Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Looking Back on Three Months

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." 

I had this quotation in mind when I started this blog back on December 31, 2010. I've seen the quotation several times, but have never been able to find who is responsible for it. It struck a chord with me though, and I decided I wanted to make a point of doing something different than what I've "always done."

I started this blog with trepidation, as I am very reserved by nature, and sharing publicly like this was not something that came easy to me at all. But in the spirit of trying something different, I set aside my reservations and jumped on board with it. 

Now that I am one day away from my three month anniversary, I can say with all sincerity that I'm so glad I took a chance and started the blog. In the past three months, I've had the pleasure of meeting people I never would have encountered otherwise - writers, animal lovers, book lovers, walkers, and so many others, all with interesting stories to share.

I've also sent out numerous queries and received almost as many rejections, but the rejections were overshadowed by the thrill of finding one editor who expressed an interest in my ideas. I don't know for sure yet if my article will be published, but it's a start. It's also been a good experience to learn that rejections really aren't the end of the world, and are an inevitable part of the process.

I've found wonderful sites like She Writes and Women on Writing, and entered two short story contests. Getting word that I made it through the first round of judging in the Women on Writing contest felt like winning the lottery, and even if I don't make it to the final round, it's been a lot of fun to try and I'm really glad I entered. Thanks to Adrian at The Mother Centurion, I'm also planning to enter the Writer's Digest annual competition, and look forward to sharing with others on her site as we go through the story writing process.

I've walked 119 miles, 100 of those since signing up for the 400 Mile Challenge in February. This has been a great motivator for me, and although I wouldn't think there would be a connection, I seem to have more energy for writing when I am exercising regularly.

To sum up, I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has followed my blog, left comments, or just stopped by to read. These three months have been a pleasure, and I look forward to many more.

Many thanks to all!

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"
Vincent van Gogh


  1. It's a pleasure to read your blog, and yes it's surprising what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.


  2. I'm a walker too, and make time for it as often as I can. It's amazing how walking reaches so far into the rest of my life in various ways ... energy, contemplation, health, nature. Happy walking, and writing to you :)

  3. Already I am getting a thank you and I've just stopped in! Talk about feeling special the minute I waltz in the door!!!!

    I'm with you and Joanne, walking does so many things for the soul! Happy walking and writing to you both!!!

    I am stopping into welcome you to the A-Z Blogging Challenge! I'm a co-host! Should you need anything don't hesitate to ask! Feel free to stop in and say hello on my blog or follow us on twitter (I'm @jenunedited)!! Look forward to your posts through the month of April!

  4. So true! Trying new things is what keeps life interesting. I have to remind myself of that regularly otherwise I fall into a rut. Blogging is a great community, isn't it? Good luck on all your ongoing endeavors.

  5. Hi Julie

    How nice to "meet" you and thank you for visiting my blog. When I checked out your blog - specifically this posting, I thought ... wow, she sounds alittle like me: alitte resistent to starting a blog, trying to move your life in different ways than before, walking ... that is pretty much what my blog is about also ... except I haven't ever considered writing to publish. But I sincerely enjoy writing so who knows.

    And part of the fun of blogging, beyond writing, is discovering the work of others. I'll check in on you in April as well!

  6. Holy Cow! I missed the biggest similarity of all - our pets! We are huge animal lovers here. Family is what they are.

  7. Blogging has really changed my way of viewing the world.. I have been doing it for 3 years and love all the people I have met!

  8. Julie, you're a sweetie...and you've got a rockin' good blog here! I hear ya about the walking. It's great to get the feet moving. Have a great week!!

  9. If you ask me, walking is the only way to really see the world. And I love your opening quote, it reminds me of something a doctor once told me: if you're trying to make changes from the same old stuck place, you're screwed...

  10. I didn't realize you have only been blogging for 3 months! I thought it was much longer than that!
    We are glad that YOU are here...if you hadn't started your blog then we would never have met YOU!!

  11. I was hesitant about joining the blogging world too. Like you, I'm actually a very private person. After blogging for three months, I have to say that it has turned into a better experience that I ever expected. If not for blogging, I would never have met such great people like yourself. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Wishing the best for all your writing endeavors :)

  12. You guys are all so nice, thank you!! It's been such a pleasure to meet so many wonderful people, and to the newcomers, thanks for coming by and it's great to meet you as well! I'm really looking forward to continuing on this journey with all of you.

    Thanks again! :)

  13. How about those Reds!

  14. Ha ha, yeah, what a game yesterday! Hope it's a good omen for the rest of the season. :)


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