Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Catch-all


I have been even more scatter-brained than usual lately and haven't been able to focus on my blog, but I wanted to write a quick post to share what I've been up to and once again try to get back on track with regular blogging.

  • A publisher responded to my Polar Night query and asked me to send the full ms, so I am just thrilled beyond words about that. Even though I know they could easily still say no to my story, it was still a thrill that someone was interested enough in my query to request more and the response gave me a big boost. :)

  • I had a dream that gave me an idea for a new novel, and I'm so excited about that I've hardly been able to concentrate on anything else all week. This story will take place on Martha's Vineyard and will involve a real shipwreck that happened off the coast of the island in 1884. I wrote about the Vineyard and my connection to it during my first A-Z in April challenge in 2011. If you're interested, those posts are here and here. My father's family has been on the island for centuries, and one of my ancestors was a lighthouse keeper there back in the middle of the 19th century. My family vacationed there nearly ever summer when I was a child, and I have been fortunate enough to visit many times as an adult. I am excited about the chance to write about the island, and the story has special meaning to me since I feel like it is a connection to my dad. I have been struggling to come to terms with his death back in June, and the ideas for this story have come together so quickly that it somehow feels like it is meant to be. 

  • I had the honor of interviewing Michael Pierce, author of Provex City, for my books column, and will have that interview published next week. If you haven't already read Provex City, I highly recommend it! Michael is a great writer and his blog is always fun to visit. 

  • Thanks to a blogger buddy I learned about a writing organization in my area called Women Writing for a Change. I've been wanting to find a local group but hadn't had any luck, so I was thrilled to get this recommendation. Even better, the group is holding a free sampler of their programs in a few weeks, so I couldn't have discovered it at a better time. I admit that groups are intimidating to me and I've been nervous about trying one, but I really want to force myself to get over that fear and take this step.

  • I ordered business cards for myself. This is another thing I've been meaning to do for a while and kept putting off, but I wanted to get them now in order to have them available when I work on my columns. I know it's silly, but it made me feel very giddy to see my name and "freelance writer" on the card. :D

In addition to my ongoing total obsession with the Game of Thrones books, that's where my head has been the past few weeks. I am looking forward to catching up with everyone and seeing what you all have been up to as well. I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead. :)


  1. That's great you got a request for the full manuscript! And looking forward to your interview with Michael.

  2. Congratulations on the request! Excellent news!

    And I love the idea for your next book and how it's all coming together. When that happens, don't ask too many questions - just go for it! :)

    And I'm with you on groups being intimidating...gulp! (But you'll do fine!)

  3. I hope you hear some good news about your manuscript soon! *crosses fingers*

    Great idea for the next book!

  4. Fingers and toes crossed that you hear good news regarding your ms. And you are going to take that group by storm. I was nervous the first time I started out in a writers group, but somehow the nerves fade away as you get down to business and start to make friends.

  5. Congrats on the request, Julie! Game of Thrones can certainly devour your life. Just so good, and so much going on. You have no choice but to immerse yourself in it. :)

  6. Congratulations, Julie, on this next step with Polar Night. I really hope it goes smoothly for you!

  7. Congrats on the request. All of my books came from one dream, so run with your idea.

  8. I love catch-alls, as I tend to try and run in several directions at once. A request for a 'full' is a cause for celebration, whatever the outcome. They choose carefully before they invest their time.

    I think it's lovely that you feel inspired to write about something that connects you to your past, and especially to your dad. That's the other side of writing - the inner life it supports.

    What is the business cards and other activities, it sounds as if you're rally growing into your writer's skin. Good for you. (I must confess that I know virtually nothing about GoT!)

  9. Hey Julie,

    So sorry to hear about your Dad... sending big hugs and prayers your way (if that's OK:)

    Great to hear you got the bite from the publisher, and you have the *perfect* attitude concerning what happens later... good for you :)

    Good luck with the new WIP, and I have business cards, too... just an extra tool to use, but I love them :)

  10. @Alex, thank you! I hope to have Michael's interview up early next week, he's great.

    @Madeline, thank you! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds groups intimidating LOL.

    @Cherie, thanks, I appreciate your crossed fingers! :)

    @Melissa, thanks so much, I appreciate it. I hope the group will go well, thanks again!

    @EJ, I'm definitely immersed! I can't stop reading but at the same time I don't want to finish. Thank you!

    @Suze, thank you, I'm definitely keeping all appendages crossed. :)

    @Diane, thanks! This is the second time I've had an idea from a dream so I hope it works out.

