Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Loveseat Buddies

So much for those pet beds...


  1. Aww! So cute. Your kitty looks like my Romeo.

  2. i love it when dogs and cats get along!

  3. So sweet. Our dog doesn't use his bed either.

  4. How cute - and add one more who's dog doesn't use his own bed! Spoiled animals!! I miss my cat.

  5. Those photos are so precious!!

    P.S. Great to meet you today, Julie!

  6. @Cherie, thanks! And I noticed that too, Nate and Romeo do look alike. I love tabby cats. :)

    @Tara, me too, it's very cute!

    @Karen, I really wasted my money on the dog bed! But I can't resist letting my pets on the furniture anyway.

    @LynnMarie, thanks! Aww, I'm sorry you miss your kitty, it's definitely hard to lose a pet.

    @Liz, thank you, and I'm so glad to have met you as well! :)

  7. I love animals and this post made my day, Thanks for sharing.


  8. There's just something about animals...

  9. LOL,try that with 2 German Shepherds and a Carine Terrier. I hide my night pillow :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  10. they are smart! Who needs pet beds when you have the best seat in the house?
    Mine do the same thing!! Pet beds in our household are a waste of money!

  11. They look so adorable and comfortable you just can't move them can you :)

    I have a springer spaniel who likes to make the most of the sofa.

  12. So cute. They both look very comfortable together.

  13. Aw! So, so cute. I love that they're friends.

  14. @Yvonne, I'm so glad you liked it!

    @M Pax, thank you!

    @Donna, I totally agree, animals always make me smile. :)

    @Jules, oh my gosh, it's funny just to picture that. LOL I would hide my pillow too. :D

    @Caren, that's a good point, I can't really blame them for choosing the pillows over the pet beds LOL.

    @Trisha, thanks!

    @Rebecca, that's what I thought, I just couldn't make them move. I'm too much of a softie LOL.

    @Jennifer, thanks!

    @Talli, thank you. They are buddies for sure LOL.

  15. These are gorgeous! Loveseat Buddies indeed. :-)

  16. Sweet pictures, that's cool to see the two of them hanging out together. My cats like our furniture better than cat beds.

  17. Awwww...Love that they are buddies.

  18. They look so cute, comfy, and content to be together! I wish we always had that peace and harmony in my house! Julie

  19. @KC, thanks!

    @Claire, thank you. I'm glad my pets aren't the only ones who go for the furniture over the pet beds LOL.

    @Kari Marie, thanks!

    @Julie, thank you! They do have their skirmishes sometimes, but most of the time there is peace in the house, thankfully! :)

  20. So cute! They're not lying ON the loveseat. they're lying ON TOP of the loveseat. Mine do that too.

  21. How sweet! You are truly blessed. I am glad that you are feeling better. Twelve miles is really good. Keep up the good work. You can make it to 400!

  22. Hahaha, this looks like our house. Pet beds...? What's that?

  23. Isn't it amazing how pets always gravitate toward the couch, despite all the wonderful beds we buy them?

  24. @Kara, ha ha, good point. I think Clancy thinks he is a cat when he stretches out across the top of the furniture like that. Nate fits a lot better than he does!

    @Shanae, thank you, it's great to be back to work on the challenge.

    @Langley, ha, definitely. I really threw my money away on those pet beds LOL.

    @nutschell, I know, it is. I guess the animals disagree with us about the pet beds being wonderful LOL.


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