Friday, March 1, 2013

A Trio of Hops

Hello and Happy March to everyone! I'm always so glad when March arrives as it's great to know that Spring is right around the corner.

It's another busy day here as I'm participating in three blog hops.

First up, the Back From The Future hop, hosted by Suze, Mary, and Nicki.
You're up before dawn on a Saturday when the doorbell rings. You haven't brewed your coffee so you wonder if you imagined the sound. Plonking the half-filled carafe in the sink, you go to the front door and cautiously swing it open. No one there. As you cast your eyes to the ground, you see a parcel addressed to you ... from you.

You scoop it up and haul it inside, sensing something legitimate despite the extreme oddness of the situation. Carefully, you pry it open. Inside is a shoebox -- sent from ten years in the future -- and it's filled with items you have sent yourself.

What's in it?

My box contains the following items:

1. A copy of the New York Times Bestseller list with my book in the number 1 spot
2. My latest novel, the fifth in a series featuring Polar Night Detective Danny Fitzpatrick
3. The deed to a home I own free and clear. The home is big enough and has enough land around it that I am able to take in rescue animals who are waiting for homes. I'll have my own pets too, of course.
4. Two t-shirts - one celebrating the Cincinnati Reds' World Series win and another celebrating the Cincinnati Bengals winning the Super Bowl

If you know anything at all about Cincinnati sports, you know that #4 is by far the most far-fetched item on my list. ;) :D

Thanks to Suze, Mary, and Nicki for hosting this great hop! It was fun to think about what I'd like to see in my future, regardless of how far-fetched it may be. :)

Next, The Bloghop of Joy, hosted by Kyra Lennon and Claire Dugmore.

This hop is all about sharing the little things that make us smile. Kyra and Claire asked for participants to share a minimum of five things that put a spring back in our step.

Here are five things that bring me joy:

1. My dog Clancy running around the house and jumping up and down like a lunatic because I've come home from work
2. My cat Nate snuggling next to me and purring so loud that I wouldn't be surprised if the neighbors can hear him
3. This video:

4. Turning the calendar over to March like I did this morning
5. Planning my upcoming trip to Martha's Vineyard, which I'll be taking in May

Thanks to Kyra and Claire for this joy-filled hop! I am looking forward to seeing what makes everyone else smile. :)

Last but definitely not least, it's Friday and time to Celebrate the Small Things with Vikki.

This week I'm celebrating that I figured out how to set up my first giveaway on Goodreads, and I learned how to run an ad for Polar Night on Facebook. To say I don't know anything about marketing is an understatement, but I'm having fun learning as I go along.

I'm also celebrating that I got a start on my sequel to Polar Night and received an email from my awesome publisher saying she would be interested in it. That definitely helped kick start my motivation!

Finally, I'm simply celebrating that it's Friday and the weekend is here. I've been fighting a sinus infection all week and feeling crummy, so I'm thrilled that the week has come to an end. And I suppose if I think about it, I am fortunate that a sinus infection is the worst thing I have to complain about! That's something to celebrate right there.

Happy weekend, all! :)


  1. If your publisher is interested, get to writing!
    And you're right - the Bengals are not going to win the Super Bowl anytime soon.

  2. A series from you sounds really promising. :-)

  3. Awesome things to send yourself- Go best seller list! You can do it!

    Great video and I love cat purring snuggles.

    Ah marketing, I have yet to dip my pen into that area of publishing, but learning as you go isn't a bad way to handle it.
    Have a terrific Friday!

  4. YAY, I'm not the only one who listed their cat :)

    Sorry to hear about the sinus infection. Hope you feel better soon!

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Three blog hops? I declared March blogfest season, and it really is.

    And of course you would have land and open an animal sanctuary!! Perfect. :)

  6. Three bloghops! Kudos to you my dear!
    Always fun to stop by,
    ~Just Jill

  7. @Alex, LOL, sad but true. :D

    @Misha, thanks!

    @Summer, thank you! Isn't cat purring just the best? <3

    @jaybird, thank you, I hope you have a great weekend too.

    @LG, I would love it, no question! I guess everyone is getting hops in before the A-Z, it's fun to have so many.

    @Jill, thank you! Always great to see you. :)

  8. That future box sounds very successful for Danny. :)

  9. Wow! A letter from your publisher during the same week your start your next book - that's awesome!!! *happy dance, hugs*
    And I love your stuff from the future - a rescue place for animals, and a bestseller - go Julie!

  10. yay for julie!
    sorry, but those t shirts are fake (hee hee)
    and i love march bringing spring too!

    yay for starting the next book! of course they are interested!

  11. Love this positive and joyful post, Julie!

    Thanks for the video, too - so funny and cute.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  12. You are one busy blog hopper! Three in one post. Good for you.

  13. Julie, it's good of you to want to have a place big enough to care for rescued 'little friends with whom we share the planet' as my husband calls them.

