Friday, March 8, 2013

Clancy Is Not Impressed and Other Friday News

Just in case I ever think about getting a big head because my novel was published, my dog Clancy is around to make sure I keep my ego in check. A few weeks ago, after I had I received my author copies of Polar Night in the mail, I wanted to take a picture of Clancy with one of the books. We were at my mom's house and, as you can see from this picture, Clancy was not even a little bit impressed.

He reluctantly agreed to sit and stay for the picture, then took off in a flash as soon as the camera's flash went off and he knew we were done. My mom was cooking chicken in the kitchen and Clancy knew there were more important things to concentrate on than my book. Begging for chicken from Gran vs. a book with my name on it? Is it even a contest?

After this experience, I didn't even try to take a picture with my cat Nate as I can only guess how that would have gone. I guess we can always count on our pets to keep us humble.

Speaking of pets, and especially of dogs like my Clancy who are considered DINOS, or Dogs In Need Of Space, I learned about a great project recently and wanted to help spread the word about it. The Yellow Dog Project is aimed at helping dog owners identify their own dog who needs space by attaching a yellow ribbon to the dog's leash while out and about. This is intended for dogs who are afraid of or reactive to other dogs, dogs who are nervous around children or strangers, or even dogs with injuries or health issues who need to be left alone while they are healing.

Clancy is afraid of children and I always make sure to keep him on a short leash while we are out walking so we don't run into any problems. Because of that experience, I think the idea of identifying dogs who need space for various reasons is a great one and I wanted to give the project a shout-out here on the blog. I also wrote an article about it this week for my animal news column, so if you'd like to read more about it you can find that article here.

Moving away from dogs, I'm very excited to be part of Jessica McKendry's blog party to announce the Kindle release of her debut novel, From The Ashes. Congratulations, Jessica!!

Here is the book summary:

Jaina Indera has been preparing her entire life for the chance to prove herself a superior and loyal citizen of the Imperial Alliance. In order to do so, she believes she must win the galaxy-wide competition known as the Trials. With training at her Gifted School progressing swiftly, everything looks like it is on pace for her to achieve her dream…until a boy named Dragon enrolls in her class.

Suddenly doubting herself and everything she’s been taught to believe, Jaina and Dragon are teamed with six of their classmates for the chance to compete and achieve their dream: winning the Trials. Consisting of four different tests, the Trials are about to challenge these eight young adults to the limits of their abilities. But learning to work as a team is more difficult than they ever imagined and dark secrets from Dragon’s past emerge that put them in mortal danger. Now Jaina must discover what she’s really fighting for if she and her team have any hope of finishing the Trials…alive.

Exploring the nature of self-reliance and self-confidence, McKendry delivers a perceptive, nuanced portrait of the importance of teamwork and the strain it puts on individual desires and motivations. Playing with the concepts of dark and light, her novel is a complex coming of age story that encapsulates the complicated hero’s journey from student to leader. A dark tale of love and revenge, From the Ashes is a powerful reminder to think for yourself instead of blindly following what you’ve been taught to believe.

Check out Jessica's website or follow her on Twitter (@JessicaMcKendry) for more information. Yay, Jessica!

Finally, it's time to once again Celebrate the Small Things with Vikki

This week I'm celebrating the fact that I got back to exercising after several weeks of being lazy. And I even managed to get Clancy out on a walk with me so we could both get back in the swing of things. I still have a ways to go before I'm back to where I want to be in terms of exercise, but at least it was a start.

I hope everyone had lots to celebrate this week. Happy Weekend to all! :)


  1. That's such a cute picture of Clancy!

    Congrats on the exercise! I sooo need to do that.

  2. Great picture of Clancy! My puppy- Deuce- wouldn't have even sat for that LOL

    The Ashes book sound interesting and I've been seeing all over the net.

    Have a great Friday!

  3. Wonderful photo of Clancy, Good luck with your book, I still remember the pride when my two books were published thinking all my own work.

    This week-end the UK celebrated Mothers' Day.


  4. Yay for exercise!!

    I think my dog needs a yellow ribbon - he's great with people and in his own house - but as soon as you take him outside and/or show him another dog he immediately has some kind of panicked meltdown. The poor thing rarely gets walked anymore because he's so scared by the whole experience :-( It's amazing how many dog walkers who see you struggling with a dog stop to ask what the problem is. I now reply "Your dog is the problem" - no point sugar coating it when I'm about the break my arm restraining him.

  5. Hi Julie! Love Clancy!! And hey, I still need to buy your book. It's on my list of....I'll remember whenever I locate it! LOL

  6. The yellow ribbon sounds like a great idea. Clancy is so cute!

    Thanks for helping Jess spread the word!

