Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Driving Mr. Clancy

I've written before about how my dog Clancy hates to walk, and seems to consider the activity a waste of his time. To him, his time is much better spent riding in the car.

Unfortunately though, Clancy has his own ideas about how things should go once we get into the car. He doesn't see himself as a mere passenger. In his mind, he is a co-pilot, and navigator. He remembers the routes to our main destinations, and becomes alarmed if I make a turn he is not expecting. He looks at me as if he is trying to alert me to my mistake, and get us back on the right course.

When I first got Clancy, I tried all sorts of doggie seat belts and harnesses to keep him safely in the back seat and let him just enjoy the ride. Clancy saw each one as an instrument of torture. At one point, I put him in a safety harness and drove off down the road. When I stopped at a light less than a half mile from my place, I glanced in the rear view mirror, and saw black paws and legs sticking up at odd angles and blocking the back window. In his desperate attempt to get out of the harness, Clancy had decided to stand on his head and put his back paws on the ceiling of the car. Surprisingly, this didn't work out as the Houdini-like escape Clancy had planned.

I had to pull over and get him out of the harness before he either caused me to drive off the road, or broke his own neck. After many similar experiences, I finally gave in and let him ride in the front seat where he is happy and can monitor my driving.

Now that March is here and Spring is around the corner, Clancy and I will be driving to lots of parks in the area, and I am also planning on making some day trips to hunt around for possible topics for regional magazine articles. I'm looking forward to exploring new destinations, and writing about the places Clancy and I visit.

Wherever we end up going, I know that when I grab my keys and pick up Clancy's leash, I can count on Clancy to be my travel buddy. He'll run to the car, call shotgun, and we'll be on our way.


  1. Such a cute post, Julie!! I can just imagine Clancy as your navigator. Spence, my cat, would have done the same thing in response to a collar or harness, and in fact I think he would have strangeld himself.

    Looking for story ideas and otherwise exploring sound like terrific spring time activities, and Clancy is sure to be your perfect travel buddy. :-) Good luck!

  2. My dog, Cooper, is my almost constant co-pilot too! He heads for the back door whenever I put my shoes on and grab my coat, just in case I'm going somewhere.

  3. loved this! How adorable! So Clancy doesn't like to take walks either? I thought my Sheltie (Dakota) was the only one!

  4. @Julie, thanks for the good luck wishes! I don't have any trouble believing Spence would strangle himself with a harness. I've never met a cat who could tolerate anything like that LOL. I think Clancy might have a little cat in him. ;)

    @Janel, Cooper sounds so cute! It's funny how dogs are always so ready to go.

    @Caren, yeah, Clancy hates going for a walk. How funny that Dakota doesn't like it either, I thought Clancy was the only one!

  5. LOL! Gotta love a dog like Clancy that knows what he knows. My pug watches Coronation Street with me and as soon as the closing music comes on, she's decided that's the cue for dinner. If I don't jump to attention and feed her, she starts ramming her flat little muzzle into my leg or running in circles!

  6. Hi Cathy! It's so funny how dogs know those cues, too cute. Your pug sounds like a doll. :)

  7. Hi Julie *waves* nice to meet you :) Tee hee, I can't stop laughing thinking about Clancy standing on his head!



  8. Hi Rachel! Thanks, it's nice to meet you too! Glad Clancy could make you laugh. :)

  9. Oh my. This posting really rang a bell for me.

    My son has 2 dogs. I am their grandmother. He used to use car restraints when he had the first dog - an English Bull Dog - he will let you do anything - he is so laid back. But the rescued Pug - well, that didn't go so well. The Pug was anxious riding in the car anyway, and when he was restrained with a car harnass, he went nuts. I can relate to stopping the car to "rescue" the dog from his own yoga moves to escape the restraint.

    In fact, once when I picked up the dogs for a visit to my house, I
    stopped to unscrew the pug from his harnass, swearing all the time, I remember a trucker stopping to see if he could "help". He was kind, but I remember being acutely embarrased that we looked "out of control" - the dog all twisted up struggling, and me swearing like a sailor!! Brings a smile to my face now, but not then!! :-)

  10. Oh, your son's Pug sounds a lot like Clancy! :D I cracked up about the yoga moves, great description of the maneuvering. I agree too, I laugh about this now but I sure didn't when it happened. Pets provide so much amusement though, it's really impossible to imagine life with them, isn't it? :)


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