Monday, January 12, 2015

Untethered Realms News from Christine Rains & Angela Brown

As many people know I am proud to be part of the Untethered Realms writing group. So it's exciting for me to be able to share great news from two of my fellow UnRealms members and help spread the word about their work.

I had also planned to shamelessly beg people to help me promote the Thunderclap campaign I want to start for Polar Day today. But as is typical for me lately I can't seem to get in gear to actually set up the campaign, so I will save my begging for another day. Twelve days into 2015 and I am apparently still as lazy as I was in 2014. One of these days I will get my focus back.

For now though I'm happy to share the new release from Christine Rains, Loose Corset. Yay, Christine!

Loose Corset is the first installment in Christine's Dice & Debauchery trilogy with Ellora's Cave. It's a contemporary erotic romance and was released on Friday, so here are the purchase links for you to get your copy now:


You can also add Loose Corset on Goodreads.

Unfortunately my Word and Google drive software decided to act up last night when I was trying to open the document with the book blurb on it so I can't share that here, but you can read the spicy synopsis at any of the above links. In addition, Christine is hosting a fun and geeky giveaway this month to go along with the release. Enter through the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post!

I also want to share some awesome new covers from Angela Brown for her Shadow Jumpers Trilogy. (I've read the first one and it is a fantastic book!)

Here are the original covers, which were wonderful in their own right. But as Angela put it, these covers did not let readers know that the titles were part of a series.

So Angela conferred with designer Heather McCorkle and together they came up with these exciting new covers!
Duty or love...there can be only one.
A love worth fighting for...
Aren't they gorgeous? I've been meaning to read Book 2 for ages anyway and this made me want to hurry up and get to it ASAP.

Just click on the covers to get the titles on Amazon.

Congratulations and best of luck to both Angela and Christine! :)

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  1. Congratulations, Christine! And the new covers look great, Angela - they match.

  2. Congrats, Christine! I'm looking forward to reading it.

    And Angela—I love the new covers. They're beautiful! And, like Alex said, they match, and the OCD part of me loves that in series covers.

  3. I'll be glad to help you with your campaign. Email me.

  4. Hi Julie - Polar Day will be so good - clever you. Christine's Loose Corset is such a great cover ... and Angela's makeovers for her covers ... are great .. congratulations to one and all - Hilary

  5. Congratulations, Christine!

    I want to read both Christine's and Angela's books! :)

  6. I love the new cover! If you need some help with promotion, I'd be glad to assist.

  7. The new covers are really great. I love the way you take care of your friends and share their books on your blog, Julie. Today, I am doing the same. I will get your books this year, I have been meaning to, but get distracted by books sent by friends and this fun thrift store we have in our small town. So many books, so much to read.......

  8. Congrats to Christine and Angela! I love the new covers. Cohesive and eye-catching.

  9. Congrats to Christine! And I love Angela's new covers.

    Julie, you may want to visit my blog this week. My guest is talking about real life ghosts - well, you know what I mean, LOL!

  10. Thanks so much for sharing about the new covers, Julie. It's so wonderful being a part of a writing group with awesoome authors like you. Speaking of which, let me know what's up with your thunderclap so I can happily support you, my UnRealms bud.

    And Christine's new release is off to a great start. I hope she enjoys much success with this publishing endeavor.

  11. Angela, those new covers are GORGEOUS! Congrats.

  12. Huge congrats to Christine!

    Angela's new covers sizzle! ;)

  13. Congrats to Christine and Angela! All of the covers look fabulous! Julie, you are never lazy! In fact one of the best bloghops was when you teamed up with Lexa for Dream Destinations! I'll also be happy to help you when you're ready!


  14. Untethered Realms has a host of books! How wonderful. That Thunderclap.. . I'm not calling it Thundefart (sorry) was one heck of a lot of work. Still haven't decided if it was worthy of the time.

  15. Thanks so much, Julie, and thank you to everyone for the congratulations. Angela's new covers are gorgeous! The stories rock too. :)

  16. YAY for Christine!!

    I can sooo relate to your "still as lazy as I was in 2014" thing. I haven't done a single creative thing so far in 2015. :( But I am determined that TONIGHT, I will do something.

  17. Hi Julie,

    It's all good. So kind of you to share this. Hearty congrats to the adorable Christine. Angela's covers are awesome.

    Gary :)

  18. You will get into the swing of things. the new year takes time to get back to the norm. Nice covers and congrats to the books

  19. I'm so stocked for both of them! I can't wait to dive in and read these!!

  20. The covers are gorgeous and no doubt the stories are just as hot. :-)

    Here's my link if you want to drop by :-)

    Anna from Shout with maginette

  21. I will have to add a shout out for these marvelous, talented ladies on my next blog post!

  22. Yay for Christine!

    I've got both Angela's books loaded on my kindle, just waiting for me. I'm excited to get to them, but not quite there. Soon. Very soon.

  23. Congrats to Christine & Angela! I just finished Christine's. Need to get a review up.

  24. Congrats, UmRealms-ers!! The covers are all great, and yes, the second series are much more tied together :)

    Julie, I sincerely doubt you're lazy. Too busy is probably more accurate!

  25. Congratulations and best of luck, Christine.

    Fabulous new covers, Angela.

  26. Oh those covers are so much better Angela! Good job Heather McCorkle! And great to see Christine's book everywhere :)

    PS Julie, keep me in mind when you organise a blog tour for your new book. Love the cover! :)

  27. Those are gorgeous covers!

    Hey Julie, when you set up your campaign, I'll be more than happy to help out!

  28. Wow, now those are some impressive covers! Congrats to all of you! And Julie I would be honored to help with your release of Polar Day!


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