    Congrats on getting back to exercise. That's great.

  7. Just love Clancy! And a happy International Women's Day, Julie!

  8. @Jackie, thank you!

    @Summer, thanks so much. I'd love to see your pup Deuce, what a cute name. :)

    @Yvonne, thank you! I hope you will have a wonderful Mother's Day there.

    @Annalisa, I know, I can't stand how many people will come running up to Clancy without even asking if it's okay to pet him. And not just kids, adults! I don't get it, I would never run up to a strange dog and just assume he is going to love me.

    @Becky, LOL, thanks!

    @kmckendry, I'm happy for Jess, good for her! Thank you!

  9. @Carole, oh, I didn't know that was today. Happy IWD to you as well! And thanks!

  10. My dog's the same, he loves other dogs but is terrified of children, and he doesn't like adults either.

  11. Sorry Clancy wasn't impressed. That's a really good idea about the yellow ribbon.
    And congratulations to Jess!

  12. Clancy is adorable. Yay for exercise...I need to get back in now that I've been cleared to start up. Happy weekend!

  13. That's a great picture of Clancy and your book! The yellow ribbon project sounds good, although I wish my older dog had been given one of those years ago. She's a ridgeback, and people are scared of her . . .which is silly since she's really sweet. However, when people are scared, she gets skittish . . .so a yellow ribbon would have been helpful for her if it had kept people from over-reacting to her ridge (she can't help that ridge - it's a part of her fur).
    Our beagle, on the other hand, wants to slobber on everyone.

    McKendry's book looks really good, but I've overspent my book budget and it's all library books for me for a bit.

    Yay for Exercise and walks with Clancy!

  14. Ugh, I have to get back into exercising too. Been sick for almost three weeks, now that I'm better I have to stop procrastinating.

    Reluctant posing or not, CUTE Clancy! ;)

  15. You know Clancy is proud of his mamma. I mean, that's the first time he ever looked at the camera. That's gotta mean something. :))

    And what a great idea using yellow ribbons to let people know your dog needs space. My last dog, a German shepherd, was terrified of bicycles. He'd try to run away if one came near us while we were walking. He was strong, too!

  16. Clancy looks like a nice dog. I'm allergic to them, but I definitely appreciate the wonderful companionship they offer.

  17. Yep, your dogs will keep it real. Good picture though. I like the idea of the yellow ribbon - my dogs don't like other dogs, so they could use one.

    Congrats to Jess - again! I'm seeing her everywhere today:)

    Good for you, Julie, for getting back to exercise. I'm still considering it, lol!

  18. What a great looking dog and I'm sure Clancy will read your book...while you're not looking, of course :)

    The Yellow Dog Project is a great idea. I'm not a dog owner but, if I were, I'd do that.

  19. Clancy makes me want to get a puppy, but I'm afraid it would eat the hamsters.

  20. What a great project The Yellow Dog is. I think that is such a good idea. So many people get bit because they think all dogs are comfortable with everyone including kids. Maybe a yellow ribbon will remind them of their manners, or at the very least, ask before they pet. My dogs are very comfortable with kids, strangers, other dogs...but I've have plenty in the past who weren't and you never want them to bite someone.

    Congrats to Jessica- will be checking out her book. Best:)

  21. Hi! I just joined the Celebrate the Small Things blog hop.

    Yay on getting back into exercising! I just started again this year, and have totally lost my groove because of being sick this week. Good luck!

    Also that book sounds so interesting! Congrats Jessica! I'm about to go buy a copy :)

  22. @Laura, that sounds just like Clancy! He loves other dogs as well.

    @Alex, I agree, I hope the ribbon idea spreads.

    @Jen, thanks! Happy weekend to you as well.

    @Tyrean, thank you! LOL about the beagle, I can imagine that. I'm sure I would love your ridgeback too.

    @SK, sorry you've been sick! That was part of my problem too. Thanks about the pic!

    @LG, LOL, I can't help but laugh at the image of you getting pulled along every time a bike was near. Clancy hates bikes too, as well as skateboards. He has his issues, no question.

    @Michael, they really do, thanks.

    @Gwen, thank you!

    @Mark, aww, thanks! He might not read the book but he would chew it up if he got the chance, I'm sure of that LOL.

    @Johanna, LOL, I think Clancy would probably like your hamsters. He seems to love critters of all kinds. Just not children LOL.

    @Rebecca, that's just what I thought about it, I hope the idea spreads and people become more aware of it.

