Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for...well

I chose Alaska as my theme for this year's A-Z because it is the setting of my debut novel Polar Night. And while my intent is to focus on the state as a backdrop for my book, and I've chosen topics related to the state itself for every other letter, I couldn't resist choosing Polar Night for my "P" post. I hope you don't mind humoring me! :D

To say the publication of this book has been one of the highlights of my life is an understatement. Even though it's been more than two months since the book was released, I still find it hard to believe.

Earlier this week I got an amazing surprise when I discovered that my local library now has Polar Night in its collection. I didn't even know they had bought copies! It was such a thrill to walk into my neighborhood branch and see this on the "New Arrivals" shelf:

Here I am hanging out with Sue Grafton and W.E.B. Griffin. :D

My mom was with me when I took these pictures, and that made it even more fun as this is the same library my parents took me to before I was even old enough to read. I loved going there and picking out books to bring home. (Beatrix Potter was my usual choice.) I never dreamed that one day I'd be walking in and seeing my own book on the library shelves!

Polar Night is a supernatural thriller and is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. Here's what some totally awesome people are saying about it:

"This isn't usually a genre I'm drawn to, but Julie pulled me into the story quickly and I didn't want to stop reading. And she has created two characters that have tremendous appeal - our hero, Danny Fitzpatrick, and our villain, Aleksei Nechayev." - Melissa Goodwin, author of The Christmas Village 

"This is a great, super fast read. I couldn't put this down. The main character, Danny Fitzpatrick is just the right blend of damaged and vulnerability with a good, healthy dose of skepticism." - Lisa Regan, author of Finding Claire Fletcher and the upcoming Aberration

"After the first few chapters, the story really takes off; and by the midway point, it races toward a satisfying finish. It kept me up reading way past my bedtime." - Goodreads reviewer Melissa Maygrove

"Polar Night" was one of the most refreshing reads I've had in quite a while." - Goodreads reviewer Akira Ravens

"Thank you good reads giveaway! This was a great read! Took it on vacation and had it read before day 2!" - Goodreads reviewer and giveaway winner Lisa M. 

I have to admit, "P" is my favorite letter of the alphabet this year! :)


  1. You have every reason to jump up and down and yell and feel a sence of great pride. You wrote a great book!

  2. The very same library you visited as a kid? Now that is amazing. Congratulations, Julie!

  3. OMG, how exciting to be strolling through the library and see your own book!! So Happy for you, Julie. And Polar Night is a great novel!

  4. Love this post! Love the pics! So happy and excited for you! :)

    And my copy of Polar Night is waiting patiently on my TBR stack... :)

  5. Wow, what a cool moment!! :D

    Hey, I'm reading it now. Not what I expected, but it's got me turning pages! And wouldn't you know it, we got about a foot of snow this week to help remind me of the cold Alaska setting in your novel. :P

  6. That had to be a thrill. Looking forward to reading the book Julie. I'm going to hit my local Barnes & Noble this weekend, and if they don't have it in, I'll order a copy.

  7. Fantastic to see your book in the library!
    And how did I miss the Otters yesterday? O.o

  8. Ordered my copy today! Congrats ;)

  9. How sweet! My local library doesn't carry mine...I don;t think. My hometown library has the copies that were donated.

  10. That's awesome!!!!
    Congrats on being on that shelf at your library!

  11. You are famous!! Yay!
    Can I get your autograph please?

    Writer In Transit

  12. HOW AWESOME!!!!!

    CONGRATS JULIE!!!!! Invisible high fives!

  13. Hey, why not promote your book Polar nights for the letter P! ood luck with sales and everything!

  14. That is wonderful, Julie! Of course you should have Polar Night as today's post!!!

  15. oh wow. That must be awesome to see a copy of your book on the shelf at your local library! so wonderful!

  16. @LynnMarie, thank you so much, you're awesome.

    @Alex, yeah, it was amazing.

    @Cathrina, thank you!! I really appreciate it!

    @Madeline, I hope you will like it, thanks!

    @LG, Thanks for reading it! But I'm sorry you got the snow to fit the setting, ugh.

    @Tim, thanks!

    @Laura, aren't the otters precious? Thanks!

    @Regina, oh, thank you, I so appreciate it!

    @Elizabeth, I still can't believe they are carrying mine, never expected it.

    @Tyrean, thank you!

    @michelle, LOL, thanks so much. :)

    @Michael, thanks for the high fives!

    @Michael, thanks!

