Wednesday, June 4, 2014

IWSG & Flight Fest with Tyrean Martinson

I'm excited to be back from my blogging break just in time for the June meeting of the Insecure Writer's Support Group, hosted by our favorite ninja captain Alex J. Cavanaugh. 

As I've written a few times in recent months, I was very nervous about the book festival and signing events I had scheduled for May. The thing that brought me the most anxiety was the panel I was set to be part of at the Ohioana Book Festival on Saturday, May 10.

Believe it or not, I absolutely LOVED being part of my panel at the festival! I didn't feel nervous at all and nothing that I was worried about happened. I didn't forget my name, open my mouth and have no words come out, lose my train of thought while answering a question, etc. It was fun to talk about my books and writing in general. The time actually went by so quickly and the experience was so enjoyable that I was sorry when the panel ended. I had a fantastic time overall at the festival and hope to have the opportunity to participate again.

Now I have a presentation at my local library coming up later this month and while I'm still a little anxious, I'm honestly more excited and enthusiastic than I am nervous. I never could have imagined I would ever be able to say that when I first wrote about my public speaking anxiety. So thanks again to everyone who offered so much support and encouragement. It worked! :)

On the insecure front, while I had a great month and a great time on my trip to Martha's Vineyard, I didn't come anywhere close to meeting the writing goals I set for myself. I really need to get serious and finish my Polar Night sequel and prequel novella once and for all. So I plan to be spending a lot of time in my writing cave for the rest of the summer.

In other news, this week is the release party for Tyrean Martinson's Champion In Flight. Congratulations to Tyrean!

As part of the release, Tyrean asked us this:
What's your favorite way to fly? Dragonback? Griffin? Giant Eagle? 747? Space Shuttle? Millennium Falcon? Enterprise? or on a bike with E.T.?
I get such terrible motion sickness that it's really best for me to stay on the ground, but as long as I could take plenty of Dramamine before taking flight my answer is an easy one. In deference to my Game of Thrones fanaticism I have to go with Dragonback. I'd love to steal one of Daenerys' dragons and take it for a spin. I'd just have to bring it back quickly as she's not someone I'd want angry with me. :D

And now, here is all the info on Tyrean's latest:

Champion in Flight Blurb:

A year after she won the battle for Septily, Clara feels trapped in Skycliff by the Allied Council. As the last pieces of information about the Healing Caves fall into place, Clara is attacked by an assassin. Covert Drinaii mercenaries and the Council aren’t going to stop Clara from her quest to heal her broken blade. As Champion of Aramatir, she must act.
Meanwhile, in the joint kingdoms of Rrysorria and Wylandria, the youngest and still cursed swan prince despairs of ever being whole again. In a moment of anger and desperation, Liam discovers a blood link between him and a dark sorceress.

Clara won the battle for Septily, but her battle isn’t over.

Champion in Flight is the second book in The Champion Trilogy.


Author Bio:

Tyrean Martinson lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest. Dragonfold and Other Adventures, and Light Reflections showcase her short stories and poetry. She is currently at work on the third novel of The Champion Trilogy: Champion’s Destiny.


  1. You got over your fear - that's awesome! Sounds like you're hooked on those speaking opportunities now.
    Congratulations to Tyrean!

  2. Well done, Julie! We all knew you could do it. :)

    I know you're going to disappear back into your writing cave but come back soon. We missed you around the blogosphere!

    Madeline @ The Shellshank Redemption

  3. I'm so glad you had a great time at your event. I can get so nervous before having to talk to a group. But well done you!

    And congrats to Tyrean on her latest release. And for flight, I'd have to go with dragonback too. Fist pump!

  4. Hi Julie .. that's amazing you conquered your fears for the panel .. and I'm sure that will give you so much confidence for all future events ..

    Good luck to Tyrean for her latest book ..

    Well you had a break .. and that stands us in good stead .. enjoy hiding away in your summer cave .. cheers Hilary

  5. I'm so glad to hear things are going well for you! Good luck with your writing this summer. Other than catching up on friends' books and spending time with my kids, that's what I'm going to be doing, too. :)

    IWSG #215 until Alex culls the list again.

  6. I used to be more nervous about public speaking, but after teaching a semester of chemistry, I got a lot better at it.

    My favorite way to fly is when I'm asleep. Planes make me nervous.

    Hmmmm... I guess a lot of things make me nervous.

  7. Happy you got over your fears. Even though you'll be in your cave, try to enjoy the summer! Best wishes.

  8. Yay!!!!!!! I'm so glad your events went so well!! That's such great news, Julie. Congratulations!! AND congrats to Tyrean, too!

  9. @Alex, I still can't believe how much I enjoyed the panel. :)

    @Madeline, oh, that's very kind, thank you! I missed you all too and am excited to be catching up.

    @LG, thanks!! And we can take off on the dragons together.

    @Hilary, I hope so, thanks so much.

    @Melissa, thanks, I appreciate it. I know summer is usually a slow time in blog land so I figured it's a good time to try to get back in my writing groove.

    @Ken, agree on the planes! My problem is I can never fall asleep on them, but that would certainly make things easier. Thank you!