    @Derek, I'm trying to grow into that skin, baby steps at least. Thanks so much, I really appreciate your comments.

    @Mark, oh, allowed and very much appreciated, thank you! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves the business cards LOL.

  11. What else is possible, you ask? When you put as much time and effort into it, as you have, your dreams are possible. So happy to hear the publisher requested a full. Good luck, kiddo!

  12. I'm looking forward to reading your interview with Michael Pierce. Provex City is on my Kindle, but I'm behind in reading. Trying to catch up :)

    Happy Weekend!

  13. Congrats on your request!

    Dreams are a great place to get ideas for books. Sounds like yours will be a fun read!

  14. @Carol, thanks, happy weekend to you as well! I know it's hard to keep up with all the books that are out LOL.

    @Emily, thank you!

  15. I hear ya on a fog. What's my name? lol

    Fabulous about Polar Night. Squee! And excellent on tne new novel idea. It sounds awesome. Just bumped into Michael recently on the blogs. Hope to get to know him better soon.

    Yay on finding a group of writers. It makes this business so much easier. Big step on the cards. I've had some for awhile.

    I'm on Dance with Dragons now. Book 4 was a bit of a disappointment for me. Does that stop me from reading? No. I still must know what happens to Arya. I'm afraid book 5 won't tell me much. But at least we're back to Jon, Bran, Dany, and Tyrion.

  16. @Mary, LOL, I am lucky if I can remember my own name lately. Thanks so much!

  17. i dream of the day i get anything other than a rejection...congrats!

    great hearing about your good happenings =)

    and yeah! game of thrones!!

  18. Dreams have inspired some things I write too. Its great when that happens!

    And congrats! on the great news! Thanks for sharing.

  19. That's awesome that you were asked for your full ms and you found your next story too. Congratulations!

  20. You go, girl! Congrats on the request!!

  21. That's wonderful, Jullie, being asked for full manuscript. And your writing project sounds fabulous. So happy for you.

  22. Congrats on the request, Julie. I, for one, look forward to reading Polar Night - after reading that enticing snippet you posted a while back. :)
    Oh, new ideas. That's absolutely great. I hope that you are keeping well.

  23. Hope you have a great weekend and here's hoping good things come from that full submission.

  24. @Tara, I hope you will have that day soon, fingers crossed. Thanks so much!

    @Stephen, thank you! This is the second time I've had a dream inspire me like this and it's fun.

    @Tonja, thanks! :)

    @Jennifer, thank you! :)

    @Karen, thanks so much, I'm thrilled about it. :)

    @Cecilia, thank you, I hope I will be able to share the whole book before too long, definitely keeping my fingers and toes crossed. :)

    @JL, thanks, I sure hope so. Hope you are having a great weekend too! :)

  25. Great that you got a request! Thank you for following me, I have added you to my 'dashboard', for some reason I am having trouble following people and having my wee pic show up but I am reading! :)

  26. @Viklit, you're welcome, my pleasure! And I know what you mean, I have been having some problems with that too. I think Blogger is acting up again. Thanks for following!

  27. That is very encouraging, Julie. Slowly, slowly ….. and business cards too! That means you are all set :)

  28. So much going on in your life! I hope it all works out.

    also, game of thrones. I just finished the first book and loved it ^_^ It's a good obsession.

  29. That's exciting query news! Best of luck. :) Thanks for the shout out. I need to try Game of Thrones. I've wanted to check the books out before attempting the HBO show.

  30. Hi Julie .. trying to catch my tail on blog posts .. but looks like things are happening and you're getting your head straight - while it's up there in the clouds ..

    Cheers and enjoy this journey .. Hilary

  31. You've been busy! That's great you had a request for the full. Even if it doesn't get snapped up, you're likely to get feedback which will be invaluable. All the best!

  32. Congrats on the full manuscript!!!

    I followed some bloggie buds to your blog here. Looks like fun! So nice to *meet* you! :)

  33. @Gwen, thank you! And I'm almost jealous of you just starting GoT, I'm almost done and really don't want to be finished LOL.

    @Michael, thanks! I definitely recommend the GoT books, hope you like them if you check them out.

    @Hilary, thanks and cheers to you as well, hugs to you!

    @Jaxbee, I didn't think about the feedback but that's a great point, I hope so. Thanks!

    @Kelley Lynn, oh, thanks, it's great to meet you! Thanks for coming by. :)


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