Monday, September 23, 2013

Follow Fest!

Follow Fest is the brainchild of Melissa Maygrove and runs from today until Friday, 9/27. It's a great way for bloggers to connect with each other and I'm grateful to Melissa for coming up with the idea. If you don't already follow Melissa's blog, you are missing out and should correct that right now. :D

Now for my info:

Name: Julie Flanders

Fiction or nonfiction? Fiction but I would like to get back in to some nonfiction article writing

What genres do you write? Paranormal, Suspense, Mystery, General Fiction

Are you published? Yes. My first novel Polar Night was published by Ink Smith Publishing in February. My second, The Ghosts of Aquinnah, will be published by Ink Smith on December 5, 2013.

Do you do anything in addition to writing? Not in the publishing field, but I work as a librarian

Where can people connect with you?

Twitter (@JulesFlanders)

Author pages:
Is there anything else you’d like us to know? 

I belong to an amazing writing group called Untethered Realms. Find us at our blog, on Facebook, or on Twitter (@UnRealms)

I'm also always interested in helping out with cover reveals, launch parties, blog tours, etc. I love featuring fellow authors on my blog. 

Thanks again to Melissa for organizing this great fest!

And thanks to everyone who has already signed up for my cover reveal for The Ghosts of Aquinnah next week. If you would like to help please sign up on the Linky List below.

Finally, there's one week left to enter my September giveaway! Click here for the Rafflecopter entry form.


  1. I'll check but I think I follow you everywhere I can.

  2. What a cool blog fest, I'm in!
    P.S. I think librarians are really book fairies in disguise :D

  3. A very cool fest. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.

  4. Hi, Julie,

    This is the first I'm hearing about this fest... Melissa is a sweetie!

    I'll pop over there next to say hi...

    Oh, I have a new excerpt posted from my WIP ... if you get a chance, I'd love to know what you think....

  5. Thanks for your sweet words. And thanks for participating!

    I was already stalking you for the most part, but now I made sure all the bases were covered. :P

  6. This looks fun! I must head over now and follow Melissa.

  7. What a great blog fest! And you're always so helpful with fellow writers, Julie.

  8. Nice to learn a bit more about you Julie. :-)

    I do have space on October's calendar if you'd like to be a guest. Just let me know. :-)

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  9. What a great idea. I'm off to visit Melissa's blog.

  10. Nice to meet you-I'm a new follower!

  11. *ducking head in shame* How was I not following your blog yet? Yikes. Well, remedied now. I'm booked out until January on my blog, but if you are doing anything book release wise after that, feel free to hit me up for a Writerly Wednesday.

  12. Aquinnah, as in Martha's Vineyard? I love the Vineyard :) And I love librarians, so I'm a new follower for sure. Nice to meet you!

  13. @Alex, thanks!

    @Jenn, LOL, I like the idea of being a book fairy. :)

    @MJ, me too. Thanks for stopping here!

    @Michael, oh, I am anxious to read it, will definitely be over!

    @Melissa, LOL, I think I am stalking you too but I will make sure. :D

    @Rebecca, yay! :)

    Michael, I hope so LOL.

    @Susan, it's fun helping out, thanks so much.

    @Sia, oh, that would be great, I will be in touch. Thanks!

    @Sheena-kay, you too!

    @Johanna, Melissa's really great.

    @Carrie, thanks!

    @Melanie, nice to meet you too, thank you!

    @Crystal, LOL, no need to duck. And I appreciate the offer, thanks!

    @Liz, oh, yes, the Vineyard! So great to meet you!

    @Christine, hello, great to meet you as well!

  14. Hi Julie, nice to meet you! I'm following you on Twitter, FB, GR, etc. Good luck with your upcoming release!

  15. Good way to connect with others! It's like a dating site for connecting with writers.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  16. A librarian? I always wanted to be one ... as well as being a writer and a palaeontologist ...

  17. Very cool blogfest! Hope you get lots of new followers. :)

  18. A great idea for a blog hop. One I thought I'd signed up for. I'll have to check when I get to my desk...

  19. Ink Smith? Hadn't heard of them; I'll definitely check 'em out. Following you on Twitter, FB, Goodreads and "liked" your Amazon page.

  20. Really pleased to meet you :)

  21. Hi Julie .. looking forward to Ghosts of Aquinnah next week ... and then its publication in December .. two books in one year: amazing ..

    Congratulations to one and all - Hilary

  22. I came by yesterday, but you hadn't posted yet.

    I think I follow you everywhere I belong, and entered 13 times in your Polar Nights giveaway last week.

