Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spacedock 19 and Smashwords

I'm visiting Spacedock 19 today to hang out with M. Pax and her talented bartender Craze. This is my second trip to Spacedock and it's always a great place to visit, so I want to send a huge thank you to Mary for having me as her guest! I wasn't sure what to expect from this visit as I know Craze has been mad at Mary for a while now, but I had nothing to be concerned about as he seems to have forgiven her for now and was a perfect co-host as always. Stop by here to have a drink with us and learn more about Polar Night!

Also, Polar Night is now available on Smashwords as well as Amazon, so I'm excited to be able to share another link! I'm still waiting on the paperback, but you can now find Polar Night on Smashwords here. It's a thrill for me to see it showing up on more places around the net! :)

Because the book is now on Smashwords, I can offer other ebook formats besides Kindle for my giveaway. So the third place prize will now be either a Kindle copy or any format the winner chooses from Smashwords. I'm having a little problem with my Linky List and it is not showing up at the moment, but I am working to get it active again as soon as possible. Yet another learning experience for me!

I know it's a long way to Spacedock so I better head out now. Hope to see you there!

ETA: The Linky code is working again now. Only pulled a few hairs out before I got it back LOL.


  1. How fun to see your book in so many locations. All the best with you on your tour, Julie.

  2. Glad you're on Smashwords. That's a great site. Congrats again on your release, Julie!

  3. Already visited Mary this morning.
    And this iBookstore junkie thanks you for other options.

  4. @Julie, thank you!

    @Emily, I'm so glad to see it there. Thanks again!

    @Alex, thank you! I've never tried iBookstore, almost afraid to start LOL.

  5. Heading over to Mary's. I know how excited you are with this release!

  6. I'm shuttling over to Spacedock 19 now. Craze is no doubt serving up some intergalactic celebratory drinks in honor of Polar Night.

  7. You seem so cool, calm, and collected about all this. (On the outside.) I hope your insides are dancing the Charleston.

  8. I was glad to get you back at Spacedock. :)

  9. Off to check it out over at Spacedock! :)

  10. it sounds like you're learning a lot in this adventure of being published. :D Good for you!

  11. Smashwords is great! I do love that they are so supportive of the Indie writer and their coupons are wonderful. So happy for your marketing skills.

  12. Congrats, Jule, on the fab exposure for Polar Night. Nancy's right about your super marketing skills.

    And Pinehurst turned out to be about as perfect as it gets on this earth! :)))

  13. I'll have to head over to the Spacedock and check ya out :)

  14. @Susan, oh, I must be doing the best acting of my life then LOL. To be honest, I think this is the first time I've ever been called calm and collected about anything. Thank! :)

    @Mary, thanks again for having me, it was fun as always.

    @Annalisa, thanks!

    @Jemi, thank you!

    @Al, definitely am, it seems like learning something new every day. Thank you!

    @Nancy, thank you! And I didn't know about the coupons, that sounds awesome.

    @Kittie, thank you so much! And I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip!

    @Mark, thank you!


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