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Broken Branch Falls Author Tara Tyler Stops by to Interview Me!

Look out for Julie Flanders! She may seem like a humble librarian, but underneath her modest cover, she's a book-toting, pen-waving, crowd-pleasing hero! She's so BOSS, I decided to interview her on her own blog about overcoming her leap into the public eye.

1) What events have you attended? and how big were they?

I’ve attended a small group book signing at a coffee shop near where I live, the Ohioana Book Festival in Columbus, Ohio, and a book signing at a bookstore on Martha’s Vineyard. I also did a presentation at my local library that included a book signing. The Ohioana festival was the only event that could be called “big.” I don’t know how many authors were involved, but I know there were lots of us there and it was a day long event. About 30 people attended the library presentation so that was a great medium sized event. The two book signings were both small but I sold a few books at both so I was happy.

Sounds like they were successful!

2) What did you like most? least?

I think I liked the Ohioana Festival the best because it was so big and I was super nervous about it before I went, but once I was there I had a wonderful time. It was also my first time participating in a panel discussion and I really enjoyed that. As far as which one I liked least, I honestly liked all of them and felt like I learned so much as I went to each one that I can’t pick a least favorite.

Just getting out there and meeting readers is a great feeling!

3) What advice would you give book event virgins?

Just to try not to be nervous about the event! I was so nervous for months ahead of time and I worried for nothing. So I would advise newbies to just relax and enjoy the experience.

I agree. Plan as much as you can, then relax and have fun! Everyone is so nice! Speaking of planning...

4) What should one bring/not bring to an event?

Definitely bring lots of swag related to your book or books. My table mate at Ohioana had bags made up with her book cover on them. She asked each person who walked past if they would like a bag to hold their books and most people took one. So I saw her book cover everywhere that day as I walked around the venue! That was a good lesson for me and I’m going to have bags made myself whenever I go to another event. As far as what not to bring, I would caution people not to “over buy” copies of their books if they will be selling the books themselves at the event. The events are really fun but with so many authors there, it’s probably wise to keep your sales expectations kind of low. I think most of these festivals are probably more about exposure then they are about sales.

I have bags too - love swag! And yes, unfortunately, sales are not the big reason to go. But if you know that in advance, you won't be disappointed.

5) What have you learned about going to these events?

I’ve learned that it is really fun to network with other authors and talk with readers about my books. This was truly a shock for me as I have always hated public speaking and was really nervous about that aspect of each event. But when it came to talking about my writing I found I didn’t hate public speaking after all and I actually enjoyed myself. That was a very pleasant surprise to say the least.

Isn't it awesome, surprising yourself that you can actually do it! And everyone wants to hear you!

6) When are your next appearances?

I’m not sure! I hope to have a few more appearances this year but I am still waiting to hear if I will be accepted for the events.

Julie & Tara
Well, I was so happy to meet Julie at the Ohioana Festival! And I spoke on my first author panel, too. It's really not as scary as you think - and we learned so much from the experience and from other authors. Even though you may not sell many books, it's worth it to get your name out there! I hope Julie and I have encouraged you all to go for it!!

Please share your experiences or fears! We can help each other!

Thanks again, Julie-bo-boolie!
I can't wait to do another event with my Cincy friend!
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  1. That's cool you ladies got to meet! Definitely bring bookmarks and swag.

  2. I hear you about worrying way ahead of time and usually for no reason, too. :)

    Great idea about the bags with pics of the book cover!

    Madeline @ The Shellshank Redemption

  3. The bag with the book cover on it is pure genius! What's better than your book cover being shown off all over the place? Well, okay, Alex's bookmark idea is good too.

  4. Great Interview Ladies! And wish I could meet the both of you!

  5. Hi Julie - that's great you let Tara out of her lair to interview you .. but I see your paths took you to the same Festival ...

    It does sound as though you learnt lots, while having fun being around and then speaking too - so pleased it's all slotted into place ..