    @Stephen, true enough! And thanks for the good wishes. :)

    @Susan, thank you!

    @Nutschell, it really was, thanks so much.

  17. What a great feeling that must have been. One of my books is at the library also. I need to get a picture.
    I'm going to ask my library to order your book.

  18. That is awesome Julie! You definitely get free points to gloat all you want :)

    Also, all this time later and I STILL love your cover!

  19. Of course we will allow you this special P post. Love the way your book is name dropping on that shelf!

  20. Congrats! It looks like your book is in good company!

  21. Julie that's great!!! WHat a thrill that must've been. Did you sign a few copies?? lol

    I know it's on my TBR list!

  22. How exciting to see your book on the library shelf in between two famous authors! I'm so glad that your mom was there to share it with you. Congrats also on your rave reviews! I'm so happy for you, and this really couldn't have happened to a nicer person.


  23. @Susan, oh, thank you for doing that, I appreciate it!

    @Samantha, I still love it too, the designer did an amazing job. Thanks so much.

    @Rosalind, yeah, my book got a little full of itself LOL. :D

    @Disc, thank you!!

    @Pk, I should have grabbed the copy and signed it LOL. Thanks so much!

    @Julie, aww, that's so nice of you to say, thanks!

  24. Yay! for Polar Nights and Congrats! What fun to go to the library and see it on the self...what a cool surprise :)

  25. But of course! What else could be P for? It looks very well in the book shelf!

  26. Yay! That is so exciting. One day I hope to see my book in my local library like that.

  27. You're hanging with some great company there, Julie. Congrats!

  28. That's really awesome, Julie, and you deserve to hang out with such great company on the shelves.

    I'm almost finished with Polar Night, and I've really enjoyed reading it. I hope you're working on another. :) Don't tell me what happens... I hope to finish tonight.

  29. Julie, I have to admit that the supernatural is not my cup of tea :( But it looks like you have written a winner! I do intend to read it … after all I "know" the author!!

    Congrats on your success. It must give you a real buzz xx

  30. You had the absolute perfect P word today!

  31. I can certainly see why you're enjoying "P" day so much :)

  32. Polar Night is a perfect choice for P! ;)

    Also, so exciting how it's at your library now! I can't imagine how awesome that must've felt!

  33. That must be a great feeling! Congrats!
    Polar Nights was one of the books I featured today for "P".

  34. Love it! If my book was ready, it would be my P, too and my favorite letter of the month. How cool to see your book at your library.

    Congratulations again!

  35. That is so exciting to see your book on a shelf for anyone to pickup and enjoy. Congrats to you, and I wish you continued surprising successes. Writer’s Mark

  36. @Rebecca, it really was, thanks!

    @Al, thank you!

    @Sheena-kay, thanks!

    @Christine, I'm sure you will. Thanks so much.

    @Carol, thank you!

    @Mary, oh, I'm so glad you've enjoyed it, thanks so much.

    @Carolyn, oh, I appreciate that! You know it's funny, supernatural never used to be my cup of tea either LOL. I'm not sure why I changed.

    @Julie, thanks!

    @Mark, I guess it is my favorite letter of the alphabet now. :D

    @Heather, I'm still walking on air about it, thanks!

    @km, oh, thank you for featuring it! I will be over there, thanks!

    @Jenn, thank you!

    @Nancy, thanks so much, I appreciate it. :)

  37. That is thrilling. Congrats. I love Polar Night's cover. Intriguing. Glad you got to share your book on it's respective letter day. :)

  38. Congratulations! Seeing your book on the library shelves must be beyond exciting!

    Rinelle Grey

  39. It's a wonderful feeling. Congratulations.

  40. There's something super special about seeing your own book on the shelf with other greats.

  41. @Julia, thank you! I love the cover too, I was so thrilled with the designer's work.

    @Rinelle, thanks!

    @Medeia, thank you@

    @Lynda, oh, just saying "other greats" thrills me to no end. It really was an amazing feeling.

  42. Hi Julie .. I shall catch my tail and buy your book once the A - Z is over and life has settled a little ..

    Lovely to read the reviews .. and I'm not surprised P is your favourite letter this year.

    Wonderful your mother was able to join you at the library and be with you as you pulled your own book off the shelf - great, great feeling ..

    Cheers Hilary

  43. @Hilary, it really was a great feeling, no doubt. Thanks so much!

  44. Sue Grafton is good company to be keeping! That is so cool!!!!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse


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