Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Blog the Change for Animals & Cruelty Free International

Blog the Change

Blog the Change for Animals is a blog hop held four times a year to help spread awareness about animal related causes and charities. I haven't participated in a long time, but when I saw that the hop was coming up again this month I thought it was a perfect chance for me to get back to one of my original goals for this blog, which was to write about animal welfare.

The timing was actually perfect too as I've just recently become aware of an organization called Cruelty Free International, which works to end animal testing on cosmetics and household cleaning supplies and to support businesses which have already stopped (or never started) testing on animals for these products.

A bunny like the one pictured above seemed like the perfect photo to complement this post as from what I have read rabbits are among the animals most frequently used for cosmetic testing. In fact, the leaping bunny logo is considered the international standard for recognizing cruelty free products and companies.

Honestly, I hadn't ever thought much about animal testing before as I kind of thought it was just something that was done in the past. But once I learned more it felt very hypocritical for me to be supportive of animal rescues for dogs and cats while turning a blind eye to rabbits being blinded so companies can make mascara or other cosmetics.

Since humane and safe alternatives exist I decided it was important for me to support companies which are using these alternatives and putting out safe products for people to use without harming animals to do it.

So I started on a journey of replacing the cosmetics and cleaning supplies I was using with those made by cruelty free companies. This is an ongoing process but so far I have had very positive results. I have super sensitive skin and can break out in a rash just by looking at some products, so I was a little concerned about trying new ones. But so far the new products I'm using have actually been better for my skin, and my hair has never felt healthier. The laundry detergent I bought also works great and seems perfect for my sensitive skin.

From what I have found, the companies using cruelty free methods also use primarily natural ingredients, so I feel like I am getting healthier products as an unexpected bonus. I figure if I can cut back on the amount of chemicals I am using that has to be a good thing, both for me and for the environment in general.

This has been a rewarding process for me so far but as I said it is an ongoing one. Some of the products are significantly more expensive so I'm working on finding affordable alternatives. Still, it feels good to know I am at least making an effort, however small, to be the change I want to see.

If you'd like to learn more about Blog the Change and see other participants, visit the Be the Change for Animals site here.


  1. Rabbits don't wear makeup or clean anything. They shouldn't be used to test products. I'm surprised companies still do that.

  2. This is a wonderful cause Julie. I love animals and the fact that people are still abusing and experimenting on them is cruel and sickens me. Thank you for speaking up on behalf of animals.

  3. This is a great hop - and 'hop' is the perfect word for it!!! I also try to use products by companies who don't test on animals. Happily, like you're finding now, the ones who don't test also tend to be the ones who are environmentally safe, who don't use harsh chemicals, and who used recycled products to make their products, so all in all it's a win-win situation :)

  4. I wrote a research paper in college on testing products on animals. It was sickening to think it's someones job to spray chemicals in an animal's eye to see how much irritation and damage it causes so I can wear mascara. Just awful that it still occurs. And good for you for raising awareness.

  5. Poor bunnies! If a product is to be used on people, then they should use people as test subjects. They could pay them and make them sign waivers for the risks.

  6. The poor animals. I'm with Alex. I still can't believe companies use them to test on.

  7. Good for you, Julie. I try to use more natural and cruelty-free products when possible, too. I find myself checking labels more often than I used to do. For those of us trying to change, it's sometimes a slow process, but well worth it. :)

  8. First off, I love, love, love, Alex's comment. Simply brilliant and so true.

    You're right, Julie. Testing on animals seems so archaic. I'm surprised it's still done and still acceptable.

    Back when I had liver issues, I started looking into healthier cleaners (I didn't even realize how they soaked into our bodies as we used them) and as a result bought some that were animal friendly too. You're right, they are pricier but some of them are starting to be a bit more competitively priced. Thank goodness.

  9. It is such a shame that animals suffer so people can look good. Many even think it's normal and don't even think twice about animals being tested. They would if it changed from animals to people

  10. I didn't know there was still animal testing. I thought it was banned a long time ago. That's terrible! I'm going to have to pay attention to the products I buy now because in no way do I condone this. Thanks for telling us about the blog hop. I'm going to read more about it. :)

  11. The world of capitalism is harsh. For example, the city of Dubai is gorgeous to look at. My own brother says,"I would love to visit Dubai." But I'll never ever go there because I know the city was built with slaves torn from their homes. If you want to know more, google "Dubai slavery." It'll wrench at your heart to read of so many lives crushed by the capitalism that built the city.

  12. I look for the Leaping Bunny (cruelty free logo) and try to use it whenever possible. Like you, I have found these products to be just as good, if not better than the brands I previously used.

  13. Sounds like a great cause. Does the site list products that don't use animal testing?

  14. I recently read the acceptance speech of a nobel winning scientist who thanked all the animals that died in sacrifice to his cause. I was both touched by the fact that he included that in his speech and saddened that it had happened.

  15. @Alex, I was too and it's good to know that more and more companies are moving away from it.

    @Murees, always great to find another animal lover. Thanks!

    @Liz, exactly!

    @LG, yeah, there's no way I could do that job unless I was starving and had no other choice I guess. At least there has been a lot of progress towards doing away with it.

    @Cherie, I wonder if people would go for that.

    @Christine, I wonder how often it still happens. Seems way too often unfortunately.

    @Madeline, I am checking labels more too, not just for this, but for more humane food as well. The factory farm system is very upsetting and also unhealthy.

    @Elsie, I hope you are not still dealing with liver trouble. I didn't realize that about the chemicals either but it's very creepy!

