Monday, February 11, 2013

Polar Night Blog Tour and Champion in the Darkness Release Party!

I'm continuing my mini blog tour today with a visit to the amazingly talented Lisa Regan. Lisa is the author of Finding Claire Fletcher and if you haven't read her book yet, you're missing out! In addition to being a fantastic writer, Lisa is one of the nicest people you're likely to meet. I'm excited to be at her site today talking about the strange dream I had that led me to Polar Night.

My giveaway is still going on all this week while I'm out on tour, so just sign up via the Linky Tool at the bottom of this page if you'd like to sign up for a chance to win.

Now on to the big news of the day! Congratulations to Tyrean Martinson on the release of her novel Champion in the Darkness. Yay, Tyrean!!

Tyrean is also one of the nicest bloggers around and I have no doubt that her book will be excellent. I'm excited that it is the first book in a trilogy, as it's always fun to know there are more great books coming!

Here is all the info on Champion in the Darkness

The Blurb:

Clara is younger than most trainees, but she is ready to hold a Sword Master's blade. While visions and ancient prophecies stand in her way, they also offer a destiny unlike any other. Clara is aided by a haunted mentor, Stelia, whose knowledge of their enemy Kalidess is both a bane and a blessing. As evil threatens their land, Clara and Stelia must find the strength to overcome the darkness.

Champion in the Darkness is YA Christian Fantasy, and is the first book in the Champion Trilogy.

Champion in the Darkness can be found at these links:

About the Author:

Tyrean Martinson lives and writes in the Northwest, encouraged by her loving husband and daughters, and reminded to exercise by her dogs and cat. Champion in the Darkness is the first book in the Champion Trilogy, and she has previously published short stories and poetry.

Congratulations again to Tyrean! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm heading over to hang out with Lisa now. :)


  1. Just entered! Congrats! I'd LOVE a paperback of Polar Night. :-) Off to check out your post ...

  2. Love hearing about more good books! Best wishes on your tour - your book looks so good! I'm buying it :)

  3. @Jessica, thank you!!

    @Melissa, thanks so much, I hope you will like it!

  4. Tweeted and shared this info on my blog.

    Good luck!

    Hugs and chocolate,

  5. so many books out lately! yay!!
    congrats again, Tyrean (& Julie! &Lisa!)

  6. Yay!!! I'm so excited for you, Julie! Enjoy your blog tour and sell lots of books!

    And congrats to Tyrean as well. :)

  7. Wow Julie! Thanks for that awesome shout out!

  8. And Julie - Thanks for your super sweet comments!

  9. Both books look great! Best of luck and have fun on your tour :)

  10. @Shelly, thank you so much!

    @Tara, there are so many, it's great to see.

    @LG, thank you!!

    @Tyrean, my pleasure, good luck with your release!

    @Mark, thanks so much!

  11. Already visited Lisa's site and very excited for Tyrean!

  12. So very excited and happy for you-- what a great day it is when we see the product of all our long, hard work.

  13. @Alex, thanks for your visit!

    @Julie, thank you so much!

  14. Tyrean's one of my awesome CPs, and yes, her book is pretty good. I enjoyed reading it and already snagged my copy.

  15. Hi Julie .. I'd love a copy of Polar Nights - and will buy anyway .. and I've seen Tyrean's book around the blogosphere ..

    Cheers for now - Hilary

  16. Julie your blog tour has been amazing. Good luck and congratulations to Tyrean!

  17. Congrats, Tyrean. HAPPY Release Day!

  18. @Nickie, I'm sure I will agree about the book, looking forward to reading it.

    @Hilary, thank you!

    @Micheal, thanks!

    @Johanna, thanks!

    @Brinda, I'll second that. :)

  19. Congrats to Tyrean! I've been seeing her around a lot today. :) I'm popping over to Lisa's now.

  20. Congratulations to you both! With each revision, I gain a new respect for published authors.

  21. Tyrean's book has a striking cover!
    I'm off to check out your post at Lisa's place----

  22. I will meet you at Lisa's. :D Congrats to Tyrean again!

  23. Congrats to you and to Tyrean! It is my pleasure to have you on my blog and thanks for saying such nice stuff about me. :) BTW I'm 13 percent through Polar Night and it's freaking awesome!!! I just have to find time to keep reading!

  24. Yay for Tyrean!

    I just love your cover!!

  25. @Christine, I agree, Tyrean seemed to be everywhere yesterday!

    @Jenn, thank you, that's so nice of you to say!

    @michelle, thanks so much.

    @Mary, I'll see you over there, thanks!

    @Lisa, oh, thank you, I'm so glad you like it!

    @Samantha, thanks so much, I'm thrilled you like it.

  26. You guys are everywhere! Love it!

    I'd love a paperback copy. Keeping my fingers crossed... :)


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