Friday, October 12, 2012

Healthy Writers and Baseball Blahs

For the past few years I've had a regular exercise routine that I stuck to fairly faithfully and, as a result, I felt better than I had in a long time. But over the summer I lost my motivation and became extremely lazy, losing my routine in the process. So I was glad when I came upon Shallee McArthur's blog last week and discovered her Healthy Writers Club.

I thought the club was a great idea and signed up right away in the hopes that joining in on the project would help me get some of my motivation and discipline back. I know from experience that I am more productive with my writing when I am also walking regularly, so it's a win-win situation for me.

With the club in mind, Clancy and I hit the walking trails around my place this week. Clancy is a fierce advocate for the couch potato lifestyle, so he wasn't thrilled. In fact, this is a fairly accurate depiction of his reaction to my renewed motivation.

In spite of his grumpiness, we managed to get about 10 miles of walking in this week which, while not great, wasn't a bad start.

I'm now hoping I can carry that energy over into getting a lot of work done on my WIP The Ghosts of Aquinnah this weekend.

I really need to be productive over the upcoming weekend, as I spent the vast majority of my time this week engaging in the exercise in futility known as cheering for the Cincinnati Reds.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

When I wrote my R is for Reds post back in April, I was extremely pessimistic about the Reds' season. I should have held on to that pessimism even though the team managed to go on an amazing run over the summer and win their division.

I thought it was safe to be optimistic when the Reds went up 2-0 on the road in the NLDS against the San Francisco Giants. I should have known better.

All the Reds had to do was come back home to Cincinnati and win ONE out of three games in order to advance. The town was electric and fans were thrilled, and I rearranged my schedule, bought party food, and even used PTO time at work so I could watch the games.

What I got in return was a colossal meltdown the likes of which has rarely been seen, as it turned out that winning that one game was impossible for the Reds. They threw away their lead and lost three games in a row, losing the series 3-2. This really wasn't a surprise to anyone here, as all of us in Cincinnati know we have a better chance of being struck by lightening than we do of ever again seeing a Cincinnati team win a championship.

So now that I've been reminded once again that Cincinnati + sports = misery for fans, I'm hoping to get back to focusing on writing for the weekend. I need to do something to get the bitter taste of this latest local sports fiasco out of my mouth.

I hope everyone has had a good week, and has a great weekend ahead! :)


  1. Sorry the Reds went down in flames.
    Ten miles is a good start! I always feel better when I exercise.

  2. I hear you about the lost motivation. I shed a chunk of weight over the summer - not early enough but a good start - and then kind of got off track. But the cooler weather will hopefully perk me up some and get me moving. :)

    I hear you about baseball. My husband is already counting the days until Spring Training.

  3. Yay for you and Clancy. It's always nice to have a furry companion to walk or jog with.

  4. LOL, one can definitely see that Clancy is not a fan of joining in on some exercise! Great expression. :D It's good you get to go on walks with him together though. I can so relate to losing your motivation during the summer months. Have to go back to my workout routine too. Wishing you best of luck on getting some more work done on your WIP on the weekend! Sounds like such a wonderful project.
    Sorry about the Reds!

  5. Obviously, I'm a phanatical Phillies fan but I certainly understand your baseball blues! Poor Reds!

  6. Clancy- It will get better. Just follow Julie's lead. :)

  7. As native Buffalonian, I can say that sports and Buffalo don't mix either.

    lol Love Clancy's excitement.

    I exercised less that usual lately, too, and just got back into the swing of it. I work better when I exercise regularly.

  8. Sports and Denver is a potion for misery. Blah.

    And glad to hear you and Clancy are walking again. I miss your park discovery posts.

  9. @Alex, thanks! I'm glad I got ten miles in, definitely better than I have been lately.

    @Madeline, LOL, I can't even think about spring training, I'm too mad at the Reds right now. I usually do better in the cooler weather too, which is kind of backwards but it seems to work for me.

    @Julie, thanks! LOL, I agree but my furry companion doesn't LOL.

    @Carina, LOL, Clancy definitely doesn't hide his feelings. Thanks!

    @Lisa, I still can't believe how badly they blew it. Unreal.

    @Brinda, LOL, he will never go along with it.

    @Mary, I know the Bills have given their fans plenty of frustration over the years. Sometimes I wonder why I even like sports. Oh, thanks for the tag, I will be over!

    @LG, oh, thanks! I totally blew it this summer with our travels, I need to do some traveling before it gets too cold. I thought the Broncos were going to have a great season after the first game with Manning but obviously that didn't last.