    Much luck on its release!

    M.L. Swift, Writer

  23. Great idea for a blogfest, just wish I had more time!

    Congratulations on all your success!

  24. The Ghosts of Aquinnah is such an awesome book title. (:

  25. Congratulations on your upcoming book release! Sounds very exciting, and I look forward to following your writing journey.

  26. @Quanie, thank you, so nice to meet you as well. And I will be following you back ASAP. :)

    @Shannon, LOL, that's a good way to put it.

    @Aldrea, oh, that's a fun combination of things.

    @Heather, thanks!

    @Rebecca, I will check in with your site later. :)

    @Milo, they are still new but have been growing a lot, I'm happy with them. Thanks!

    @Lynda, thanks so much, I appreciate it.

    @Joss, thank you, you as well!

    @Hilary, oh, thanks so much, I'm really excited about it. :)

    @Michael, oh, thanks!! Good luck with the giveaway. :)

    @Yolanda, I can definitely relate to that. There never seems to be enough lately!

    @Sherry, thank you!

    @Elise, I'm so glad you like it, thanks!

    @Sara, thank you so much, I really appreciate it. :)

  27. So nice to get to know more about you. :)

  28. Neat idea for a blogfest. Too bad I have so many other things going on this week, or I'd jump on in with y'all.

    I'll bet you're one of those neat kinda librarians who knows the people who come into the library well enough to recommend the "perfect" books to them.

  29. Hi Julie,

    I suppose you might think I'm going to make some satirical comment about yet another blogfest! :)

    As you are a librarian, I shall type this comment very quietly.

    I think I have the pleasure of connecting with you on most of those links. Even 'Farcebook' :)


  30. I didn't know you were a librarian. It was great reading more about you in this fest.

  31. Polar Night has been on my TBR list for so long! I really hope I get time to read it soon. :-)

    Already following you pretty much everywhere.

  32. I'm not on Twitter or LinkedIn, but I do enjoy following you on other sites. Looking forward to next week!


  33. December 5th will be here before you know it!

  34. @Christine, thanks. :)

    @Juliana, hello! So nice to meet you as well.

    @Susan, I would love to be that, but I work at a college so it's different. But I'd be happy recommending books. :)

    @Gary, thanks for being quiet LOL.

    @Medeia, thanks!

    @Misha, I hope you enjoy it, thanks for putting it on your list!

    @Julie, I think we've got each other covered everywhere. Thanks!

    @Cathrina, I know, which is kind of scary and exciting at the same time LOL.

  35. Now that I caught up with you on Pinterest, I think I'm following everywhere else. I did follow all of the Untethered Realms links though--big fan of you all! :)

  36. *wave* Hi! I've seen you around (every where it seems) but for some reason never quite got to connect. Finally! And I've got Polar Night on my TBR list. Looks like I'll be adding one more soon :)

  37. @Tonja, oh, thanks for putting Polar Night on your list, I really appreciate it. So glad we got connected! :)

  38. Stopping by through the blog hop, just figured I'd add myself to your list of stalkers, lol!

    Looking forward to knowing you as an author!

  39. @Guinevere, thank you! So nice to meet you and I look forward to following you as well. :)

  40. Wow! You write so quickly. Congrats on your two books.

  41. A bit late, but just dropping by to say hello and good to meet you. ^_^

  42. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Nice meeting you too. Yes, you should definitely go back to writing nonfiction articles. It's so much fun!

  43. Hey there! Popping over from follow fest to say new follower here :) It's nice to meet you!

  44. Sorry I missed signing up for your cover reveal! I would have loved to be involved. It gets hard to do blog visits like I'd like to. I'm sure your reveal will be a success.

    I've found one or two other places to follow you. :) Writer’s Mark

  45. Hi, Julie. Made friend requests on FB & GR. I think I've seen you on LinkedIn. I'll have to check. Glad to meet you here.

  46. @Jennifer, thank you!

    @Mason, thanks so much for coming by, it's great to meet you as well.

    @Romelle, my pleasure and thanks for coming by here!

    @Randi, thanks, great to meet you!

    @Nancy, oh, I know, I have had a terrible time keeping up lately. I appreciate it, thanks so much.

    @Judith, so glad to meet you as well, thanks!

  47. Dudette! How did I not realise you were a librarian as well? :P I'm a systems librarian, though my title is now "Applications Administrator". Still, I work in a library and have a librarian qualification, so I think I'm a librarian. :P

    Finally stopping by for the FF. :)

  48. @Trisha, oh, I didn't know you were a librarian too! Cool! :D


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