Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

I'm distracted by football today and don't have a post prepared, so I am cheating a bit here in order to keep going with NaBloPoMo. I don't want to think about the fact that I have not even made it to the one week point and I'm already cheating! 

I just wanted to share one of my favorite pictures of Clancy, taken last month on his birthday. I made some doggie cupcakes for him, and he was completely fascinated by them. He made us laugh as he was totally serious about the whole business, and sat at attention while we sang Happy Birthday.

For the record, I blew the candles out for Clancy before I gave him his cupcakes. He's a smart dog but I don't think he would have managed that too well. :D


  1. He looks like he knows those cupcakes are for him.

  2. Clancy is adorable. Check out the contest on my blog Puppies vs. Babies from the animal planet. Maybe you could enter him next year.

  3. Happy Belated birthday Clancy!!!

    The Lions are on a bye football for us!

  4. I loved this post. Wonderful to celebrate your friend.
    Dogs are my favorite people.

  5. @Carrie, LOL, I think he would have had a heart attack if we hadn't given him the cupcakes.

    @ladydragonfly, thanks! And thanks for the info on the contest, that sounds great!

    @Caren, Clancy says thanks! Your Lions are really having a great year! I just love football season. :)

    @Mary, I know what you mean about dogs! Thanks so much. :)

  6. Aw, jeez, now I feel woefully inadequate. With all the pets I've had and loved over the years, I have NEVER prepared them cupcakes! (Cooked 'em ground beef and rice, though ... does that count?) Your pup is a cutie. (And only a little spoiled, right?)

  7. @Susan, LOL, this was the first time I've ever done it, I couldn't resist. And he is definitely spoiled, I can't deny it. :D Thanks!


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