Friday, February 8, 2013

Polar Night Release Day, Take Two

Polar Night is now officially available on Kindle! And the paperback will be available next week as expected. So after yesterday's meltdown/panic attack/descent into madness, I am feeling much better today! :D

To find the Kindle version, click here. I will share the paperback link as soon as I have it.

Now that I've come down from the ledge, I'm kicking off my giveaway to celebrate the release of my first novel! I was originally going to do this with Rafflecopter, but realized I spoke too soon last week when I posted that I had mastered the use of this tool. So I'm just going with a Linky List since I do know how to manage that.

Here are the prizes:

First prize: A $25 gift card for or the equivalent in items from the International Book Depository for those outside the US.

Second prize: A signed paperback copy of Polar Night

Two third prizes: One ebook copy of Polar Night to each third place winner

To enter, all you have to do is sign up via the attached Linky List. While there are no other requirements for entering, I would be eternally grateful to anyone who shares about the release and giveaway via their blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or any other site! The giveaway will be open through next week and will close on Saturday, February 16.

Also, I am going on a mini blog tour to help celebrate the release, and will be visiting (or have already visited) these fantastic sites:

Earlier this week I did an interview with Cathrina Constantine, another new author who will be celebrating the release of her debut novel later this year. The interview is here.

Today I am visiting the wonderful Cecilia Robert for a guest post.

Next week's schedule:

Monday, February 11: Lisa Regan
Tuesday, February 12: Cherie Reich
Wednesday, February 13: A visit to Spacedock 19 with M. Pax and her talented bartender Craze
Thursday, February 14: L.G. Smith
Friday, February 15: Misha Gericke and an interview with Frances Caballo

Thanks to all of these ladies for helping me spread the word about Polar Night.

It really is here now! :)


  1. Yeh, Julie! I'm not going to enter the contest because I already plan on buying the paperback. :)

  2. Julie, that is so awesome and congrats!!

    Glad to help spread the word which I'll do on Twitter, Google Plus, as well as a shout out on Monday's blog entry.

    Best of luck!

  3. (I looked for it yesterday! lol)

    Stay away from the ledge, this stuff just happens. And I'm pretty sure it wasn't your doing--and definitely not on purpose. I'm going to promote the heck out of it over the next several days, and I know others will too.

    Maybe we can make up for yesterday? :-) Congrats Julie, and much success! Always onward,


  4. Sharing in my network. Signed copy if I win, please. Believe it or not, I don't own an ereader yet. Best of the weekend to you!

  5. Doing a happy little party dance celebration for you. It must be so satisfying to see the book, YOUR book, on Amazon!! (Do you keep taking peeks? I would!)

    Congratulations. I'm going to go look at it now.

  6. @Mark, thank you, I so appreciate it!!

    @EJ, you're so awesome, thank you!

    @M.J., thank you, I really appreciate it and hope you have a great weekend too.

    @Julie, LOL, I do, I admit it. :D Thank you!

  7. Now the party starts. I'll be posting about this tomorrow :)

  8. Congratulations again!!! I have an complete understanding about the Kindle upload stuff, and the release date. I'm officially releasing on Monday, but I've spent the last few days frantically learning how to upload properly . . whew.
    Best of wishes for Polar Night!

  9. Awesome release, read the first few chapters and can't wait to read more.
    I love any book, well, want to read any book set in Alaska!

    Have fun, good luck, and sell, sell, sell!

  10. Major congratulations!!! I'm so happy for Julie.

  11. @Al, thank you so much! I am looking forward to partying with you and all the dragons. :)

    @Tyrean, oh, I didn't realize your release was so soon, awesome! Can't wait to celebrate it, congrats! And thanks so much!

    @Yolanda, I hope so, thank you!!

    @Ciara, thanks so much!

    @Michael, LOL, thank you!

  12. Congrats on the release of Polar Night and the soon to be released Paperback. How wonderful to be able to see all the hard work out there for others to enjoy! :)

  13. Tweeted and FB'd. And will give you the big ta da next week. :D

    I'll buy the paperback when it comes out. Unless it'll be available for Nook?

  14. @Elizabeth, thank you!

    @JA, it really is, thank you!

    @Mary, oh, I'm not sure about the Nook, I think it will but I can't say when. Thanks so much for all your support!

  15. Hi Julie:

    Thank you for stopping by my site and checking out the Books for a Buck hop.

    Congratulations on your new release. My Alaskan blood makes me love the title all the more! ;)

    Any friend of animals is a friend of mine!

    <3, Nikki

  16. I've entered the contest and I'll give you a shout out on my Monday blog post.

  17. Glad to see your book out. I'll have you as Author Of The Week soon. Best wishes with everything!

  18. Those pesky time lags...
    I'm not signing up because I'm buying the book but congrats!
    I don't know how to do the rafflecopter either. :)

  19. Woohoo! But what a roller coaster ride for you!

    I tweeted it. :D

  20. @Nikki, I'm so glad to have found your blog through the hop, it's so great to meet you! I always love to meet another animal lover. Thanks so much!

    @Booklover, thank you!

    @LD, oh, I appreciate that, thanks!!

    @Stephen, that's awesome, thank you!

    @Laura, oh, thanks! And now I've learned a big lesson about the time lags LOL.

    @Melissa, it really was LOL. Thank you again for the tweet!

  21. Congratulations, I'm so excited for you! I think every release is a roller coaster ride.

  22. Cool! I'm gonna buy it, so no need to enter your contest. Congratulations! Your smile must be so big, it's in danger at meeting at the back of your head...

    Have a super weekend

  23. Hi Julie - thank goodness you're entering the weekend in a calmer state - these technical issues are a challenge aren't they ... I failed with the raffle aspect and got someone up at the nursing centre to pull a number out of the hat!

    Well done - and I'll get the book next week once it's in paperback .. so pleased for you - and I love the cover ...

    Cheers and enjoy being a published author weekend one! Hilary

  24. Congrats once again Julie!
    I tweeted and shared it on FB!

  25. Congrats!! Must be a great feeling, especially after getting your paperback issues sorted out.

    I will tweet, and check out Cecilia's!

  26. I've seen your cover around, I LOVE it! Nice to meet you too :)

  27. @Christine, thanks! And that must be true, it seems like releases never go totally smoothly. Now I know LOL.

    @Susan, thanks!! I do have a big smile, can't deny it LOL. Hope you are having a great weekend yourself.

    @Hilary, LOL, I'm all for pulling a number out of a hat! That's about what I can manage as well. Thank you so much, I hope you will like the book.

    @Michelle, oh, thank you!! I appreciate it!

    @Nick, it really is, thanks so much!

    @JA, thanks, I'm so glad you like the cover.

  28. Well done indeed, Julie. Will go to Amazon and download :)

  29. Congrats on the release! Nice to "meet" you, too! Best wishes for your new book. :)

  30. I hope you had a great release week. I bookmarked the Amazon page.

  31. Congratulations Julie! Happy for you. And I know how it is when you've had something in mind to do and then realize you aint got the skills for it! That's okay, the linky is a great idea.

  32. Congrats on the release! I've got it on my Kindle and plan to read it next! :)

  33. @Carolyn, oh, thanks for downloading, I'm so appreciate it!!

    @Jen, thank you!!

    @Medeia, thank you, I hope it will be a great week. Thanks!

    @Nancy, LOL, that was definitely me LOL. Thank you!

    @Michael, Oh, thanks, I hope you will like it!

  34. I'm hopping over here for Tyrean's release. Her book sounds amazing. And good luck with your blog tour!


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