Monday, March 9, 2015

A 99 Cents Sale & Changing Things Up

All of my books, including the just released Polar Day, are on sale for 99 cents this week on Amazon Kindle. You can find a link to each book, as well as the other Ink Smith books on sale, at the Amazon sale page here. If you're interested in any of my books now is a great time to check them out. :)

Also, it's no secret that I've been in a major slump and haven't been able to get any writing accomplished in months. I seem to just be constantly distracted by various things in my life and I can't focus.

So I thought instead of continually beating my head against this wall I've found myself at I'd try focusing on some different kinds of writing for a while and see if that can help me get some motivation back.

To that end, I signed up to help with the Be the Change for Animals site and write for their action alert newsletter. I thought this would be a good way for me to get back to writing about one of my original interests while also learning about causes I can write about in more depth either here on my blog or elsewhere. I'm excited to get started with the project.

I also went to a meeting last weekend of the regional chapter of Sisters in Crime and I really enjoyed it. The chapter is small and they are looking for help with writing content for their blog and website, something I said I would be glad to try. It will be a totally new experience for me to work with something like this and I'm looking forward to trying my hand at it.

So I'm hoping that trying some new things will help jump start my writing and I can get back to enjoying writing and blogging again. I also hope to take Clancy on some little day trips now that the weather seems to have finally turned a corner, as I would love to go back to the Travels With Clancy posts I used to do. I don't know how much Clancy will enjoy more trips but I know I will. I have a feeling he won't like the idea at all.

I think I got it in my head that I had to write another book immediately and when I couldn't do that I simply became discouraged and couldn't focus on writing anything at all. I realize though that I was being silly and it would make more sense to enjoy what I do have instead of worrying about what I'm going to do next. I have several book signings and conferences coming up this year and, unlike last year when I was a nervous wreck about them, I'm actually excited for them now and don't feel nervous about the panels at all. So I want to focus on enjoying those events and stop beating myself up about needing a little break from fiction writing.

But speaking of fiction writing, stop by the Untethered Realms blog tomorrow for a group post about the movies or television shows that have inspired us as writers. My entry is about a certain high school girl who battled vampires.

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend and have a great week coming up! If anyone is willing to tweet or share about my 99 cents sale I'd be very grateful!


  1. Hope those projects kick-start your creativity to write another book. Sometimes it helps to focus on something else for a while.
    Clancy is a cutie.

  2. I wonder sometimes if it's a slump, or just plain old fatigue.

    Gave the sale a I need to get my copies. What a deal!

  3. Slumps come. Slumps go. You'll be back at that keyboard with fingers flying soon.

  4. I understand the slump. I'm stuck on Killer Stilettos at chapter 11...feel for you.

  5. There seems to be a lot of slumping going around. I'm there myself. But keeping our hand in with other forms of writing is definitely a great idea.

    That's a dog who loves his creature comforts!

  6. As long as you keep writing...something, you are moving forward. As long as you don't lose your momentum!

  7. That's a great sale, and a really cute dog.

    I hear you on the slump. I hope your projects lift you up and make your creative juices bubble.

    Enjoy your event!

  8. I think it is great that you signed up to write for this News letter regarding animals. Sometimes one has to let something go for it to come back again. You will get your mojo back because you can't force it. Clancy is a cutie and I want to give her a hug

  9. I didn't write for most of January and February. Just wasn't feeling it. I tinkered with a couple of projects, but my heart wasn't in it. Anyway, glad to hear you've signed up to do some "other" writing. And who knows where the inspiration for your next novel idea will come from? You and Clancy may discover it next week while out and about. :))

  10. Wow, what a fantastic sale! :)

    And sorry to hear you've been in such a persistent slump. (I can relate, I must admit, heh.) I think it's great how you're trying to break out of it, though, by experimenting with different types of writing. Hope it helps!

  11. I hope you find some inspiration very soon. Hopefully these new projects will help. :) And yay for sales!

  12. Those sound like great projects, Julie. I hope you have fun with them. If I had a Kindle, I'd definitely take advantage of the 99 cent books-that's a very good deal. Unfortunately, I don't. Besides, I'm an old-school type who has to hold a traditional book in my hands, so I'll wait and order a copy when I get paid. This is awesome weather to get out with or without the animals. I can feel my mood lifting already along with the temperature. :)

  13. @Alex, thanks, of course I agree about Clancy LOL.

    @Elizabeth, thank you! And you have a good point about the fatigue, that may very well be my problem right now.

    @Lee, I hope so, thanks

    @shelly, I hope we can both get out of our slumps!

    @Nick, definitely LOL.

    @Liza, good point, I don't want to lose that. Thank you.

    @Loni, thanks!

    @Birgit, Clancy gets a little nervous about hugs but I'm sure for you he'd make an exception LOL.

    @LG, I hope so, thank you.

    @Weekend, thanks!

    @Heather, thank you.

    @Christine, I think I will, thanks.

    @Julie, I agree, the weather has been so delightful the past few days. Thanks.

  14. Excellent, Julie! Very happy to hear you're finding your way back to writing in general. And I always enjoy those Travels With Clancy posts! :)

  15. Sometimes we need to just take a break, write a few fun things, take photos, and celebrate! Love your pic today!

  16. It looks like Clancy is rarin' to go. Good luck with the newsletter. :-D

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

  17. Picked up my copy, thank you!

    A little change, can make a big difference!


  18. @Madeline, I always had fun writing them so I hope that will be the case again. Thanks!

    @Tyrean, aww, thanks!

    @Anna, LOL, he is the laziest dog on earth but maybe he will humor me. Thank you. :)

    @Yolanda, yay, thanks so much.

  19. I don't think anything kills creativity faster than the phrase "I have to do this". You were smart to switch over to something you want to do. And I can't think of a better cause.

  20. Trying something new can be a great thing! Tweeted about your sale. Glad you enjoyed your local sisters in crime.

  21. Sorry that you've lost your mojo.
    New projects always help in boosting creativity. So that's a good thing. I'm sure you'll come around... hang in there...
    I need to get to that sale-------

  22. I really like what you're doing, Julie. Giving yourself a break but still work, trying to refuel and find inspiration. I think it's a great idea. And that picture of Clancy is SO CUTE.

  23. Hi Julie - a change of direction sounds like an excellent idea, especially with like-minded people helping you fight crime with animals - perhaps?!

    Enjoy these changes ...and that next book will come - you've achieved so much already ... and I too love Clancy's look ... beautiful ...

    Cheers Hilary

  24. Interesting. So sorry you're in a slump, but I squeeze fiction writing in between articles for clients about everything from the history of carpet to cloud computing. I wonder if that helps keep my writing mojo going? Maybe it's a left brain-right brain thing.

  25. Julie, I really hope this new direction works for you. I like what Stephanie said above about the left/right brain thing. We need to feel we are contributing something while waiting for the fiction to gel. I have considered the same.


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