Wednesday, October 3, 2012

IWSG and C.M. Brown's Launch Party

I can't believe it's already time for the October meeting of the Insecure Writer's Support Group, hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh.

At first I thought I was going to have to sit this month's meeting out because I couldn't think of a topic to post about for the group. I've been feeling pretty good lately and have taken a bit of a break from my normal habit of tearing myself to shreds on a daily basis. ;)

But when I thought about it I decided that, really, not feeling insecure was worth a post all by itself. I'm certain this won't last, and by the November meeting I probably will have so many ideas for topics that I won't be able to decide on just one but, for now, it feels good to be able to say I've taken a short break from insecurity.

So here's hoping for some insecurity-free days, weeks, or months for everyone. :)

I'm also excited to be participating in the launch party for C.M. Brown's He Came For Mine! Congratulations, C.M.!

He Came For Mine is Book Two in The Protector Series, which started with He Came For Me. Here is a short teaser from C.M. to whet your appetite for the story:

Fending for herself for almost two years, Jazz worries she will never see Sebastian again.

A new man enters her life,

But does he hold a secret?

Will Jazz trust him?


Sebastian discovers an ancient ritual which must be performed on the Chosen One's son before his first birthday.

He returns to Earth to find Jazz in the arms of another man.

A man he knows very well.

A man he doesn't trust!

C.M is not only celebrating the release of her new story, she's also celebrating one year of blogging! She's hosting a fun giveaway with prizes that include an Amazon gift card and a free book cover illustration by her talented cover artist, Rebekah Romani. For all the details on how to join the giveaway and help C.M. celebrate, visit her blog here.

Congratulations again and best of luck to C.M!!


  1. I love those moments - however they long they last - where the insecurities are dulled down or non-existent. :) Enjoy it, Julie! Bask in it! You deserve it.

  2. I'm all for the positive, J! I think it's great when we don't have something to freakout over, because it happens so rarely. (At least in my case ... I think every one of my posts are ISWG material. lol)

    Best of luck to C.M., and may we all have many more insecurity-free days ahead. :-)

  3. We need a break from security now and then!
    Excited for Carolyn.

  4. Hello! I'm visiting from IWSG.
    Awesome to take a break from insecurity!

    Congrats to C.M. Brown! Love the cover.

  5. @Madeline, thanks! I agree, these moments are few and far between but definitely wonderful.

    @EJ, LOL, 99% of my posts are probably appropriate for IWSG too. Thanks!

    @Alex, me too, Carolyn's series looks great to me.

    @Jackie, hi, nice to meet you. Thanks for coming by!

  6. Congrats to Carolyn!

    And it's definitely good to celebrate being not insecure! :)

  7. Embrace the security!! We all know how rare the feeling is. Ha! :))

    And congrats to C.M.

  8. I agree, enjoy the moment. :)

  9. So totally uninsecure!! Is that even a word??? Happy for you!

  10. You're completely right to post about not being insecure. I've done the same. It feels good to write the words down and know that everything is perfect, for a little while at least. I hope it lasts!! :-)

  11. @Cherie, I agree!

    @LG, LOL, yeah, it won't last long.

    @Tonja, definitely. :)

    @Pat, LOL, uninsecure, I like that! ;)

    @Annalisa, thanks! It did feel good actually writing it down, I hope it will last for a while. :)

  12. Julie, glad that you are doing so well. Enjoy that feeling. Have an awesome day!

  13. @Susanne, thank you! I hope you have a great day as well. :)

  14. Big cheers to not feeling insecure!!

  15. You are such a good person who deserves to be confident in all of your achievements! I think that this is only a sign of more great things to come!

    Congrats to Carolyn too! Julie

  16. I keep seeing another "Julie" on blogs and just knew it had to be a sign. Glad I stopped by. Love your efforts with our furry friends. And yes, here's to keeping focused on the joy of writing and all that is positive about this journey.

  17. @Johanna, yay! :)

    @Julie, oh, that's so nice, thanks!

    @Julie, oh, great to meet you, thanks for coming by!

  18. Congratulations on the pending publication of your book. That would be good reason to feel positive! Such wonderful validation! Thank you for your kind comment on Middle Passages.

  19. I would love to have times of not feeling inscure but those won't be happening anytime soon. I have so many things I'm feeling insecure about and that's gonna be at least a year or so to have that "good-feeling".

    I'm also a member of IWSG! Nice to meet you! *hugs* :)

  20. Yeah, I'm not really feeling too insecure about my writing at the moment, either. I hope it lasts, or I'll just enjoy it while it does. It's new for me, lol.

    I hope yours lasts, too. ;)

  21. Glad you're feeling pretty good. I love hearing that. :D

  22. I don’t think I’m feeling secure enough to leave a comment!! ;)

  23. @Liza, thanks! I was so glad to come upon your blog, it's great to meet you.

    @Livia, I know what you mean, that's how I usually am but I hope you will have that good feeling sooner than you expect! Thanks for coming by here. :)

    @Cathy, thanks, I hope we both can hold on to these good times. :)

    @Mary, thanks!

    @Carolyn, LOL, get Austin to help you, he is always totally secure in his own abilities. :D

  24. thanks for spreading good news! its always a boost!
    glad you're up this month!

  25. Taking a break from insecurity sounds like a good thing to do. I might even try it myself... if I can muster up the courage!

  26. @Tara, thanks@

    @Rosalind, I hope you can, good luck! :D

  27. Your positive energy is contagious, Julie. Thanks for sharing! You brought a smile!

  28. Julie, I hope that the feeling of security last for you and continues until way past the November meeting. I think these posts are really great to read, especially for those of us who are still having the insecurities running around our heads.

    C.M's book sounds great and I'm loving the cover art. Wishing her the best of luck with the release.

  29. Julie, I am so glad you're feeling secure. You deserve it in spades! I also like your updated mini bio on the sidebar!!! Woot, woot!
    Congrats to C.M. I am off to check out the giveaway.

  30. Yay for you and not feeling insecure! Best news ever :)

    Happy Weekend!

  31. @Kittie, oh, I'm so glad! It's great to see you. :)

    @Rebecca, thanks so much, I really hope it lasts too.

    @Susan, thanks! It was fun to be able to update that bio.

    @Carol, thanks so much and happy weekend to you as well. :)

  32. Congrats, C.M! Awesome teaser. :)

    It's wonderful to hear you're having an insecure-free time, Julie. I need that right now..:D

    btw, I got a suprise for you over at my blog. Congrats!

  33. @Cecilia, oh, thanks! I'll be over right away, I love surprises. :)

  34. Hey,

    Lol! Me too have been feeling secure the last few months, so my recent IWSG posts have meant to be uplifting and supportive to others :)

    Which is OK, right? I'm feeling insecure now?

    Hello? Is there anyone there?

    Oh my, it's just me here, alone in the Blogisfear...

    Yikes... :)

  35. @Mark, LOL, don't worry, you have plenty of company in the Blogisfear LOL. I'll be back there any minute. :D

  36. An insecurity-free month would be so welcomed!

  37. @Michael, I will keep my fingers crossed you get a month like that soon!

  38. Its nice to see something positive once in a while. Its inspiration in itself :)


  39. @Donna, thanks! If you got some inspiration from my post I'm so glad. :)

  40. I love those times when I feel nice and secure in myself! Hope it lasts. :)


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