  10. Julie, you know I LOVE Clancy! He looks like a young little pup in that picture! And I honestly can feel your pain about the Reds. I hadn't been keeping close watch on their playoff games because I really assumed they would win. They were on such a roll, and beat my Cards many a time! And speaking of my beloved Cards....tonight is our last night, too. Game 5...winner takes all. The game is on in just minutes, but I wanted to stop and say "I understand" and I sure hope I'm not feeling your pain later.....

  11. 10 miles of walking for those little legs (the dog's, not yours) is a lot! Good for you!

  12. Love that Clancy " is a fierce advocate of the couch potato lifestyle!" He's so cute, and I'm proud of both of you for walking ten miles this week! Sorry about the Reds. I know your suffering as I grew up in a family of Cub fans! Julie

  13. Oh how I understand and feel your pain, but Chi town has had its golden moments over the decade so I can't complain too much.

    Clancy is a gorgeous dog. What breed is he?

  14. Exercise is a great mind clearer for us writers.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  15. @Becky, you must have had a great time watching the Cards last night! Glad you had fun and what a comeback that was.

    @Emily, thanks! And Clancy says thanks too LOL.

    @Julie, I know the Cubs fans can definitely relate LOL. Thanks!

    @Melissa, thanks! Clancy is a mix of poodle and cocker spaniel and maybe something else, he's a real mutt LOL.

    @Shelly, I totally agree. Thank you!

  16. Well the sports bit kind of goes over my head, but it is great to see Clancy :)))

  17. LOL, I've never met a dog that didn't want to go for a walk! So it's good for both of you. Ten miles is great exercise. Well done!

  18. I just joined Healthy Writers too...because I'm not.

    I didn't hear about the Reds losing. My kids were really excited about the potential they would win it. What a let down. Again.

  19. Hi Julie .. I always remember someone saying watching sport was a waste of time - yet I love my sport ... but am not hooked into one thing thankfully! Though the Olympics fell into that category ... though a once only opportunity was too good to miss.

    I too - am now getting myself into gear for exercising, stretching one leg's muscles that aren't so hot having been sitting for so long. So despite the winter - I'll be hitting the great outdoors ..

    Good luck to us - ten miles is great and Clancy will be better for it too!! Cheers Hilary

  20. poor reds. what a let down. thats baseball...
    tigers are up on the yanks! we'll see how they do!
    and clancy is so cute!
    my dog would love me to walk him more, i will try! you inspired me!

  21. @Carolyn, I'm glad you liked Clancy's pic! :)

    @Gwen, LOL, he is the first dog I've known like this too. He's the laziest dog on the planet.

    @Tonja, LOL, I hope we can both get healthy, I know I have a ton of work to do and with the holidays coming up it's unlikely. Yeah, getting excited about the Reds is always a recipe for disappointment.

    @Hilary, good luck with your exercising too, I imagine you will have some great posts about your outdoor excursions. :)

    @Tara, I hope the Tigers win it all! :)

  22. You're doing great with the exercise program, Julie. I at least have good intentions...

    My sports addiction is football --Broncos and Colorado State University. It's hard when your teams don't live up to expectations.

  23. I desperately need to get fit so I might just pop over and visit Shallee's blog. However successful her Healthy Writers Club is though, I know I won't be able to match your 10 miles. I'm such a wuss!

  24. 10 miles is a wonderful achievement. So envious. I should make time for exercise, myself. :D

  25. Hope you had a great weekend despite the team's losses. Poor Clancy! I can read his mind ... "Not again!"

  26. @Patricia, oh, I love football too! Your Broncos sure had a great game last night.

    @Rosalind, LOL, really I'm a total wuss too. Almost as bad as my dog!

    @Nutschell, thanks! I'm just hoping I can get back to making time regularly, it definitely helps me to have more energy.

    @Carol, LOL, I think that's exactly what he was thinking. Thanks!

  27. What a great picture of Clancy! That would also be the look on my face if you tried to get me walking! I do know that it is good for you and is supposed to make you feel all good and energised, but I'm hopeless. Great going on the ten miles. I think getting started again is the biggest hurdle.

  28. I've done the same thing: joined a health group on FB. I have really gotten off track lately and don't feel so hot.
    BTW...I love the picture of Clancy!!!

  29. @Rebecca, thanks! LOL, I have to admit I end up wearing Clancy's expression a great deal myself lately when it comes to exercising.

    @Susan, oh, I hope the group works well for you. I should look into one on FB too. Hope you feel better soon!

  30. Hi, Julie, ten miles is great. I've started walking again and felt good about the four miles I did last week.

  31. @Teresa, thank you! And congrats on your 4 miles, that's great. :)

  32. Good for you getting back into exercise. I've been a bit slack in the gym recently, so much so in fact that my clients are pushing me to go back - that's so very badly the wrong way around!

  33. @Annalisa, oh, I've already gone back to being a slacker, unfortunately. But next week I am determined to do better LOL.


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