Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Adopt the Internet Day

In honor of their 15th birthday, Petfinder.com is asking bloggers to celebrate Adopt the Internet Day on March 15th, and spread the word about adoptable pets on the internet.

There are several easy ways to participate, including tweeting about an adoptable pet and adding the #adopttheinternet hashtag to your tweets. I have found the animal community on twitter to be amazing, and love sharing the Circle Tail dogs there, so I'm looking forward to tweeting about more next week with this hashtag.

I know that Petfinder has helped to facilitate thousands of pet adoptions across the country, and last summer I was fortunate enough to write about a special needs cat named Penny who found a forever home through Twitter. I'm sure there are countless other Pennys out there who were adopted through the magic of social networking, so I'm excited to be able to participate in Petfinder's birthday celebration and help spread the word about all the wonderful adoptable pets online. 

You can find a list of ways to help, and see a gallery of adorable adoptables, here on Petfinder.com.


  1. we will be participating for sure and thanks so much for spreading the word!

  2. Love this. Thanks for posting it. I write a column for Examiner and will mention this on the 15th, with a linkback to you. Anything about dogs (and pets) is worth repeating.

  3. Thanks for letting us know about this, Julie. I will be adding a badge to my blog as a show of support and to spread the word. Gotta love our furry children!

  4. Petfinder has been around for awhile and “Adopt the Internet” supports a great cause. It is important for your Visitors to know about aKeKee.com – The Pet Search Engine.™ as well.

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  5. Shall do, I have a friend who would love to join in.


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