Thursday, March 5, 2015

Butterflies and Hormones with Elizabeth Seckman

Today I'm happy to welcome the wonderful Elizabeth Seckman to the blog. Elizabeth is here with an interesting little tidbit about love and the hormones that go along with it.

But first let me just say thanks to everyone who came by for yesterday's IWSG and offered encouragement about my writing funk while also supporting Christine Rains. As always you are all the best. :)

And now for Elizabeth and her latest, Defying Reason.

Did you know? 

The butterflies in the stomach feeling caused by love (or insane nervousness- the feelings are interchangeable) are caused by the increase in adrenaline. As love grows, the adrenaline is replaced by oxytocin (not to be confused with oxycodone, that's a whole different addiction). Oxytocin is the same hormone emitted by parents as they bond with their children. 

The Blurb:

Jo Leigh Harper comes from a long line of trouble-making, white trash stock.
Tanner Coulter comes from a longer line of wealth-creating, blue blood stock.
Jo graduated college top of her class, moving toward a future full of possibilities.
Tanner dropped out of college, trading a law degree for drinking games and one night stands.

A family crisis throws the rich party boy and the poor genius girl together. The attraction is immediate, though neither one is a heart-in-the-sand-drawing believer in true love. But as the summer sun heats up along the shores of the Outer Banks, so does the connection between them. Maybe, just maybe, they can win at love by defying reason.

Author Bio:

Elizabeth is a multi-published author of books for people who are believers in happily-ever- after, true love, and stories with a bit of fun and twists with their plots. The mother of four young men, she tackles laundry daily and is the keeper of the kitchen. She lives along the shores of the Ohio River in West Virginia, but dreams daily of the beach. 

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  1. Nope, I didn't know that. I guess that's why we shouldn't go chasing that 'love at first sight' feeling.

  2. That's why friendship and true love have to happen because that feeling eventually goes away.

  3. What an interesting little fact! All those hormones. No wonder people in love are a little wacky! :) Makes for good writing material. Hehehe!

  4. Good to know it isn't actual butterflies trying to burst from my stomach like a Ghoulie

  5. Hormones will do us in every time!
    Have fun on your tour Elizabeth!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I was getting an oxytocin rush - or some kind of rush - reading the sex scene in Elizabeth's Past Due. Yikes!

  8. Thanks for having me over Julie!!

    Oh my goodness...I have to jump to jump to Jerry's response. Got a great big ole laugh from that!

    @Annalisa, love is nature intended.

    @Alex, Yes, friendship is a core requirement for true love.

    @Christine, with your imagination, that little tidbit could be anything from a new nerd love story to a paranormal with a scent sensitive shape shifter!

    @Yolanda, Thanks! I have been having a great time.

  9. I did not know about the adrenaline rush when one is first falling in love. It goes hand in hand with the book since love can often conquer all especially when family gets in the way and one is from the "poor" side while the other is from the "afluent" side

  10. Love the Garfield comic!
    Elizabeth, you're everywhere this week - good job!

    Hi, Julie :)

  11. As a romance novelist, you would have LOVED a class I attended in college, while minoring in psych. It was about "labeling" and how love and hate are the same physiological reaction...we label them as what they are. It's why people who go through intense situations together think they're in love...but once the excitement dwindles, they may find it wasn't love, after all.

  12. Butterflies and Hormones? I prefer hanging out in my cocoon a while longer. Oh, and I love the little love hamsters on your home site, Elizabeth.

    Thanks Julie for hosting!

  13. Nope, I didn't know that either. I knew there was something that kicked in, but not what it was! You are just so full of interesting tidbits! I'm enjoying following you, Elizabeth all around the blogging universe lately! Thanks Julie, for hosting her!

  14. Isn't that the same fleeting feeling we get when unwrapping a chocolate bar?! Congrats to Elizabeth!


  15. Hi Julie and Elizabeth,

    So delightful to see the lovely and darned nice lady, Elizabeth, getting noted on your site, Julie.

    Congrats, Elizabeth and I shall now check out my hormonal butterfly. Whatever that means :)

    Hope you had a lovely weekend.



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