Friday, August 12, 2011

A Celebration of Assistance Dogs, and A Short Blog Break

As I have mentioned before, I blog (and also Tweet) for Circle Tail, the organization that I adopted Clancy from three years ago this month. While I adopted Clancy through Circle Tail's rescue program, their primary focus is on providing assistance dogs to individuals with hearing or mobility-related disabilities. Since this week is International Assistance Dog Week, I couldn't resist giving a little shout-out to this amazing organization and their equally amazing dogs. (Photos are the property of Circle Tail)

I love all of the photos of the dogs on the Circle Tail site, but this one has been my favorite since I first discovered the organization. This is a dog named Coda, and she is apparently very good at helping her partner Marlene with household chores.


This photo never fails to bring a smile to my face. I've told Clancy he really needs to take note, and start earning his keep around our house.

Another photo that is sure to bring a smile is this one, of a dog named Chester who is now retired from service work. He is shown here pushing the elevator button, something his partner was able to do for herself, but Chester was so proud of his ability, he insisted on doing it anyway.


I've always been touched by the bond between humans and animals, but learning about these extraordinary dogs has given me a new appreciation for just how much animals can add to our lives. 

If you're interested in the Circle Tail Assistance Dog program, click here to meet more of the dogs, including the adorable student dogs in training, and to learn all there is to know about the program.  

Also, I will be taking a short blog break next week. My father is having surgery on Monday and, while it is supposedly a simple procedure, there is a risk of complication due to his age. I am hoping for the best, but also preparing for the worst, and assuming I will need to help my parents quite a bit after the surgery. Between this and the upcoming start of the new school year where I work, I know next week is going to be crazy. I am not going to be online much, so I am taking a break from blogging. I am looking forward to being back for the upcoming blogfests, and catching up with all of your blogs then!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead! :)


  1. Have a good blog break, and I hope your father's surgery goes well.

  2. It's such a wonderful thing they do with and for dogs. Dogs like partnering with people. I'll keep you, your father, and your family in my prayers. Don't work and stress too hard over your blog break :)

  3. @Angela, thanks so much, I really appreciate it.

    @Carol, I agree, these dogs seem to really enjoy their work and love being partnered with people. Thanks so much for your prayers, that's very kind of you.

  4. I think I need a Coda! What great dogs!

    I popped over to say I had an award for you on my blog, but see you are taking a break. I hope that everything has gone well for your Dad. My mum had surgery this week. Her gall bladder was removed. It's times like this that you realise we are all aging.
    Hopefully see back again soon.

  5. Hope all goes well for your father. My thoughts and prayers will be with you all.
    Enjoy your break and look forward to your return.


  6. The guide dogs are amazing. I hope everything goes smoothly with your dad, and we'll see you after the break.

  7. Those dogs are the best! I wish my dog knew how to do laundry. All she's good at is looking cute and eating too many treats.

    Hope everything goes well for your father. See you when things settle down.

  8. @Rebecca, oh, thanks for the award, that is so nice of you! I really appreciate it. I hope your Mum is doing okay after her surgery.

    @Yvonne, thank you, I really appreciate your thoughts and prayers, that's very kind of you.

    @Tim, thanks so much!

    @LG, thank you. LOL, that's all Clancy is good at too.

  9. I am always amazed at how poised service dogs are. The bond between them and their human is incredible.

    I hope everything goes well with your father. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  10. May all go well with your dad, take good care of him. I love assistance dogs, they do so much!

  11. I'll keep your dad, you and your family in my thoughts. Hope it all goes well.

    I wish my cats would learn to vacuum and mop.

    Saw a service dog today in trader joe's. He was helping his human shop.

  12. Prayers for you and your family.
    See you soon.

  13. I wanted to train my shepherds for search and rescue but they have the wrong temperament for it.

    My prayers for your family and you. Sending healing thoughts :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  14. I will keep your dad in my prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. I'll miss your writing, but you'll be back! :-)

  15. Those are sweet pictures. Who wouldn't want such a helpful buddy around?

    Good thoughts for your dad and you.
    Take care.

  16. Those dogs are amazing!

    I hope your dad's surgery goes well. Sending positive vibes your way. :)

  17. Hi Julie .. what a lovely post - rescue dogs are amazing and as you say that bond between us can be truly wonderful. A great service you're helping with.

    My thoughts are with you and your parents for next week .. never an easy time and I wish all the best for each of you .. take care - Hilary

  18. Hi Julie ~ What awesome dogs those are! As you know I'm a dog lover, too. I don't remember if you and I "knew" each other when we first got Vern, but we got him from a shelter. His birthday is Monday, the 15th, and we're having a little party for him! He will be TEN years old!
    My thoughts and well wishes for you, your dad and all your family. Don't worry about your blog break. We won't forget you!

  19. Those assistance dogs are truly amazing. I love those photos. I do hope all goes well with your father. Take care.

  20. @Janel, thank you so much. I agree about the poise of these dogs, it's amazing. Especially when I'm used to Clancy the nut LOL.

    @LynnMarie, thanks very much!

    @Mary, thank you for your good thoughts, that's very kind of you. Ha ha, I'm laughing thinking of a cat doing housework, not a chance around here at least LOL.

    @Giggles, thank you!

    @Jules, I was originally interested in training Clancy to be a therapy dog, but he doesn't have the temperament either. Sometimes I think he needs his own therapy dog! Thanks so much for your prayers and thoughts!

    @Laura, thank you! And thanks for saying you would miss my writing, that's so nice of you to say!

    @Robyn, I know, these dogs must be the best buddies you can have. Thanks for your good thoughts!

    @cherie, thanks so much for the good vibes!

    @Hilary, thank you, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!

    @Becky, thank you for your good wishes, and I won't forget you either! Oh, Happy Birthday to Vern, how cute. I hope he enjoys his party! I can't wait to see pics. :D

    @Rosalind, thank you very much!

  21. ((((hugs)))) to you and I pray that all goes well with your Father's surgery. Thinking of you!

    The first photo was my fave!

  22. Wishing your dad well!!

    And enjoy your blog break. Come back refreshed and ready!

  23. @Caren, thank you, I really appreciate it! And I agree, the first photo is my fave as well. :)

    @Bryce, thanks so much! That is the plan, I hope so. :)

  24. It is amazing how much these rescue dogs are able to accomplish! Great photos! Good luck on your dad's surgery. I'm sure you are a huge help to him and your mom. I"ll be sending lots of positive thoughts your way! Julie

  25. My son is a huge animal lover. I recently watched a show on Animal Planet with him about Assistance dogs. It was very inspiring! Enjoy your break from blogging. Take Care.

  26. Your post reminded me of a service dog training program near me where they use boys from a juvenile detention centre to help train the dogs. The puppies are taken to the centre each day for training classes. The boys (who are often loud and riotous) have learned to curb their behaviour into a calm, controlled, and confident state in which to train the dogs. The boys really bond with the dogs, find pride in doing a good deed, and learn some self-control. I thought it was a great idea!

  27. @Julie, thanks so much for your good thoughts! It was a stressful week but the surgery went well and things are back to normal now. Thanks again!

    @Jennifer, oh, I would love to see that show on Animal Planet, I'll have to look for that. Thanks!

    @Rachel, so glad you liked them, I totally agree! :)

    @Kara, that sounds like an amazing program! Circle Tail has something similar in that the dogs are trained by prison inmates. I think these programs are so creative and beneficial, it's wonderful.


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