Monday, August 22, 2011

Back from Break, and Rolling Out a Second Blog

I'm really glad to be back from my blogging break, and wanted to send out a huge thank you to everyone who stopped by with good wishes and kind words about my dad. I'm relieved to be able to say that the surgery went well and, in spite of some complications that made for a stressful week, things are now back to normal. Or at least as normal as things can be when caring for elderly parents! Thanks again to all for your good thoughts! :)

Due to last week's circumstances, I've spent a great deal of time lately in hospitals and medical offices. And one thing I have noticed about hospital waiting rooms is that they give you a great deal of time to sit and think. In order to keep my mind off my concerns about my dad, and to block out the shrill sounds of the Today Show on a television that was turned WAY too loud, I used the time to think about my blogging and writing goals, and assess my progress now that I am more than halfway through my first year of blogging.

Ever since I joined the blogosphere and started reading writing-related blogs, I have read continuously about the importance of building your own platform. I was completely confused about this in the beginning, but I think I finally have it figured out. And to help with my own platform, I have decided to start a second blog.

As anyone who has read my blog knows, I am a huge animal lover and my primary interest for non-fiction writing is to write about animal-related issues. In addition, both of my articles that have been accepted for publication this year have focused on animals. And my volunteer writing is for two animal organizations. After much careful thought in the hospital waiting room, it came to me that my platform should focus on animals. As you can see, there's nothing slow on me. ;)

To that end, I have started a pet blog that I am calling The Pet Parent Diaries. I am still going to continue with this blog, as I am very attached to it and would never want to give it up. And, I want to maintain it to focus on my writing goals, and on any other topic that strikes my fancy.

In addition to my platform building goals, my decision to devote a blog to pet parenting is also related to a personal issue of mine. For most of my life, I wanted to be a mother, and when I finally had to come to terms with the fact that parenting was not in the cards for me, it was a painful pill to swallow. But in the spirit of acceptance and focusing on what is instead of mourning what isn't, I have tried to find some humor in the situation, and realize that it may be for the best. The reason for that is because I am such a worry-wart and so neurotic when it comes to caring for my pets, if I had had a human child I probably would have been a basket case before the kid was out of diapers. And when it came to parenting a teenager, I imagine I would have had to make an open-ended reservation for a padded room.

So this new blog is not only a chance for me to join the wonderful community of pet bloggers and establish a pet-related platform, it is also an opportunity for me to poke a bit of fun at myself and my admitted neurosis, and deal with something that was a significant loss in my life. I love to write with a touch of humor, and I find that a little self-deprecation can actually be therapeutic.

I know that managing two blogs will be a challenge, but I feel like it will be a good one for me, as I enjoy blogging so much and have developed such affection for the wonderful bloggers I have met in the blogosphere. I'm excited about the chance to get to know even more, while also keeping up with the great blog buddies I have already met here.

So I am back with bells on, and very anxious to get caught up with all of the blogs I have missed. I'm also looking forward to participating in this week's blogfests, and will post my first entry tomorrow.

Thanks again to everyone for your well wishes about my dad! And to all the animal lovers out there, please stop by and visit me at my new second home, The Pet Parent Diaries. I know that Nate and Clancy would love to see you there. :)


  1. Glad everything went well for your dad. And I think your second blog sounds great. Nice to see you back.

  2. Welcome back! Good luck with the new blog venture!

  3. Thanks LG and Karen! I'm really happy to be back. :)

  4. Welcome back and I hope you tave vitamins to keep up with 2 blogs!

  5. Glad everything wet well.
    Best of luck with the new blog.

    M Beth Vaughn

  6. Great news about your dad! I'm also excited about your new blog! I'm sorry that things didn't work out like you had hoped, but I admire you for turning it into a positive by taking such wonderful care of Nate and Clancy, as well as all the important work you do. I look forward to having twice as much fun with you! Julie

  7. That's wonderful about your father. I remember how difficult it was trying to help my aging parents (both gone now, my mother at age 97), and I can relate to the hospital and medical offices (from my experiences with my brain injured daughter). But it sounds like a trying experience has indeed helped you decide about your "platform."

