Thursday, February 14, 2013

Celebrating Valentine's Day with L.G. Smith

I'm over at Bards and Prophets today for a special Valentine's visit with L.G. Smith. We're discussing love stories as well as the characters of Polar Night and their generally awful love lives. While Valentine's Day isn't featured in Polar Night because the story takes place in December, I have no doubt that main character Danny Fitzpatrick would absolutely hate the holiday. And as for his nemesis Aleksei Nechayev, there's no question that any idea he came up with for Valentine's Day would be something flat-out horrifying.

I want to say a huge thank you to L.G. for opening up her blog to me. If you know L.G., you know she totally rocks!

So please come visit me over at Bards and Prophets and weigh in on the types of love stories you enjoy the most.

Also, my giveaway is continuing until Saturday, 2/16 so please sign up below if you'd like a chance to win. The prizes include 1) a $25 Amazon gift card, 2) a signed paperback copy of Polar Night, and 3) two ebook copies of Polar Night. 


  1. So happy to have you and your novel on the blog today! And you mentioned Romeo and Juliet!! I love an excuse to quote the bard. :))

    Congrats, Julie. Can't wait to read Polar Night. Picking up my copy today.

  2. Thanks again for having me as your guest, LG! It's fun to be at your blog. And thanks for getting the book, I hope you will like it!

  3. Our L.G. is the dearest sweetheart, isn't she?
    Lots of luck with your book, Julie!

  4. @Dezmond, she definitely is! Thanks!

  5. Hi Julie .. Polar Night is on my TBR or TBB list - can't quite remember where I am ..

    That kindle is one of the things to get to grips with shortly!

    Cheers and enjoy Valentine's Day .. happy times .. Hilary

  6. @Hilary, LOL, thank you either way - TBR or TBB! Happy Valentine's Day to you as well, I appreciate it!

  7. Happy Valentine's day Julie and many congrats again on your becoming a published author! So cool!!

  8. Happy Valentine Julie!
    I'm off to check out the interview at L.G's blog------

  9. Just stopped by! It was awesome :)

  10. Coming from there. I like your characters already hahaha.

  11. Happy Valentine's Day.

    You've been burning up the blogosphere. I'm seeing you everywhere.

  12. Sounds intriguing. Heading over. :-)

  13. I'm heading over to LG's! Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day Julie!

  14. Great blog, love stinks! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Lol, your description of your characters attitudes to Valentine's Day really makes me want to write an anti-Valentine story :-)

  16. @Carolyn, thank you so much!

    @Mary, thanks, I hope you had a great Valentine's too.

    @Michelle, thanks, and a belated Happy Valentine's Day to you.

    @Samantha, thank you!

    @Al, LOL, thanks!

    @Madeia, thanks so much! I hope you had a happy Valentine's. :)

    @Misha, thanks!

    @Julie, thanks, and the same to you!

    @Yolanda, LOL, thanks!

    @Annalisa, LOL, if you do I definitely want to read it. :D


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