Sunday, June 26, 2011

Media Mayhem: Movies

Today's theme for the Media Mayhem Blog Hop is movies. To go along with yesterday's song theme, I decided to pick three movies I like that are either based on music or include music as part of their story.

1) High Fidelity

I'm a huge John Cusack fan, and High Fidelity is one of my favorite Cusack films. I love the various "top five" lists and the funny asides to the camera, and I think all of the scenes in the record store are hilarious. Basically the combination of music and John Cusack is a can't-miss situation for me.

2) Walk the Line

I was never a fan of Johnny Cash before I saw Walk the Line, mostly because I had never really paid any attention to his music. But I loved all of the songs in this movie, and it gave me a new appreciation for Cash. It's one of those movies I can watch any time I come upon it, and I'm always entertained.

3) The Lion King

I saw The Lion King with my nephew when it first came out, when he was about 3 or 4 years old. When the movie was over, he was so excited he jumped out of his seat and applauded, giving the movie a standing ovation. It was so cute, and thinking of that memory always makes me smile. Since I was a kid I've always loved the Disney movies that have animals as the lead characters, and this one is no exception.

Next up for tomorrow, blogs! :)


  1. All three are such great movies. High Fidelity is definitely one of the best movies ever made. Jack Black is hilarious in it, and John Cusack... well... he's just yummy.

    Walk the Line was brilliant, the music is fantastic, and Phoenix is a truly believable Johnny Cash.

    The Lion King -- such a sweet and wonderful story filled with the best animation and soundtrack Disney has to offer.

    Thanks for posting these choices, it was a trip down memory lane!

  2. Oh gosh I am SO with you on John Cusack! I haven't seen the other two movies (can you believe it???) What a house-mouse I've been.

  3. Walk the line is on my "to see list" your prompt has bumped it up !

  4. Three great movies Julie. I love Cusack-watched Say Anything last night-probably my favorite Cusack movie.

  5. Wonderful movies Julie, loved the post.

  6. Walk the Line is a fantastic movie! One that I can watch over and over. Another John Cusack film I so wish I did my Jon post...something I will have to vault for later. Great Choices!

  7. What a great hop! I have been away too long! I would have a hard time picking three favorite!

  8. great movies!
    i like cusack in serendipity too (did i spell that wrong? it doesnt look right)

  9. I've seen the others and liked them but I haven't seen Walk the Line, my movie list is getting longer and longer today!

  10. Love your choices! You are on the money with John Cusack! Babe-licious! :)

  11. @Nina, I totally agree with everything you said! :)

    @Melissa, yeah, I've loved John Cusack forever. LOL on house mouse, cute! :)

    @RJR, hope you like Walk the Line, I think it's such a fun movie to watch.

    @Tim, oh, Say Anything is my favorite of Cusack's. Also totally love Grosse Pointe Blank.

    @Yvonne, thanks, so glad you liked it.

    @Amber, I totally agree, I've seen Walk the Line so many times but I always enjoy it.

    @Adrian, hi! It's great to see you!

    @Tara, oh, I like Serendipity too, I think you spelled it right LOL. :)

    @Trisha, we think alike on these then! :)

    @Cathy, if you see Walk the Line I hope you enjoy it. I agree, it's fun to find movies you haven't seen through these hops. :)

    @Lisa, LOL agree on the Babe-licious! :D

  12. @Eliza, sorry for not replying earlier, for some reason your comment went to my spam folder. Thanks for your comment! :)

  13. Loved the Lion King. Man, I am SO far behind in my movie viewing.

  14. The Lion King is classic. My kids and I still quote it after all these years.


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