Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blogging Calendar

I read about starting a Blogging Calendar here on the Writing Spirit blog. I think it's a great idea, as I have kept a calendar like this before for exercise goals, and the positive reinforcement of that calendar worked really well for me. So I decided to start a calendar for writing and blogging, and hopefully this method will help me to be more consistent and disciplined in reaching my writing goals.

This is a (badly taken!) snapshot of the calendar I just completed for January: 

I like seeing a fairly good number of BP, for Blog Post, days there, but this is a good reminder that I want to be more consistent.

I decided to use colored markers from now on to make the calendar more interesting and visually appealing, and I'm also going to add my walking for the 400 mile challenge, as well as the query letters I send out, to the calendar. So I'll use a different color for each goal I'm tracking, and I'm looking forward to seeing the calendar fill up with lots of multi-colored entries!

As I've mentioned before, procrastination and lack of discipline are big problem areas for me. So I'm hoping this calendar will be another step towards changing that behavior. If nothing else, I already love using the markers!


  1. Julie Hi! I am sooo happy to meet you and thanks for visiting my blog! Cody and I are hugely flattered and we are now YOUR newest followers!

    Guess what? I also have been using a blogging calendar for over a year now. Mine is MUCH smaller than yours (hand held)...I call it my "Editorial Calendar" addition to posting WHEN I am going to blog I post WHAT I am blogging about...(it is very loose though unless I have a guest post scheduled or something where I promised someone I would write about something in particular)....
    It helps me see what is going to be covered and what I have already done.
    Also...I noticed you are originally from Ohio? What part? I am a former Clevelander!!
    So glad to meet you! xoxo

  2. Glad it works for you! I wish I could find something that would help me as well. I joined the fitness challenge a few days ago and as of yet have not started. I could give a list of excuses but that is exactly what it is excuses!

  3. Hi Caren!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and following! Thanks for sharing about your editorial calendar too, I like the idea of posting what you are blogging about, I'll have to think about that.
    Oh, I am still in Ohio, in Cincinnati. Great to meet you! :)

    Hi Denise!

    I know just what you mean about excuses, I am very good at that. I hope this calendar will continue to work for me, we'll see!

  4. I just noticed your favorite quotes. I really like them! They're good motivators. :)


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