    @Diane, thanks and I hope you enjoy the summer too!

  10. @Liz, thank you and thanks again for your help! :)

  11. A panel sounds like a great half-way house between not speaking in public and doing it alone. Glad you had a great time, and well done on remembering your name :-)

  12. Yay for not being nervous! I'm glad everything went well. Good luck writing!

    Congrats to Tyrean!

  13. Nice to know you weren't nervous at all. Way to go!

  14. @Annalisa, it was amazing that I remembered it LOL. And it was a great halfway house, no doubt.

    @Cherie, thanks!!

    @Sittie, thank you!

  15. I'm so happy your events have gone so well! I can't even imagine being more excited and enthusiastic than nervous about a presentation—you've given me a goal for which to aim. Thanks!

    Congrats to Tyrean!

  16. You'll have a great time at the library presentation. Enjoy.

  17. So glad it went well!! I can't wait to see you in September. Reserve me a book...I'll be your first customer!

  18. @MJ, thanks!! I know you will reach the goal too. :)

    @Lee, I think I will, I'm excited about it. Thanks.

    @Elizabeth, oh, thanks so much, and reserve yours for me as well. I can't wait to hang out with you and Tara at the September fest. :)

  19. I'm so happy you had a good time at the festival. I knew you would. And I also know you're going to do great with your presentation at your local library.

    Even though you didn't reach your word count last month, you did great things, so I think you can give yourself a pass. :)

  20. Great job on your speaking engagement and book promotion. Tyrean's cover looks great. I'd like to ride on the back of a giant eagle if I lived in Hobbit world. In the real world, I prefer the back of my boyfriend's motorbike!
    Play off the Page

  21. Glad being on the panel went well! Good luck on the library presentation. I'm sure you'll rock it!

    I haven't done much writing either so...I feel you there.

    Yay Tyrean! I prefer planes because they're quick and easy. I would live to take a train at some point!

    Happy Wednesday!

  22. Julia, its lovely that you got over your fear. Most people expect us writers to be good and confident speakers, but atleast for me its the opposite.

  23. That's great that you overcame your fears and had a good time at the panel. I think I need to retreat into my writing cave, as well...

  24. @Chrys, I will try to, it was a productive month in other ways for sure. Thanks!

    @Mary, oh, the motorbike sounds like fun! And the eagle does too LOL.

    @Sam, thanks, I hope so!

    @Rachna, it's the opposite for me as well but now that I made it through this I hope I can be more relaxed about it. Thanks!

    @Sarah, it seems like a lot of people are retreating into their caves this summer. I hope it's productive for all of us. :)

  25. Congratulations on overcoming your fears!
    I love public speaking now too but all of this marketing stuff really does cut into serious writing time.
    I easily get motion sickness too and I am terrified of heights but in my dreams I would love to fly dragon back!
    Happy writing.

  26. Welcome back! I'm glad it went well, I'm sure the library presentation will be a blast, and will be just great. Yay for overcoming public speaking fears! ;)

  27. I'm glad things went well for you. Things are usually worse in our imaginations than they tend to be in real life. Congratulations on another step toward conquering your public speaking fear.

  28. @Donna, thank you!

    @Doreen, we could have fun on the dragons together! Thanks so much and happy writing to you as well.

    @SK, thank you! I'm still doing the happy dance. :)

    @Nana, that's so true. I worry so much about something and then it turns out to be fine - not just this but so many other things as well. I need to break that habit.

  29. Excited about all the stuff you're doing. I have yet to be part of a panel, as I really enjoy being out in the audience, soaking it all in. Maybe someday!

  30. Sounds like you had a great time at the panel! GL with the library presentation.

  31. Congrats on getting through the panel unscathed!
    Good luck with your prequel and sequel :)

  32. I knew you could do it:) It was probably quite a bit of fun and engaging. Fear is often our inner thoughts making trouble so you will get to you writing and it will go forward and progress. You will persevere. I am with you-if I took a few drinks and place my fear of heights away i would fly on a dragon.

  33. "I didn't forget my name, open my mouth and have no words come out, lose my train of thought while answering a question..."
    When it comes to public speaking, these are my fears too!
    Congrats on a successful public speaking gig!
    ...and welcome back!

  34. @Jay, I hope you get the opportunity soon, fingers crossed!

    @Cindy, thanks so much, I appreciate that.

    @Laura, thank you, I seem to need it as these stories are taking me forever LOL.

    @Birgit, LOL, I would need the drinks along with the dramamine, good idea. Thank you so much!

    @Michelle, thank you so much and I'm sorry you have the same fears. But I bet you would find they don't come true at all!

  35. Go you Julie! So glad it was a positive, actually thrilling experience for you! I think I'd taken dragon back but not because of Game of Thrones. I'm going to give away my age here but I've been a dragon lover since Anne McCaffrey's Pern Dragonriders series came out way back when. That's when I realized I'd LOVE to be a dragon rider... Thanks for your comment on my blog! I like what you had to post so much better this month!

  36. I actually really enjoy public speaking, but I know most people do not. It's great that you were able to conquer your fear!

