Thursday, January 6, 2011

The "Vicktory Dogs"

Yesterday I received the latest issue of Best Friends magazine. One of the stories is a "where are they now" feature on the "Vicktory Dogs," the name given to the dogs rescued from Michael Vick's dog fighting ring. Rarely has a name been more appropriate. It was great to read the story and see the tremendous progress these dogs have made. They are real winners, and Best Friends has achieved a victory of the best kind.

I remember being so touched by these dogs when I watched the "Saving the Michael Vick Dogs" episode of Dogtown. It was horrifying to see what they had endured, but also heartwarming to watch them finally receiving love and affection, and blossoming under the guidance of the trainers and caregivers. That episode has always stuck with me, so it was especially satisfying to catch up with some of the dogs featured in the episode, and see how well they are doing now.

If you're interested, many of the "Vicktory Dogs" are profiled on the Best Friends' Pit Bulls blog. I have to admit, when the Vick case broke and there was so much media attention focused on the dogs taken from the operation, I was skeptical that dogs coming from those kinds of conditions could be rehabilitated. Sometimes it's great to be wrong!

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