Saturday, February 5, 2011

400 Mile Challenge Updates

I didn't intend to write two posts in one day, but I wanted to create a post to update my progress on the 400 Mile Fitness Challenge. I'm hoping I'll be able to edit this post to update my mileage each week.

I had a good first week, and walked 11.5 miles. I'm so happy that I found this challenge, as so far it has been a great motivator for me to be more disciplined again with my exercise. I also love updating the ticker and seeing my little runner moving along on the way to the 400 mile finish. :)

Week 1 (1/30-2/5): 11.5 miles
Week 2 (2/6-2/12): 9.5 miles
Week 3 (2/13-2/19): 11 miles
Week 4 (2/20-2/26): 11 miles
Week 5 (2/27-3/5): 13 miles


  1. Wow, 11. 5 miles! You're doing great!!

    I just update my original post each week too. Much easier that writing a different one each week. Just add the new miles and add the link to the current weeks linky!

  2. That is an awesome number to start with!! Welcome to the group. I love the motivation of this challenge. It has kept me moving when I would rather just sit around. This week I even tackled the treadmill a few times. I look forward to watching your ticker move along.

  3. You are on your way. I need to walk more (if at all). This weather certainly has been a kicker though.

  4. I wish I could be as motivated as you! :)

  5. Wow! What a great week you had. I like watching the ticker move as well towards the final goal.

  6. Another great week! Good job!

  7. Another great week is right! You are doing a super job at moving and getting fit.

  8. Woo Hoo, 11 miles! Good job Julie!!

  9. Thanks LynnMarie and Ellie! :)


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