  37. The thought of riding on the back of an eagle fits best with me. I want to know I can hang on tight. LOL.

    Bravo, Julie for surviving at the public speaking gig. I find them horrendous, so I'm thrilled you did so well.

    Happy IWSG.

  38. I'm so glad the panel went well! I felt the same way before my first panel, and it went better than I figured it would. As nervous as I am about public speaking, I've come a long way in the last year, just by virtue of hosting monthly events. I don't think I'll not be nervous, though. You?

  39. Happy to hear you're much more comfortable with public speaking. The thought of it still terrifies me!

    Congrats to Tyrean!

  40. @Lisa, thank you! And I hope you have a smooth recovery and have much better news to share next month.

    @Steven, I have family members who really enjoy it and I have always envied them. I don't think I'll get to that point but I hope I can keep making progress at least. Thanks!

    @Joylene, good point about hanging on tight, I didn't think of that. Thanks so much, I hope the presentation goes as well.

    @Shannon, I agree, I think I'll always have butterflies ahead of time. Hard to imagine I'd ever get that comfortable with it! Glad you've made such good progress. :)

    @Christine, thanks! I will probably end up terrified again once the day comes but I hope I can keep this attitude LOL.

  41. Good for you. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  42. Go Julie! So glad being part of a panel was enjoyable rather than frightening. Good to see you back on the blog. Good to take a break, too.

  43. Hi, Julie,

    SO happy to hear your public speaking is going so well! And the Library should be a wonderful experience, too!

    I can relate about not getting through writing goals. I spent so much time tweaking my second novel, and now querying it, I can't seem to get into the wonderful Noir novella I had started last year. It's so hard sometimes.

    But staying focused will get you back.... I know you'll be tapping away at those keys any moment... if not right now. LOL. All the best with your writing!

    Glad to see you back!

    CONGRATS to Tyrean! ALL THE BEST!!!!!

  44. Way to get over your fear!!! Thank you for sharing Champion in Flight today!
    And dragonback would be a fun way to fly. :)

  45. I'm so glad that you had a great experience on the panel at the festival! You really stood up to your fear, and I'm sure the rest of your appearances will run even more smoothly! Congrats to Tyrean!


  46. @Shelly, it really was, to my amazement LOL.

    @Denise, thank you, I appreciate that!

    @Michael, thanks so much, and I know you'll be tapping away too. :)

    @Tyrean, my pleasure!

    @Julie, I hope so, thanks!

  47. That's what I've found, too. You're terrified of the events, filled with dread, but you have a blast once they're in progress. Still, I'm happier behind the computer screen, typing away...

  48. So glad your events were such a big success, Julie. Congratulations!

  49. I'm glad you ended up enjoying yourself. Panels are fun. I'm doing another in July.

  50. It's so great to hear you enjoyed yourself and are now looking forward to the library event.

    Welcome back from your break!

  51. @Stephanie, I agree 100% :)

    @Deanie, thank you!

    @Mary, oh, I hope you enjoy the one in July.

    @Loni, thank you, I appreciate that!

  52. Welcome back Julie! And wow good for you! I'm terrible at public speaking too, but once i get over those jitters I'm fine.
    How exciting! Can't wait to hear more about it. And congrats to Tyrean!!
    We are huge GOT fans at my house too. I'm still in mourning over Robb Stark.

  53. Congrats on doing so well and overcoming your nervousness. So often anticipation is so much worse than the actual event we were worried about.

  54. You had so many interesting things going on in May. Good for you.

  55. I agree with Lynda. The anticipation and worry gets under your skin and causes havoc. Glad to hear all went well and you enjoyed yourself. And Good Luck with a summer full of writing.

    Congrats to Tyrean!

  56. Hi Julie,

    You confronted your fears and this will empower you. I note you are encouraged by how well it went. Well done, my friend.

    You have to be realistic with your writing goals. Life happens and please just take it easy.

    Lovely to see Tyrean here. My favourite way to fly is BlogAir, the blogger's favourite airline with Penny the pawlet :)

    Yay to the Pacific Northwest. Umbrella at the ready....

    Have a peaceful weekend, Julie.

    Gary :)

  57. @Pk, I've read the GoT books so I knew what was going to happen to Robb but it was still awful to see!

    @Lynda, that's so true, thanks!

    @Vanessa, it was a great month and flew by so quickly, now the rest of the summer feels like kind of a letdown LOL.

    @Cathy, thank you!

  58. @Gary, oh, I'd give up the dragons if I could fly with Penny at the helm. :) Thanks so much and you have a peaceful weekend too.

  59. Yes! Conquering fear of public speaking is a major achievement. I used to be terrified too. Now my fear comes back as a normal level of jitters, but nothing huge. You rock!

  60. I'm glad the public speaking is getting better and better. Happy writing. Yay for Tyrean.

  61. @Sher, thank you! You do as well. :)

    @Medeia, thanks so much.

  62. Gr! I think stupid blogger ate my comment. Anyhow, congrats on the successful panel! Glad to hear you're less nervous about the upcoming event -- you'll be great.

    Have fun in the cave. I hope to join you soon (but in a separate cavern so we won't get all chatty an distract each other ;))


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