Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cherie Reich's Birthday Bash

I'm still taking my blogging break that I mentioned yesterday, but I just wanted to write a short post to wish my buddy Cherie Reich a very Happy Birthday, and to help spread the word about her birthday give-away.

Cherie is celebrating her 30th birthday by offering her new book Defying Gravity free on Kindle for today only. I read Cherie's Once Upon a December Nightmare last year and it was a great read, and I've no doubt her new book will be just as good.

Defying Gravity is the first book in a trilogy so this is a wonderful chance to get started on what is sure to be a great series. For free!

Help Cherie celebrate her big day, and the start of a new decade, by joining the party here.

Now I really am going to take a blogging break. ;) See you all for the A-Z in April!


  1. Happy Birthday to Cherie. You're a really good friend to help her celebrate. I downloaded her book and look forward to a delicious read. And what a great idea you have, taking a break before the A-Z Challenge. You've inspired me to do the same.

  2. Thanks for letting me know about Cherie's birthday. I'll send her wishes now.

  3. The big 30! Woots for Cherie!

    Good luck with A-Z, Julie. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


  4. Happy birthday to Cherie! And I already have her book on my iPad.

  5. Thank you, Julie and everyone else, for the happy birthday. This has been my best birthday ever, and it's in thanks to people like you. :)

  6. @Kittie, oh, I hope you will enjoy your break, and I'm looking forward to reading your posts for the A-Z!

    @Emily, you're welcome, my pleasure.

    @EJ, thanks!

    @Alex, I'm sure the book will be great.

    @Cherie, oh, that's awesome this is your best birthday yet! So glad you're having such a good one. You're welcome and I'm glad to have had a chance to join in the party. :)

  7. Thanks Julie!

    *goes off to check Amazon UK* :)

  8. What an awesome thing to do on her birthday! I love it!

    And best of luck on your break. See you in April!

  9. Happy Birthday to Cherie!
    Happy Weekend to Everyone :)

  10. @Carolyn, hope you have a great weekend!

    @Peggy, thanks so much. I'm looking forward to April, the challenge is a lot of fun. :)

    @Carol, thanks and I hope you have a happy weekend as well. :)

  11. Enjoy your break! I'll miss ya.

  12. Have fun on break, I look forward to seeing your April posts.

  13. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to Cherie! Hope it was a special day.

  14. Congratulations! You won the Versatile Blogger award :) Stop by my blog to collect

  15. @Susanne, thank you for your comment, I'm sorry I missed it earlier!

    @Heather, oh, thank you, that's very nice of you. I will be over to your blog shortly, thanks!


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