Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Celebrations & A Cover Reveal from Cathrina Constantine

Hello and Happy Friday! I didn't mean to disappear from the hop for the past few weeks but life happens and all of the sudden here we are at the end of January. The holidays already seem like forever ago.

And it's time to Celebrate the Small Things once again. The hop is hosted by Lexa Cain and co-hosted by L.G Keltner at Writing Off the Edge and Tonja Drecker at Kidbits. Visit Lexa's blog here to find out how join in the hop yourself and to see the list of participants.

This week I'm celebrating:

Baby Moo, the sequel!
I finished my revisions for Baby Moo Goes to Hollywood and submitted the manuscript! I'm so excited to move forward on getting another Baby Moo story out into the world.

A healthy Nate!
I had to take my cat Nate to the vet because I found a lump under his skin. I immediately freaked when I felt it, but hoped it was just a fatty tumor. Sure enough, it was! That was a huge relief and now I just have to wait for him to forgive me for taking him to the vet in the first place. The poor cat is terrified of his carrier, the car, and, most of all, the vet's office.

And finally, a birthday!
If the weather cooperates my sisters and I are taking my mom out for a birthday brunch on Sunday. She's turning 89 and is still as strong as ever. If I ever start to feel sorry for myself, I think about my mother undergoing chemotherapy and kicking cancer to the curb when she was 87-88! She's my hero.

Today I also want to share the stunning cover for Cathrina Constantine's next release, Incense and Peppermints. 

Isn't that gorgeous? Congratulations, Cathrina!!

The book will be released on March 10 and you can add it on Goodreads here.

The blurb:

 Peace demonstrations, sit-ins, and burning the U.S. flag following the escalation of the Vietnam War are leading to a catalyst known to the world as the Sixties, and a musical revolution, flower power, hippies, marijuana, and drugs are carrying the generations—young and old—into a new decade. All the while sixteen-year-old Mary Monroe is caught between being an innocent good girl and an autumn of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. When her brother offers a solution to her dilemma in the form of a little pill, Mary ignores the rumba in her brain and takes a walk on the wild side. Plunged into popularity and a life she’s only imagined, she meets Michael Covington, the hot newcomer, and she’s instantly drawn in by his less than flawless exterior and bad boy sex appeal. Caught up in the danger and excitement as they drift from party to party, into underground fight clubs, and through a series of drug and alcohol fueled adventures, Mary follows her new crush into a world where young girls are never truly safe from the predators lurking in the shadows and young men are hiding from the harsh reality of war. Feeling buzzed and as if her life is spinning out of control, Mary is assaulted by an unknown man at a party, and she’s left questioning if the enigmatic Michael is truly her hero or if he is the face behind the terrible attack. With every piece of information Mary learns about Michael, her doubts grow deeper, but with every minute she spends in his presence, so does her love.
 With the war and her fear threatening to separate Mary and Michael forever, only the death of a friend, a crushing confession, and her own sensibilities can carry her over the threshold between adolescence and adulthood.
Congratulations again to Cathrina, and Happy Weekend to all. :)


  1. Happy Birthday to your mom!

    Congratulations on finishing your sequel! How exciting! I'm so glad your cat is okay. It's so scary when we think there's something wrong with one of our fur babies.

  2. Hope you have a fun birthday with your mom. And congrats on finishing your manuscript. That's a huge accomplishment.

  3. Happy birthday to your mom! Glad she and the cat are both healthy.
    Baby Moo is going to be a star. A Hollywood star!

  4. Hope your mom has a wonderful birthday! And yay for more Baby Moo! :) Congrats to Cathrina!

  5. Gorgeous cover!

    I love the title of the Baby Moo sequel! I think Moo needs some cool shades and maybe a convertible.... :)

    Good news on Nate!

    And whoo-hoo for your Mom! I hope you all have a wonderful time at brunch.

  6. Happy Birthday to your Mom!!! God Bless Her!! And kicking cancer is awesome!!!

    Congrats on the Baby Moo sequel!!!

    Thank you for having me on your blog today Julie!!!!

    Have a great Birthday Weekend with your Mom and family!!!!!

  7. Congratulations to you and Baby Moo! Have a great party with your mom.

  8. Enjoy the time with your mum. My own mum is 87 and still going strong. I hope I've inherited her genes. Have a good weekend.

  9. Enjoy that birthday celebration with your mom. she sounds like a lovely lady. My cat sounds like your Nate when it comes to pet carriers and the vets. She has a warning on her notes as she attacked the vet first time I took her! Glad your furry friend is on the mend. Great news about your new book too.

  10. Woo HOO! Congratulations on your Moo number two!!! That's awesome.

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration with your mom, and I hope you get to share many more with her. It sounds like she's a tough lady.

    The cover and blurb for that new book are both great. It might be meant as a YA book, but I think this OA is gonna have to read it. :)

    Have a super weekend.

    1. Wanta hear how dumb I am? I went to Goodreads to add "Incense and Peppermint" to my want-to-read pile. Then, I followed the link to Amazon, and son of a gun! The book "Incense and Peppermint" was already there... for sale! I bought it. Um, yeah, not the same book. Same title, different author. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be good... HA!

  11. Congrats on your Baby Moo sequel, your awesome mom's 89th birthday, and for Nate's good heath report. (I'm with Nate - I hate going to the doctor!) Yay for Cathrina's new book cover - it's amazing!

  12. Happy Birthday to your mom!

    So glad you and Nate received good news from the vet. (My cat is always so super angry at the vet that everyone who handles her has to wear these thick protective gloves and aprons.)

    And I love knowing that there will be another Baby Moo book out in the world!

  13. I get the silent treatment from my cat for ages after I've taken her to the vets! She's the same; the carrier, the car and the vet themselves are her worst enemies. I'm glad it was nothing serious, and hope he forgives you soon!
    Good luck with your new Baby Moo book!
    Have a great weekend :)

  14. Happy Birthday to your mom! And congrats on Baby Moo and on a healthy (grumpy) cat!

  15. Happy Birthday to your Mom! I love that she's a survivor!
    And congrats on Baby Moo!

  16. Cathrina's got a great the shades:)

  17. Yes the cover is awesome! Woot on the manuscript! And yay to a healthy kitty! he'll forgive you eventually.

  18. Happy Friday and so glad it was a fatty tumor and not something more serious. Nate sure is a handsome boy :)

  19. Congrats to Baby Moo! So glad your cat is doing ok and he looks like our Naddie. I'm so happy that your mom is strong and doing great. My mom will be turning 89 in Feb. Congrats to Cathrina!

  20. Hi Julie - have a wonderful day tomorrow with your family - and it's great she's doing so well. Baby Moo the Sequel - brilliant ... that's just great .. and I'm so glad Nate has just lost a little fat and nowt else! Enjoy the weekend - cheers Hilary

  21. Congrats to you on the upcoming Moo back, and congrats to Cathrina!

  22. Congrats to you on the upcoming Moo back, and congrats to Cathrina!

  23. I always have to smile when I see you with Baby Moo. Congrats on the upcoming release - and love Cathrina's cover.

  24. Have a great time at your birthday brunch!

  25. Unfortunately, cats have memories that stretch back to forever. Tuna is your best bet. Hurray for the next Baby Moo adventure. I think you're having fun with this, and I'm really happy for you.

  26. Congrats Cathrina, the cover is stunning. Your mother is a warrior Julie. Nate might be unhappy for a while but at least he's healthy. Congrats Julie on getting closer to a Baby Moo sequel!

  27. Happy Birthday to your mom! Best of luck on your Baby Moo story. Sounds cute!


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