  14. Bright happy future!

    Yay for learning more about marketing and for that exciting email, definitely great motivation.

    Feel better soon ;)

  15. LOL! Julie I actually laughed out loud (for real) at a Bengal's Superbowl. Having grown up in the area, I do know just how 'out there' that is. Great choice :)

    Love that baby video, too...very cute.

  16. Awesome news on the sequel. I did a FB ad, too. Did you get the coupon? :)

    And I like your box. Your #4 is more possible than it is for Buffalo teams.

    My purry kitties make me happy, too. Pets are the best.

  17. I love that laughing baby!

  18. ooh a new home! You'll get there soon, Julie!

  19. @Annalisa, thanks!

    @Laura, I hope so, thanks!

    @Tyrean, thank you, hugs back to you!

    @Tara, LOL, yeah, I'm sure I made them myself LOL. Thanks!

    @Madeline, isn't it precious? That clip always makes me smile. Thank you!

    @Lee, thanks!

    @SK, thank you, I hope so!

    @Mark, LOL LOL, yeah, I know I have a better chance of being struck by lightening than I do at having #4 come true LOL.

    @Mary, oh, I don't know about the coupons, no. Something else for me to investigate! And you know I agree about pets. <3

    @Alexandra, me too, he's so adorable!

  20. @nutschell, thanks, I hope so! :)

  21. @Suze, sorry I missed your comment earlier. I love your husband's phrase, that is so true!

  22. Julie,
    Hi, loved the pets they can bring so much joy. Thanks for reminding me, I have to turn my calendar to March too. Love the video of the little baby. I laugh every time I see it.

    Mary Hill

  23. Congratulations on the letter from your publisher, Julie. I have no doubt that you will attain New York Times best seller status long before that 10 years is up.

  24. Good luck writing the sequel and how exciting that your publisher is interested! I hope you feel better soon - and how positive of you to celebrate that!

  25. I love laughing baby videos! :3

  26. Three blog hops in one day...Wow! You're starting off March with a bang! Such a fun bang've got so many neat things listed here, and I love your positive attitude about having a sinus infection. Sure do hope you feel better soon!

  27. I absolutely want to visit your animal refuge. =)

  28. Great Back To The Future list! Hope you feel better soon, and your May trip to Martha's Vineyard will be the perfect place to settle down after A to Z!


  29. A jam-packed post, with plenty to celebrate in different ways.

  30. Aww, I love that video of the laughing baby so much!

    Thanks for spreading the joy!

  31. I like your time capsule. I keep seeing answers I should have included, like the deed. NYT has been a popular choice.

  32. We've got one of those mega loud purring machines too! Congrats on all your celebrations and achievements.

  33. Sounds like you've got some good stuff going on, Julie.

  34. I think you must have a Time Turner - or something of the like!

    Good luck :)

  35. @Mary, I do too, he's just such a little doll. Thanks for coming by!

    @Michael, oh, that's so nice, thanks!

    @Vikki, thank you, I hope so!

    @Capillary, me too!

    @MJ, thanks so much.

    @Kelly, I hope it will exist and you can visit!

    @Julie, thank you! I'm really looking forward to the trip.

    @Heather, these were definitely fun hops to be part of.

    @Kyra, me too! And thanks again for hosting!

    @Beth, I keep seeing things I want to add from other lists as well, it's fun to read the entries!

    @Suzanne, aww, I bet your purring machine is a doll. <3

    @Joy, I hope so, thanks!

  36. I consider this Back From the Future bloghop to be squarely in the corner of science fiction, ya know, but then I saw your list's item number four. What can I say? That edges right over into fairy tale territory, lady. (HA!) Hey, we can always dream, right? I'd like to see the Falcons win the Super Bowl while I'm still breathing, too.

    LOVE that laughing baby. How could anyone resist a sound like that?

    Happy weekend. Oh, and congrats on the editor being interested in book number two. Life is good. (Even without a Super Bowl win.)

  37. @Susan, LOL LOL, you're right, it is a total fairy tale. I hope it won't be for your Falcons. They came so close to getting there this year! Thanks so much and happy weekend to you as well. :)

  38. @Wendy, sorry, I missed your comment earlier. Thanks! :)

  39. Congratulations for those two accomplishments, and I wish you great reviews from the Giveaway. I'm sure you were thrilled to get that note from the agent!

    FYI, another great giveaway is the LibraryThing giveaway, which they advertise that it's a giveaway in exchange for reviews. I've recently completed one, gave away 55 eBook copies and got one great review already. Looking forward to seeing how many other reviews this giveaway will generate.

  40. @Nancy, oh, thanks for the info on the Library Thing giveaway! I didn't know about that, I'll definitely look into it. And how awesome that it's working so well for you, that's great! Thanks again!