    @Birgit, yeah, I just don't think it's defensible for something like cosmetics.

    @Chrys, I read that it was just banned in the EU recently but apparently it hasn't been banned in the US.

    @Michael, I have no interest in going to a place like that either. I haven't read about Dubai but would probably get too upset reading it. There's no doubt we live in a very cruel world.

    @DailyDog, I'm so glad I learned about the leaping bunny, it's a great resource. And I agree, the products are great.

    @Stephanie, it does. They have lists for both cosmetics and cleaning supplies.

    @Johanna, oh, that's interesting and makes me wonder what his cause was. With some things like medical research I think there are times when animal testing can be humane but when it comes to cosmetics or cleaners I just don't think it is justified.

  16. I work very hard to never hit a rabbit when coming home from the wilderness, or a mouse. I hate to think of animals being misused. They all have such beautiful souls.

  17. Good for you. It seems to me too that they should have moved away from testing animals for such frivolous purposes. Suddenly I'm glad I don't use cosmetics any longer. I have to check out the creams I have. Thanks for this.

  18. Great post, and I almost wrote about something similar as I recently downloaded the "Cruelty Cutter" app (which is from the Beagle Freedom Project folks). It's really handy - just used it today at the drugstore to pick out a new face-cleanser. Scanned the barcode and hooray! A cruelty free product that I could feel good about buying!

  19. Thanks for speaking up - any form of animal testing is so wrong. That's why I use vegan beauty products now too.

  20. I have a list from PETA of companies and charities that use animals for testing. I don't buy products tested on animals, and I don't give to charities that use animals for testing.


  21. I love how you actually get something positive for yourself in the switching of products to cruelty-free ones. Helping the animals with a bonus! Thanks so much for the reminder to keep an eye on the products we use, and introducing us to this marvelous organization.

    And thank you for blogging the change for animals!

  22. Mam it is so kind of you to share your concern on being cruel to animals. Humans are wiser animal I believe and we must stop harming other innocent animals.

  23. Mam it is so kind of you to share your concern on being cruel to animals. Humans are wiser animal I believe and we must stop harming other innocent animals.

  24. @Mary, I do the same, I hope I never hit anything. So far I have been lucky.

    @Inger, I don't use many cosmetics and this made me cut back even more. I wish I had learned about this sooner!

    @Jackie, oh, I've never heard of that app. That's amazing! I am going to download it - thanks for sharing.

    @Pawesome, I am looking for vegan products as well, there is a real learning curve for me as I never paid attention to ingredients or anything like that.

    @Janie, I didn't even think about the charities, I will have to look into that. Geez that's disturbing too.

    @Goldendoodle, amen!

    @Kim, it's definitely been an unexpected benefit for me. Thanks for hosting this great hop!

    @Norbu, I agree. Thanks!

  25. This is such a great cause. Julie. I'm trying to be more mindful of this myself, but need to do a better job. It really surprises me that when I ask about animal testing free products at stores, they half the time dont know the answer. Its a sad thing :/

  26. Great subject to focus on today, and an important one.

    Thank you for sharing this information and for joining us to blog the change for animals!


  27. That's terrible how animal testing still exists. I think it's great how you're avoiding companies that still do it! I need to use gluten-free products, which I've noticed are often cruelty-free, but I've never bothered to check if everything is cruelty-free. I should make an effort, too!

  28. @Emilyann, it really is. Good luck working on it yourself!

    @Pup, thank you for coming by!

    @Heather, I've noticed that about the gluten free products too, all of these types of products seem to be connected.

  29. Wow, I thought the animal testing was a thing of the past too. I'm going to have to take a closer look at the products I use. Thanks for raising this awareness!

  30. Congrats again on the release of The Turnagain Arm!

    I have a lovely little bunny in my back yard, makes me smile every time I see him or her.

  31. The saddest part of animal testing is it's so unnecessary. I'm totally with you on this.

  32. Honestly, aren't we pretty certain what compounds are harmful, why do we need to keep testing them?

  33. It sickens me that companies still use animals to test cleaning and makeup products. I'm a fan of the more natural cleaners and makeup products anyway.

  34. It's so sad that animal testing is still like second nature to our generation. Great cause. Poor bunnies :(

  35. What a beautiful and relevant post, Julie. I applaud you for not just paying lip service to an important topic, but actually changing things i your life to put your beliefs into practice.

    Someone else I follow works at a shelter and always blogs stories about the "patients" she takes care of and the cats that her family has. You'd enjoy her posts. She's here:

  36. This topic just came up in one of my classes, and I got to climb aboard my soapbox against animal testing. There are plenty of cruelty-free companies out there; we need to boycott the rest.

  37. @Loni, I guess a lot of us thought the same thing. I was really surprised! I guess the situation is a lot better than it was but still not good enough.

    @Yolanda, thanks! And we have some rabbits that hang around my yard too. I love seeing them.

    @LD, agreed 100%

    @Elizabeth, that's what I think! I can't understand it as how many new compounds or whatever are they using??

    @Tyrean, I'm glad I discovered them because they really are much better I think.

    @SK, amen to that!

    @Lexa, oh, thanks for that link! I know I will love her blog.

    @Milo, glad you had the chance to get up on your soapbox about it!

  38. you're doing so well! congrats on the turnagain arm!

    and sweet wittle bunny! a great cause! way to go!

  39. I need to look into this. I do use some natural alternatives to cleaning products, so I'll start there. I don't wear much makeup, but I do need to see who is cruelty-free. Thanks!


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