Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

 "Happy is the home with at least one cat" ~ Italian Proverb


  1. Isn't it also said somewhere (maybe Italy) that a cat sneezing is good luck?....
    can't remember. cute.

  2. I think my dog is half cat. She poses just like that sometimes. :)

    So cute.

  3. @stacey, oh, I don't know about the sneezing, I haven't heard that one. I hope it's true though as my Nate is always doing his little cat sneezes LOL.

    @L.G., I'd love to see your dog posing like this, how funny!

    @Laura, thanks!

    @LynnMarie, aww, I'm sorry you miss your kitty, I can imagine. Thanks so much.

    @Kittie, thanks! I'm sorry you miss your Chester as well, what a cute name that is. I'm sure he was a doll.

  4. @Canyon Girl, I'm so sorry you lost your kitties!

  5. Kitty! So adorable. Yay for cat-lovers :)

  6. My goal is to be one of those crazy old ladies with a whole bunch of cats.

  7. Love the kitty. My daughter has 10 kitties.

  8. What an adorable picture of Nate! Great pose and camera angle. Very fitting quote, too. :)
    Love it!

  9. Nate's very photogenic! (I bet he uses that look to get you to do his bidding, though.) :-)

  10. Great photo! I miss having cats, but I don't miss the litter box ;-)

  11. @Michelle, thanks! And I agree on the yay :)

    @Julie, thank you!

    @Melissa, I kind of want to be a crazy old cat lady too LOL.

    @kathy, thank you! Oh my gosh, ten kitties, that's amazing.

    @Trisha, thanks!

    @Carina, thanks! Nate is starting to love the camera, he loves to pose LOL.

    @K.C., he does! He can be very manipulative LOL.

    @Carol, thanks so much!

    @Katie, thanks! Good point about the litter box, I could definitely do without that LOL.

  12. what a cutie!! Love the pic :)

  13. That's because the home with dogs has chewed furniture, shoes, toys and crying kids who just got knocked down by the rambunctious seven-year-old puppy. LOL
    BTW, this is Victoria over at Ronempress.blogspot. I've got a "new" used laptop that refused to recognize my google account on blogs. I've decided I'm going to ignore it and continue blithely on until I get other, more pressing issues fixed. Like the fact it's likely going to lock me out of the internet altogether once I power down. Sigh.

  14. I've got six right now (anybody want a kitten?), so my home must be overjoyed! Seriously, cats and writers just go together. You can't claim to be a self-respecting writer if you don't have a cat to occasionally stomp across your keyboard.

  15. This reaches right in and grabs my heart!

  16. @Jemi, thank you!

    @Caren, it really is true, no doubt. :)

    @Victoria, LOL, dogs do have a way of making a bit more of a mess than cats, very true! So nice to meet you, thanks for stopping by and I'm sorry about your laptop issues, I know how frustrating that kind of stuff can be!

    @KM, oh my gosh, I wish I could take one of the kittens! I'd have a whole house full if I could. Agree about cats and writers! :)

    @Rebecca, thank you!

    @Jennifer, thanks so much!

    @Langley, oh, I'm so glad you like it, thanks!


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