  41. Great lists! I love that little baby video. Have a fabulous weekend!

  42. Such a good box & happy future---especially for all those pets. :)

    Have fun planning that trip & starting in on the sequel to Polar Night. Fun, fun.

  43. Woot! That's great news about the sequel and interest in it already. :)

  44. @Nicki, thanks! And thanks again for hosting this great hop.

    @Cherie, thanks!

  45. TGIF for sure! Thaat's a little thing worth celebrating!
    And how cool would it be to have the deed to your house. That's like 25 years away for me. lol

  46. You are on a roll, Julie! :) Do miss hearing about Clancy and Nate though!! lol

  47. The Cubs winning the series is by far more far-fetched!! :)

  48. Wow, three blog hops in one day, you must be exhausted.

    Loved your box from the future, and congratulations on wrangling the Goodreads giveaway. But the highlight of this post is definitely the baby vid. I dare anyone to watch that and not giggle. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

    Feel better and have a magnificent weekend!

  49. Who can resist a laughing baby... priceless!
    I hope you feel better soon Julie...

  50. Such a cute video! Thanks for sharing! I really like turning over the page on the calendar, too. :)

  51. Yay! All good stuff, but I especially like the things that give you joy :)

    Happy Weekend!

  52. As a Cincinnatian, I am indeed laughing about the Bengals winning the Superbowl. You must indeed be a fantasy writer ha ha! I think it's doable for the Reds though.

    Congratulations on your bestseller! :-)

  53. I want all the things on your list, too! (Except maybe the Bengals... Go Broncos & Steelers! lol)

    Good luck on the sequel to POLAR NIGHT, and Martha's Vineyard sound wonderful - I'm sure you'll have an awesome trip! :-)

  54. My younger grandson lives in Cinci and he'd love your number 4. Maybe in his lifetime.

    I love the baby video. Nothing so wonderful as a baby's laughter.

  55. That reminds me . . . I have to change my calendar, too.

    There seem to be a lot of future NYT bestsellers in this blogfest. :)

  56. Love the time capsule idea, I didn't remember that one this time around.

    That's wonderful that you've already heard from a publisher about the sequel! In fact, it absolutely AWESOME!

  57. Those are great items, and if #4 is wistful, then perhaps that wish will help the team.

    Thanks for the follow on my blog, I'll reciprocate. Nice to meet you Julie.

  58. Loved your list, Julie,

    WE BOTH made the NYT bestseller list!

    LOVE that you are rescuing animals. I had always said if I ever make BIG BUCKS I would open an animal sanctuary and ALL will be welcome.

  59. And I hope you do get to mail that packet to yourself- at least, nos. 1, 2 and 3.

    Thank you for stopping by.

  60. @Pk, me too, unless I win the lottery LOL.

    @Carolyn, thanks!! I miss writing about them too, will have to get back to that.

    @DL, LOL, I don't know, I think it's a tie.

    @VR, that's exactly what I thought, it's just impossible not to smile at that video. Thanks!

    @Michelle, thank you!

    @Rachel, glad you liked it, thanks!

    @Carol, thanks and happy weekend to you as well. :)

    @Jennifer, yeah, I think the Reds have a better shot too. The Bengals are simply hopeless LOL. Thanks!

    @Lexa, thank you, I hope so!

    @LD, totally agree, it's just precious.

    @Golden Eagle, LOL, yeah, I noticed a common theme too.

    @Yolanda, thank you!!

    @DG, you're very welcome, and thank you too. :)

    @Michael, oh, I that's just what I would love to have. Maybe someday we both will, we can hope!

    @Natasha, thank you!

  61. Aww! That baby laughing is the cutest video ever! Thanks for sharing it.

    Great choices in your shoebox of items from the future. :)

  62. baby laughing...steal my heart!! you are one bloghop trip! love it :D

  63. That video is totally adorable!!

    Nice posts for all three. :) I love snuggling with my kittehs as well. They are such good blankets in winter. hehe. I love pressing my ear against them to REALLY hear their purring.

  64. Yay on the sequel and your marketing success! It can get overwhelming. I love the idea of the Back to the Future blog...what a great way to dream of a bright future. May all your future wishes come true!

  65. @Jackie, I agree, I just love him. Thanks!

    @Tammy, thank you!

    @Trisha, oh, I love doing that too. So cute! <3

    @Jen, thank you!!

  66. Gotta have our big dreams :) That baby's laughter is contageous.


  67. Thanks for taking part in the bloghop; great list. LOL That video gets me every time; I could watch it again and again. :D

  68. Love the contents to your time capsule. The deed to a home (free and clear) is one I would love!

    Congrats on beginning your sequel

  69. @Donna, I agree, I laugh every time.

    @Claire, thanks again for hosting!

    @Shaharizan, me too!! I wish I had that now. Thank you!

  70. Oo. They like the sequel?
    Go Go Go!!! :D

  71. Ahh, a nice big house. That's a good one! Congrats!


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