    @Jessica, hi! Nice to meet you, I'm glad you joined the hop. :)

  23. CUTE CLANCY and yay to taking him out for a walk ;)

  24. Clancy has discriminating taste!

  25. Patches and Clancy would get along just fine!

    Congrat's on the exercise, I'm working to do the same and this weekend it's going to be in the 60's outside walking is the plan!

    Isn't it awesome to receive the first copies!

  26. @Vikki, thanks!

    @Lee, LOL, he does.

    @Yolanda, enjoy the gorgeous weather! And yes, it is so awesome to get those copies! :)

  27. The Yellow Dog Project is brilliant - everybody wins. I'll do what I can to spread the word.

    I'll bet Nate & Clancy will read Polar Night when you're not looking and be tremendously impressed. ;)

    Congratulations to Jessica!!

  28. Cute pic! Glad you and Clancy have enjoyed your walk together.

  29. Pets were invented to help keep us humble (and loved). It's hard to be too full of yourself when you're down on your knees cleaning out a litter box.

    Happy weekend!

  30. @Nicki, thank you!! I totally agree about the project and I hope it will be a success.

    @Suzanne, thanks!

    @Susan, LOL, truer words were never spoken. :D Happy weekend to you as well.

  31. At least he didn't start chewing the book!

    The Yellow Dog sounds like a great initiative.

    Congrats to Jess!

  32. Happy weekend, Julie! Clancy is so cute! You know it's not the book, don't you? Dogs simply can't read, which is why Clancy has no interest in posing for a picture with a book!

  33. I wish Jess lots of luck with her new book!

    And thank you for writing about the Yellow Dog Project. This is new to me, and I'm so happy to learn of it. Our Shiner is extremely choosy about who he likes and about who he allows close to him. I have a spool of yellow ribbon already, so I'll be making a bow for his leash. One on his collar would be shredded in about ten seconds flat.

    Happy Weekend!

  34. @Nick, I'm sure that would have come next LOL.

    @MJ, LOL, I guess that is it. :D Happy weekend to you as well!

  35. @Carol, oh, that's awesome you are making a bow for Shiner! I have to laugh about shredding one on his collar, Clancy would do the same, no question.

    Happy weekend to you as well!

  36. Clancy's a cutie and I really like the yellow ribbon project. Not sure how I'd handle that with my Sophie. She's better off not getting up close and personal with other dogs but she assumes every human, adult or child, is out walking for the sole purpose of petting her and she'd be devastated if they kept their distance.

  37. My cats love the boxes my books come in... and the paper. Nini would chew all my covers to bits if I let her.

    The yellow tag idea is great. My town is such a dog town. Bet it catches on here.

    Congrats to Jessica!

    I started back on exercise last week. I can't believe I'd been such a slacker. I'm usually not.

  38. Clancy has his priorities! lol They do keep us humble, though, you are right! x

  39. The Yellow Dog Project sounds good.
    Congrats on getting back to your exercise programme!

  40. Good for you with getting back to exercising! It's hard to get back into it once you've stopped for whatever reason.

    To me, it looks like Clancy is proudly standing watch over the book. Just forget that he took off right after. I'd have never known. :)

  41. @LD, LOL, that's how Clancy is with other dogs. I wish I could get him to see that kids aren't all trying to kill him, but no luck so far LOL.

    @Mary, oh, Nate loved the box too. I don't know why I even buy cat toys because he loves nothing more than empty boxes. :D

    @Carolyn, he definitely does, food before all else LOL.

    @Michelle, thanks! I hope it will stick now LOL.

    @Nancy, thank you! I will pretend Clancy is standing watch, good idea LOL.

  42. I love the yellow ribbon thing. Great idea!

    Congrats to Jessica on her new release!

  43. I love the sound of the Yellow Dog project. My Springer is a bitch and she's not overly friendly with other bitches. Children and dogs are fine, but she's not a fan of bitches so we put her lead on when we see other dogs we don't know.

    I love that Clancy sat for that photo, I'm not sure I could get Bob to even do that!

  44. @Melissa, I agree, I think it's just great.

    @Rebecca, LOL, it really was a miracle that Clancy agreed to sit even for a second with it.

  45. Clancy looks adorable, and he is definitely proud of you! The Yellow Dog Project is a great idea! Congrats to Jessica!


  46. LOL, shame on Clancy for being so unimpressed--publishing a book is such a great accomplishment! But he did pose so cutely for that picture, so I guess that's better than nothing. :P

  47. @Julie, thanks! I will go with your interpretation of the pic LOL. :D

    @Heather, it's true, I will take what I can get LOL. Thanks!

  48. Thanks so much for the mention, Julie!! You are truly awesome!! (Sorry it took so long for me to get around to you haha :)

  49. @Jess, my pleasure! Congrats again on your book! :)


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