Monday, October 26, 2015

The Listing Hop & Cardinal Sin Excerpt

I haven't joined a one-time blog hop in ages but when I saw this one on Bish Denham's site it was so simple I had to sign up.

Bish is hosting the hop to celebrate eight years of blogging (Congratulations, Bish!) and all we have to do is write a list. Seriously, that's it!

I decided to list my favorite animal rescue organizations, most of which I've encountered since I started this blogging and writing journey. Click on each rescue if you'd like more info on them.

1. Circle Tail, Pleasant Plain, Ohio
2. Best Friends Animal Society, Kanab, Utah
3. Tabby's Place Cat Sanctuary, Ringoes, New Jersey
4. Sunrise Farm Animal Sanctuary, Marysville, Ohio
5. Triple R Equine Ranch, Greensburg, Indiana
6. EARPS Exotic Animal Rescue & Pet Sanctuary, Brownsburg, Indiana
7. Hope for Paws, Los Angeles, California
8. Red Wolf Wildlife Sanctuary & Rehabilitation Center, Rising Sun, Indiana

So that's my list! One of the things I've loved most about learning more about animal rescues since I started blogging is that I've discovered so many different types of organizations. I had always thought of rescue in terms of dogs and cats but this list includes rescues that work with farm animals, "pocket pets" like hamsters, and even wildlife. There are so many amazing organizations out there doing great work that the list easily could have gone into the hundreds.

Thanks to Bish for coming up with such a fun and easy hop. For a list of all the participants, visit Bish's site here.

This week is the official release of the Untethered Realms anthology Mayhem In The Air, which includes my story Cardinal Sin. I thought I would share a brief excerpt from the story to kick off release week.

I screamed when they threw me into the mass grave with the dead patients. 

I was sure they’d hear me. But they carried on just the same. Before I knew it, they started throwing shovels of dirt on top of me. On top of all of us. 

“I’m alive!” I yelled. Or at least I thought I was yelling. How was it possible they couldn’t hear me? It wasn’t bad enough the idiot doctors had decided I was dead. Now these lumbering fools couldn’t even hear me?  

Just as I was about to give up, the shovels stopped and I heard a worker ask another “Did you hear something?” 

My still-beating heart filled with hope. 

“Hear what?” was the response. 

“Don’t know. Almost sounded like some poor sod crying.” 

Could it be? Did he hear me?

I yelled out again. “Yes! Help me!” 

“I don’t hear nothing.”  

“I guess I don’t either. Must have been a dog barking.”

“No!” I cried. 

The shoveling began again. 

If you want to read more of my story and the nine other stories in the anthology pick up Mayhem In The Air at:

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  1. Thanks for participating and drawing attention to those organizations. Animals are important!

  2. Thanks for listing with me, Julie! You're so right about all the different animal rescue organizations. Listing a few of your favorites is a good thing.

  3. I think most people really do only think about cats and dogs regarding shelters etc. There's one near us that houses bigger animals, like lions etc.

  4. I love all animals!!!!!

    I bought my Mayhem in the Air!!! Can't wait to read it!!!!

  5. Kind of a shame we need so many of those places you listed, but I'm glad they're there.

    And creepy excerpt. Kind of has an Edgar Allen Poe vibe. :)

  6. I agree with L.G. that it's a shame we need so many animal rescues and shelters.

    Nice excerpt too!

  7. Wonderful list. As our family Christmas gift this year, we're going to be adopting a cat. Our local shelter is great. Yay for Mayhem! I'm so excited we can share it with the world.

  8. I LOVE your list of animal rescue organizations. Thank you!

  9. Good luck with the anthology. We have a racetrack near us so there are a number of horse rescues around here.

    Susan Says

  10. There was a wolf sanctuary not far from where I used to live. I'm not sure what rescues exist in my new town, but I really need to find out.

    Best of luck with the anthology!

  11. Oh, I love your excerpt!
    How horrid to be buried alive - can't and don't want to imagine it!
    Love your list - wonderful!

  12. Great list for worthy causes. My daughter got her dog through a shelter in Columbus Ohio and loves that dog silly! Thanks for sharing those resources.
    Your excerpt is haunting and on one hand makes me want to read it, on the other makes me want to run because sounds like the person is really dead and doesn't know it yet! Thanks for commenting on my blog. This is a great hop!

  13. What a list!
    I never knew there are so many animal rescue places your side of the globe.
    Untethered Realms does it again! Good luck with the anthology!

  14. Great list. I think if I were participating, I'd have to go with My Favorite Things the List List. Like the leaning tower of Pisa, of course. That horse in "Paint Your Wagon," and my husband when he has over-imbibed...

    Your story for the anthology sound reeeeeeally good. I just bought a copy. :)

  15. Love the concept of your list! Great causes.


  16. Bless your heart for thinking about the animals! Love this list and animals deserve all the help. What a great excerpt of your story. I have heard of people being thought of as dead but they weren't-horrifying

  17. Great list. I'm familiar with Best Friends but I hadn't heard of the others.

  18. Gah, buried alive! Awesome that you posted rescue organizations. There are so many great ones out there.

  19. I loved your excerpt! Now I'm wondering if the narrator is some kind of undead. Cool! I hope you have a great week and a wonderful Halloween!

  20. Hail, fellow animal rescuer! GREAT list! Here in the Caribbean we don't have many rescues to choose from, so I envy you the variety :) And—whoa! Great excerpt, Julie! Now I have to read that story, haha. Stuff of nightmares, isn't it? To scream, to plead, and to be ignored... To become invisible. Ugh.

    Much success with the release! Will keep an eye out for it :)
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

    P.S. — if you're interested, my rescue blog is @ Life In Dogs

  21. That was a unique list. I don't know anything much about animal rescue organizations.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  22. Ooooh, freaky story! That anthology looks like loads of spooky fun.

    Great choice for a list. It's always nice when an animal finds a home.

  23. Yay! I haven't joined a hop either for a while, but I just can't find the sanity to squeeze one in right now.

    I'm stoked about the anthology.

  24. I'm very much in favor of treating animals correctly, so thanks for this list.

  25. I'm so glad such organizations exist. Our fur neighbors are so dear. They deserve the best.

    Yay for MIA! I loved your story. It got so gruesome, in a great way.

  26. Hi, Julie,

    What a great list.... I am actually starting to do the rounds... I'm adopting a few furry friends the moment the loft is complete and I moved it....

    It is time! SOOOOOO many animals need our help and these organizations do AMAZING work!

    EXCELLENT and CHILLING excerpt, Julie... Must get this anthology. So many talented writers in one anthology. Not to mention I am friends and blogger pals with almost all of you! LOL


    I have a new intro and blurb posted today if you get a chance to stop by. It's for Denise Covey's debut Novella.... I think you'll like it.... very spooky... insert sinister laugh here. LOL.

  27. Wonderful idea for a list. :-)

    I'm so excited about Mayhem. Your story looks chilling.


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