    Cheers Hilary

  6. I loved reading this interview as I may have my first public appearances coming up in the next few months.

    Not sure how I'm going to manage the relax-and-not-worry part, but I'll think of something.

    And I love the bag idea.

  7. @Alex, it was really fun to meet Tara in person. :)

    @Madeline, yeah, I know you are a fellow worrier like me. Why do we do it?? LOL.

    @Elsie, definitely one to file away for future use. :)

    @Cathy, I wish we could meet as well!

    @Hilary, LOL, she forced her way out. :D Thanks!

    @MJ, good luck with your events! I know you'll do great. :)

  8. I can't wit to see you in Huntington- well hopefully, if they don't keep adding stress to the event!

  9. Glad you were able to conquer your fears and have fun! I think I would be stressing out for months ahead of time, too.

  10. The power of collaboration! My first book event was this past March, and I'm hooked. I love meeting people and talking about books.

  11. @Elizabeth, I'm sorry I had to cancel the trip to Huntington. Hope we get to meet at another event!

    @Sarah, I definitely did LOL.

    @Vanessa, glad you found the tips useful!

    @Jay, I do too and never thought I'd say that.

  12. How cool that you two got to meet in person!

    And I think you're very brave, Julie. I get nervous just thinking about this stuff.

  13. I love all of Julie's stories about the places she went and what she did! Is this the same person with a phobia of public speaking? I think not!

    Good luck to Tara with her fantastic new MG book! :)

  14. That's so much fun you got to meet in person. Great interview!

  15. Fantastic interview. Hopefully next year I'll manage to get to Ohio and meet both of you. :) Whether I'll be signing or not, we'll see!

  16. Great interview and so well said! I like it that, once again, one overcomes ones' fear and realizes later that there was nothing to fear. You sound like you had a great experience and learned what to do for the future and had a great attitude-very positive

  17. So cool - both the meeting and the interview!

  18. What a great interview! The author events sound like fun- and I imagine it is hard to not be nervous (I expect to be a wreck). :) I love the idea of having a bag to pass out- it does sound like a great marketing tool and people get a freebie!

    Thanks for sharing and best of luck to Tara.

  19. Oh my gosh! How awesome you two met! And hey, you're both so BOSS! :D

  20. I love those big festivals, though it is hard not to be nervous about them.

  21. @LG, aww, thank you! I really appreciate that.

    @Lexa, you're the best, thanks!

    @Loni, I was so glad we got to meet up.

    @Christine, oh, I hope you do come, would be so great to meet you!

    @Birgit, it really was great, thanks so much.

    @Carol, thanks!

    @Jess, I thought the bags were genius! I got really lucky with my table mate, she rocked. I hope you will do great with your events, I'm sure you will!

    @SK, LOL, thanks! This is the first time I've ever been called that LOL.

    @Lynda, it is but they are such fun. At least I hope if I get to attend another one it will be as great as this one was. :)

  22. Sorry about the nerves, but good that you didn't let them stop you.

  23. Great interview, ladies!

    I really like the idea of having bags made up with the book cover design on them. Very clever!

    So far, my experience with book signing is very limited, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  24. Hi Julie and Tara,

    What just happened here? LOL That's an interesting twist being interviewed on your own site, Julie.

    Julie, you leapt into the public eye. Which means I one of your um, attentive "pupils." Sorry, that was well yuck.

    I know you've done very well overcoming your fears. You have done it with aplomb, or was it an apple. Stop it, Gary, who is now talking to himself in his comment.

    Well cool you two lovely ladies met. Watch out world! Hearty congrats to Tara.

    Gary the groupie! :)

  25. Some great event tips there and you guys look great. Congrats to Tara! :)

  26. One of these years I'm definitely making it to the Ohioana. Hope you guys do it again.

  27. Sounds like you ladies had an awesome time!

    I hope to make it there next year, if I'm still in the midwest.... it would be fun to meet up with you two!

    ALL the best Tara on you book!

  28. you all left such lovely comments! isn't julie fabulous!!
    thanks, everyone!


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