ideas so it feels really good to be coming out of that. I hope to spend a good part of the weekend writing. Fingers crossed!

I also want to say thanks to everyone who commented on my IWSG post. I received some great suggestions and it's also great to know that I am not alone in my marketing and social media anxiety.

Happy weekend!


  1. Here's to renewed energy and inspiration! And I just love Clancy!

  2. Hi Julie! Great ideas all around and I love the adorable photos. Sending you hugs and really good writing karma....since it's not working for me at the moment...maybe it will work for you! :)

  3. Oh, I love Batdog! :) Now, if only Nate had agreed to dress up like Robin.... Robcat???

    And good to hear you're feeling renewed energy. Combining the blogs sounds like fun - I look forward to seeing more animals here. :)

  4. Always love to see pics of animals, somehow brightens my day. And so glad you've come out of your slump, we all get those now and again!

  5. Glad your energy is back!
    I think Clancy's Batdog outfit is cool.

  6. Nate and Clancy are adorable and I'm so glad you're bringing them back to your blog.

  7. @Regina, thanks! And Clancy says thanks too LOL.

    @Becky, oh, I hope so - sending some hugs and karma your way too.

    @Madeline, I tried to dress Nate up as a clown and the results were so disastrous I couldn't even get a pic LOL. I would love to see him as Robcat though. :D

    @Cathy, I agree, animals can always make me smile. Thanks so much.

    @Alex, I totally loved the outfit but he really didn't agree LOL.

    @Karen, thanks!

  8. Aww those pictures are adorable! Such lovely pets :)
    Glad you're feeling more motivated to blog and write, I hate going through those slumps but they're unavoidable.

  9. It is always great to see pictures of Nate and Clancy :) Have a great weekend!

    Am so behind with my blog visiting :(

  10. Hi, Julie,

    Love your 'kids" ... they have such great faces and expressions!

    Great idea to incorporate the two themes. WE all love pics of animals and kids. It gives us another look at the 'at home, Julie." It's always good to have a personal post on your blog from time to time.

    So many author's don't. And after a while advice on writing gets old. Part of being a writer is LIVING and showing us personal glimpses of your world is fun!

  11. Love the pic of your furry kids! Batdog! I know someone who would approve of that costume. Very cute stuff. As a fellow GOT fan I, unlike Nate, love your collectible. I'll be sure to follow you here, makes sense to combine your blogs and you need to be sure to have time to continue writing so I can continue reading your books! I'm struggling to find the time and energy to work on my novel, but I haven't given up. Glad you're feeling good about writing and got out of that slump we all seem to fall into sometimes. :)

  12. Happy to hear you're in such a good mood. Love the pics!

    Have a nice weekend!

  13. Your dog and cat are amazing. I can't believe they lie down so close to each other. Our cat tends to bully ours dogs. I think it is great that you will be incorporating more posts about animals. I am a big softy when it comes to animals. Best of luck with the new posts.

  14. @Laura, that's true, unfortunately. I just hope this slump is done for a while now LOL. Thanks!

    @Austin, I love that you have your own blog name now LOL. Although I will miss your mom. ;)

    @Michael, that's what I think too, plus I don't feel qualified to give any writing advice LOL. Thanks so much!

    @Julie, oh, it's great you are a GoT fan. I am kind of a fanatic LOL. And I agree about the Batdog costume. Thanks for the follow!

    @Adriana, thank you, you too!

    @Lee, me too, it's a relief. :)

    @Murees, I've been lucky that these guys have always been buddies. I think because they were both young together. I'm a total softie too LOL. Thanks so much for the good luck wishes!

  15. Just loved the photographs, Julie.

  16. Oh I'm such an animal lover-- want to kiss their furry noses!

  17. These pictures are so great! Your kitty Nate looks EXACTLY like my kitty Harry- they could be twins. And that batdog costume is hysterical! Thanks so much for sharing these, Julie- what a great idea!

  18. @Carole, thanks!

    @Julie, they send kisses back. :D

    @Beverly, aww, I bet Harry is a cutie! Thanks so much.

  19. Cute pics of your dog and cat. Your drunk cat is the my favorite. Have fun blogging more. Renewed energy is good.

  20. Your critters are adorable, and I'm sure they're delighted to be getting the attention they deserve in today's post.

    I think the heat of summer has a way of sapping creative juices. Now we have a new school year beginning and a new football season just over the horizon... time to get fired up again!

  21. Nate and Clancy are so handsome! Glad you're feeling energized about writing. You'll be able to accomplish a lot. You'll probably surprise yourself!

  22. @Nana, I love the drunk pic too LOL.

    @Susan, oh, I'm so ready for football season. I just love fall. :)

    @Deanie, I hope so. Thanks!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Try again! Meant to say, thank you for your kind remark. Have only done this once before in my life. Was 13 and stood in a town in Bavaria, looking into a valley. Returned 50 years later, knowing all that had happened to me, and found the same place...

