Friday, February 26, 2016

Library Lovers & Celebrate the Small Things

As it's still Library Lovers Month I thought I would share another library I happen to love. This is the Thompson Library at Ohio State University. I worked there throughout my college career and I loved both my job and the place in equal measure.

I mentioned in my post about the Bexley Library that I like interesting doors and the Thompson doors fit that bill. There are three evenly spaced identical doors at the entrance, behind the statue of Mr. Thompson in the above picture.

Once I walked inside that door though, nothing about the library looked the same as when I worked there. The building was renovated from 2007-2009, and the inside is now unrecognizable to me.

But that doesn't make it a bad thing. The atrium is airy and open, and the floors of books are enclosed in glass.
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The first floor houses special collections from the University archives, and I found this fun display of paper dresses from the 1960s. I had no idea that paper dresses were ever popular, but my mom assured me they definitely were, especially the Campbell's Soup style. Bizarre!

The Thompson Library may not be the library I remember, but I love it just the same. I'd like to go back sometime when I have more time to explore.

And now to Celebrate the Small Things! This fun weekly hop is hosted by my buddy Lexa Cain and co-hosted by L.G Keltner at Writing Off the Edge, Tonja Drecker at Kidbits, and Katie at The Cyborg Mom. Visit Lexa's blog here to find out how join in the hop yourself and to see the list of participants.

This week I'm celebrating:

1) My new iPhone. I love it!! I loved my old Samsung phone for a long time but it was now close to giving up the ghost and I knew I needed something new. I decided to go with the iPhone and I can see now why they are so popular. I am totally addicted to the phone, which may not be something to celebrate after all. ;)

2) I had a great time at the Sisters In Crime writer's group meeting I mentioned last week. The guest speaker was an author who loved writing about history and ghosts, When I heard that, I knew I was going to enjoy this talk. :D

3) I've been inspired to get back to an old story idea I'd left sitting for over a year and I'm really excited about it. It's historical and includes a ghost! :D

Happy weekend, all!


  1. Welcome to the world of the iPhone!
    Wow, the interior of the library is stunning.

  2. Yep, iPhones are addicting.

    Paper dresses?! I'd be a mess before I even left the house. :)

    Good luck with the new story!

  3. Historical and includes a Ghost, sounds awesome already Julie!!!!!! Get to it!!!!

  4. Paper dresses? I do kind of like that one with the Apollo rocket on it. Groovy, baby. :D

  5. Fantastic library! The dress reminded me of a CapriSun dress/purse combination I once saw. Bet that would hold up better than paper though. Congrats to the new iphone and have fun with the story!

  6. The iPhone is too locked down for my taste, so I'll stick with my Android phone.

    Nice pictures. Wish we had buildings like that in the Detroit area.

  7. This is quite the library and glad to see the huge amount of books there. I knew about paper dresses which is weird for sure.Congrats on the IPhone! I just bought an I pad so I am glad about that

  8. Great post, Julie! I love all kinds of libraries and book stores and anywhere books can be found! I just wrote about finding awesome books at the dollar store! :)

  9. That is one impressive library. It's great to hear you've been inspired. I'm glad you had fun.

  10. That library is amazing! The outside is so staid, yet the inside is something out of a sci-fi movie - it's gorgeous! Yay for having a great time at the writers' meeting and being inspired to work on a story idea. And congrats on the new phone. I have a friend who just got one, and now whenever we're out and we wonder about something, she whips out her iPhone and checks the internet, immediately finding the answer!

  11. Some super photos in your post and I love the paper dresses :) Great news on the new book you have in mind - ghostly tales are always exciting! Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  12. Hi Julie - I remember the days of paper clothes - I always thought they were somewhat unreliable! But paper knickers were around ... I didn't try them!

    So good you were able to go back to see the renovations - wonderful they've enclosed the floors - giving readers more quiet and keeping the books cleaner - I guess.

    It'll be fun to go back - now you've had that initial look ... and joining the iphone club ... that's good -enjoy it .. cheers Hilary

  13. Best of luck with your latest story. I'm glad you picked it back up again. That's fantastic. I switched from an iPhone to an Android almost two years ago. I'm not sure I'd go back again, but who knows, I said the same thing about switching away.

    That library is stunning. Just beautiful and amazing!

  14. @Alex, I am loving my iPhone more every day LOL.

    @Madeline, I know, isn't it crazy?? I can't imagine how those dresses lasted longer than 5 minutes.

    @Elizabeth, agreed!

    @Cathrina, thanks, I'm trying! :)

    @LG, LOL. :D

    @Tonja, oh, I used to love the Capri Sun pouches but had forgotten all about that drink. Funny to imagine that dress.

    @Ken, thanks, I do love the building.

    @Birgit, I hope you are happy with your iPad after all the trouble you've had with Windows 10.

    @Becky, thanks!! So great to see you. :)

    @Murees, I did, thanks.

    @Lexa, LOL I am acting a lot like your friend lately. :D

    @SENCO, I agree, I love ghosties. Thanks!

    @Hilary, you made me laugh out loud about the paper knickers. That's even worse than dresses!

    @Elsie, thanks!!

  15. I also love my iPhone... i do everything on it:) Very addictive indeed.

    I am blown away by that library... Love it.

  16. Thanks for the tour of the library. How gorgeous! The library of the university in our town is not a welcoming building. It looks like a jailhouse! Yay for a new phone and the inspiration. :) Have a great week.

  17. Love old buildings. Architecture was so different in days gone by.

    Iphone- Agreed! Times Three. I've had mine for a year and half and it was the best thing I've purchased in a long time. Isn't Siri and hoot sometimes?

  18. I loved seeing the exterior and interior of that library. What a treasure to walk into!

    I'm an iPhone addict. My husband still had a flip phone, and refuses to join this century. Of course, he has me and my amazing phone device to fall back on.

  19. That library is heavenly.

    Congrats on the iPhone. I love mine!

  20. That library sounds lovely. I have heard of paper dresses before.

  21. That library is gorgeous. I'd love to spend some time wandering around in it, just soaking up the atmosphere.

    I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your weekend with your writing sisters. (Not surprised, though!)

  22. Wow, what a gorgeous library!

    And how exciting about your historical ghost story! Those are always a lot of fun to read. Best of luck with it!

  23. The library looks very impressive - paper dresses are new to me too.
    I haven't updated to an iPhone yet, but I know everyone says they're great. Maybe one day . . .

  24. Hi Julie,

    Splendid and like you, I love libraries. That library is stunning. Libraries, becoming a precious commodity in the UK as our horrible government cuts back the funding on libraries.

    Upbeat post, enjoy the technology. I'm still using an iPencil :) Stay inspired, my kind friend.


  25. How did I miss Library Lovers month? Love your photos!


  26. Wow! Wonderful library pics!
    And great celebrations!!!

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