    Animals ARE wonderful, and it's obvious that they mean a lot to you; and so, if that second blog excites you, I would definitely go for it. It's amazing how blogs of pet lovers that there are in bloggerland. Just go to Old Kitty's blog and it won't be long before you'll meet HUNDREDS of them.

    Good luck with it all. I once thought about doing two blogs, but found it's all I can do to keep up with one! Cheers for your energy and commitment!!!

    And thanks for stopping by just now and leaving a comment on my Beach Boys post. I wonder who doesn't have great memories of them.

    In your About Me where you say you have just started on your first novel-- how long ago was this? And how is it going? And that is a wonderful picture, small though it is, of you with that beautiful dog. He looks like an awesome companion!!
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

  8. Sorry I did not stop by sooner but I have thought about your father and it is great to hear is doing well.

    Being the proud mother of three furry children, I'm on my way. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  9. So glad your dad is doing well. I'm going to check your other blog now.

  10. @LynnMarie, thanks! Ha ha I didn't think about vitamins but maybe that is a good idea. :D

    @Giggles, thank you!

    @Julie, that's so nice of you to say, thanks so much. :)

    @Ann, oh, I think I have visited Old Kitty's blog, it sounds very familiar and I am going to have to check again. Thanks for the tip! There really are so many pet bloggers, I think it will be fun.
    About the novel, it's still ongoing, and I am kind of stuck on the starting phase LOL. I'm hoping the fall will be more productive for me in that regard. Thanks so much about the picture, Clancy really is a fabulous companion. Thanks again!

    @Jules, thank you for your good thoughts, I appreciate it. And thanks for checking out the new blog!

    @Carol, thank you very much! :)

  11. It's awesome that you are such a proponent for animals! Your new blog sounds like it will be a wonderful outlet for that, as well as a good way to establish platform.

    I'm sorry I missed last week's blog, but I'm glad your dad came through the surgery well. I hope he continues to heal well.

  12. Welcome back, Julie. I'm glad your dad's okay. What a relief!

    I can relate to the "It's probably for the best I don't have kids" thing. I lose patience and worry very easily where the cat is concerned. Heck, I can't even nurture a plastic plant.


  13. Hi Julie .. I'm pleased your father has pulled through and your parents are resting more easily.

    Another blog .. that's some going - but I'm sure the Pet one will be a great success .. so many people love their pets. Good Luck - Hilary

  14. Welcome back, and great to hear your dad's surgery went well.

    Your reasons for starting the Pet Parent Diaries make a lot of sense, and it sounds like a great challenge. I'll pop right over! :-)

  15. Lovely to have you back and that your dad is progressing.
    There is a cat blog I follow called Ginger Jasper, it's a wonderful blog as he is a wonderful cat. I too am an animal lover so will pop over.

  16. Welcome back, and I'm so happy to hear everything went well with the surgery. Great idea to start a blog on something so dear to your heart!

  17. @Shannon, thanks! I hope the platform thing will work out. Thanks too about my dad, so far so good with the healing. Thanks so much. :)

    @Robyn, LOL about the plastic plant LOL. That definitely sounds like me. Thanks so much for the welcome and about my dad!

    @Hilary, thank you! I really appreciate your comments, thanks.

    @KC, thanks! And thanks for visiting the new blog!

    @Yvonne, oh, I've never heard of that blog, I will check it out. Thanks for the recommendation! And thanks for your kind words, I appreciate them very much.

    @Talli, thank you! I do hope the blog will work out, thanks!

  18. Glad your dad is doing better. That's good news. Great idea on a new blog.

  19. looking forward to reading your new blog. I love your posts on this one about pets so i think its a great idea

  20. @Jennifer, thank you! I hope you will like the new blog, thanks. :)


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