  25. Clancy is a total ham. And I want that Jon Snow toy!

    Happy Friday!

  26. Love your fur peeps. As for blogging. I'm keeping it at a minimum since the Glowstick will be with me every other week.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  27. Love the conga line! I think they're also doing the hokey-pokey. Put your right paw out...

  28. So adorable! Great that you're feeling more energized. I'm hoping that hits me when my son starts up preschool in a week and a half. :) Have a lovely weekend.

  29. Nate is definitely not into the action figure. Glad you feel energized Julie and can't wait to see more posts and your wonderful pets.

  30. Clancy and Nate are adorable! Yay! for kicking your slump and writing/blogging more. And remember to keep Nate away from the liquor cabinet! :-)

  31. Oh, I'd definitely come by for more Nate and Clancy. You should have a "caption this" segment, especially for the ones like Nate/action figure, lol!

  32. @Carole, I just loved those photos on your site, such an amazing story.

    @Mary, thanks and happy weekend to you as well!

    @LG, I'm not parting with my Jon Snow LOL.

    @Shelly, LOL, I hope your fur peeps survive the Glowstick. :D

    @Carol, oh, that's so true, now I'll have that song in my head LOL.

    @Christine, I hope it does too, fingers crossed for you. Thanks!

    @Sheena, he really hates it LOL. Thanks!

    @Lexa, LOL, he has to be watched all the time LOL. Thanks so much.

    @Gwen, oh, that's a good idea, LOL! Thanks!

  33. Those are truly cute pics, and I'm glad you've decided to tag them on here since you don't have time for two blogs - which I TOTALLY understand.

    It's great to have that drive come back to write and stay connected more. I'm happy your slump is over. It's amazing how great this community is with always willing to provide support, encouragement and suggestions. :) Writer’s Mark

  34. You have the cutest pets! I'm super partial to cats but Clancy is adorable too :)

  35. @Nancy, I agree, I'm so glad to be part of this group. Thanks so much.

    @Sam, LOL, Nate says he thinks you are very smart. :D Thanks!

  36. Great pics of your babies and I think it's a great idea to incorporate your other blog into this'll save you some work :)

  37. Samson Says: I'm glad you like my coat, but good to see you got furry friends of your own to snuggle with.

    Me: I think it's a great idea to incorporate the Tails into this blog. Keeping up more than one blog is hard, even for me who is retired. I tried it and changed my mind. Looking forward to hearing more about the rescue.

  38. Hi Julie,

    Clancy and Nate are looking great. Even Penny has given a pawsitive response. Get away from the screen, Penny! Thank you :)

    Such a worthy ideal to incorporate an animal rescue theme into your blog.

    Here's to your new energy in blogging and writing.

    A peaceful rest of the weekend, Julie.

    Gary :)

  39. I'm looking forward to your Friday posts... and I love the five photos of your pets... so cute.

  40. Love all the photos, but especially the one of the 'drunk' cat!
    Suzanne @ Suzannes-Tribe

  41. Your pets are SO CUTE!! YAY for renewed blogging energy.

  42. Hi Julie, I nominated you for a blogging award. Please stop by to find out more.

  43. Love the pics! Especially the goofy ones. Congratulations on being re-energized!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  44. @Mark, thank you!

    @Inger, yeah, it is definitely a lot of work and I realized it didn't make much sense to do both when I already have this one. Thanks so much.

    @Gary, thank you, and thanks to Penny too. Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend.

    @tf, thanks!

    @Suzanne, LOL, that one always cracks me up, poor Nate.

    @Vikki, thank you!

    @Deanie, oh, thanks, I appreciate that. Will be there to get it!

    @Shannon, thank you, I hope it lasts now LOL.

  45. I'm also having a spurt of energy and hope to keep it up.

    Cute animals.

  46. aw nice pets - honestly need to blog more regularly after blogging a lot less regularly recently..

  47. @Medeia, I hope so too. Thanks!

    @David, I hope you do, I love your posts. Thank you!

  48. Love the animal pictures!

    And it is easier to have just one blog than several.

  49. I'm sort of committing to post less frequently. :) Love the pics of the pets. Super cute.

  50. I think that it's a great idea to combine Cincinnati Tails with this blog! Your photos of Nate and Clancy are adorable! I'm glad that you got your energy back.


  51. hehe, Nate looks completely unimpressed by John Snow

  52. what a great idea to merge the two blogs!

    Love the batman get up. Adorable!

    I'm hoping once the kids are back in school and life has a more normal rhythm, I'll get my energy back.

  53. @Tonja, now that I've committed to this I'm already questioning whether I'll stick to it LOL. Thanks!

    @Julie, thanks so much, I appreciate it.

    @Lynda, LOL, he hates him.

    @Elizabeth, thank you! I'm sure having the kids back in school will make a huge difference for you.

  54. @Cherie, I'm sorry I totally missed your comments. Thank you!


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