Monday, November 12, 2012

The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear Launch Party and a NaNoWriMo Update

Today is a big day in blog land, as it's the official launch of M. Pax's latest book, The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear. But the launch is just the start of it. Mary is also hosting the blogosphere's first ever jousting tournament. Several knights are participating in the tournament, and the contest lasts all week. Stop by here to cheer on the knights and you'll be entered into a drawing to win one of five ebook copies of The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear.

Before I get to all the scoop on the Hetty launch, I have to share an update of my NaNoWriMo progress. I'm really excited, as I met my goal for the weekend and actually made it past the 20,000 word mark. 20,506 to be exact. I'm thrilled and feel like I'm really getting into my Ghosts of Aquinnah story as I go along. Signing up for this challenge has been a fantastic motivational tool for me so far. So here's hoping I make it past the halfway point this week. To my NaNo buddies, I hope you had a productive weekend as well! :)

And now back to today's big launch. Here is everything you need to know, courtesy of M. Pax herself.

The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear


A New Adult Urban Fantasy, The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear is the first book in a new series. And it’s now out! The main character, Hetty, is a twenty-two-year-old, stumbling about in an effort to become a full-fledged adult. She struggles with self-esteem, weight, relationships, and making the transition between college and the real world.


Graduation from community college isn’t the magic elixir Hetty Locklear counts on for becoming an adult. Her parents, who work the Renaissance fair circuit, insist she spend part of the summer with them. Hetty doubts pretending to live in the Middle Ages will help her find her way.


To make it worse, an entity haunts her at her dead-end job, warning her of a dangerous man she doesn’t know. The ghost leads her to a lover who has a lot of secrets. He pulls her farther into peril and into a strange, hidden world of genetic experimentation.

New Adult Urban Fantasy with a contemporary sci-fi twist. Mature content.


Available as an ebook at Amazon / Amazon UK / Smashwords / iTunes / Kobo

Visit for more links.

And check out this awesome trailer for Hetty Locklear:

Congratulations to Mary, and good luck to all the knights!!

Photo courtesy of M. Pax


  1. Sounds like a fantastic read-- thanks for sharing!

  2. You're on track for NaNo - that's awesome!
    Excited for Mary.

  3. I am most definitely adding this to my Goodreads list! It sounds fantastic!
    Congrats on making your word count, Julie!!!

  4. @Julie, you're welcome. I think so too!

    @Alex, thanks!

    @Susan, thank you!

  5. It's a M Pax party today!! Good for her.

    And good for you!! I'm blown away by some of the word counts people are reporting. Wow, you'll have the first draft of your next novel all done!

  6. @LG, thanks! I hope so. I admit now I'm getting a little obsessive about it, like I can't step away from the keyboard LOL.

  7. yay for mary! love the joust theme!

  8. Wow, on your word count. That's fantastic, Julie.

    Thank you for helping with the launch. You're wonderful. And I can't wait to return the favor for Polar Night.

  9. @Tara, thanks!!

    @Mary, you're so welcome, it's my pleasure. And thanks so much for your offer for Polar Night, it's exciting to think about!

  10. Wow, I'm duly impressed with you and all the others who are kicking Nano butt. Way to go! Mary's book sounds wonderful. Gonna go check her blog now and see who's jousting there.

  11. I was just over at M. Pax's site! Cool stuff! Congrats to her and also to you for all those words!!!! YAY!!!

  12. I love Mary's writing, so I can't wait to read this.

  13. @Susan, thanks! I hope you enjoyed the jousting. :)

    @Lisa, thank you!

    @Brinda, I agree 100%. :)

  14. Hi Julie - Mary's Knights are all around the joustasphere ...

    Congratulations on the Word Count and Nano .. good for you ..

    Cheers Hilary

  15. @Hilary, thank you! And I have seen the knights all over too, seems like the launch is a big success. :)

  16. Yay for Mary! It's a great book. And congratulations to you for making your word count with NaNo! :)

  17. Congrats, M. Pax! Love new adult, and I'm looking forward to checking this one out. :)

    Congrats on the wordcount, Julie! I'm still stuck at 6700 so I let this one pass. I had everything planned out, but didn't go as I thought it would.

    Happy Writing!

  18. That's terrific news that you've come so far on The Ghosts of Aquinnah! Great title too!

    Congrats to Mary, and the jousting tournament sounds like a lot of fun! Julie

  19. Congrats with your NaNo success. I'm editing like a mad women right now so I couldn't participate this year. Congrats to Mary. I've seen her everywhere today. :)

  20. @Christine, thanks! And I don't doubt Mary's book is great, can't wait to read it myself.

    @Cecilia, thank you! And I'm sorry your NaNo plans didn't work out.

    @Julie, thank you!

    @Ciara, thanks! Good luck with your editing!


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