Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Black Dog of Hanging Hills

Source: Wikimedia

I'm excited to be over at Debbie Christiana's blog today as part of her monthly CURIOSITIES feature. As anyone who read this blog back in the fall knows, I love spooky tales and ghost stories, so I was happy to come upon Debbie's feature earlier this year. And I was even happier when she asked me to be part of it!

I dug back in to my New England ghost stories file and came upon the legend of a mysterious little hellhound who reportedly haunts the Hanging Hills of Hubbard Park in Connecticut.

Please come visit with Debbie and me here to learn more about this unusual pooch. And if you haven't already read Debbie's book Solstice, you're missing a great read. :)

Thanks for the feature, Debbie!


  1. Heading over now, since I love spooky tales too :)

  2. At first, that dog was cute. Now it's creeping me out :) Heading over now!

  3. Looking forward to seeing you at Debbie's!


  4. Ooo! A ghost dog. I'll be over.

  5. You've been doing an amazing tour - love the subject! Thanks for checking out Nancy's book The Murder House!

  6. That was a pretty cool story. ^_^ I love supernatural stuff like that, with more than one meaning - I think if I saw the dog once, I'd never go back, just because.

  7. That isn't a dog I care to come in contact with. Great guest post. I love the creepy tales!

  8. Hi Julie! I just left a comment for you over there!

  9. Now then, that sounds curious. See you there. :)

  10. @Liz, that's just what I thought LOL.

    Thanks for meeting me over there Elizabeth, Julie, and Mary!

    @Yolanda, I couldn't resist a title like that. :D

    @Mason, yeah, that would be my plan too LOL.

    @Michael, I love them too, thanks!

    @Becky, thanks for commenting!

    @Shah, see you over there, thanks.

  11. I'm not much for creepy tales or tails for that matter. But I will go check it out anyway.

  12. Just checked it out and left a comment. What an eerie legend!

  13. I love spooky stories. I'll check it out.

  14. @Inger, thanks for checking it out! Ordinarily I wouldn't like creepy tales with a doggie but I couldn't resist this one. :)

    @Sarah, thanks!

    @Heather, isn't it? I love it LOL.

    @Medeia, thanks!


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