Thursday, December 6, 2012

Writers4Writers, Being Positive, and Finding Claire Fletcher

Today is a big day in blog land, with lots to celebrate. First off, I want to send a special congratulations to Lisa Regan on the release of her fantastic novel Finding Claire Fletcher!!! Woo-hoo, Lisa!!! If you've followed Lisa's blog, you know this has been a long time coming and Lisa has been through lots of writing highs and lows to get to this point. So I couldn't be happier for her that the dream has officially come true today! Plus, I have read Finding Claire Fletcher and it is an excellent read, I highly recommend it. Way to go, Lisa!!!

Also, today is the kick-off for the Writers4Writers Group, which is a new and easy way to support our writer friends and help spread the word about their books. This month's recipient is Nancy Thompson, author of the recently released The Mistaken. Congratulations to Nancy! If you'd like to participate in the group, click here to sign up and to get all the details.

Finally, Sharon Mayhew and Robyn Campbell are throwing a party for Be Positive Day today. It's hard to argue with a day like that, and it came at a great time for me as this has been a primarily negative week for me so far, for reasons that have nothing to do with writing. So there's no time like the present to turn that around and focus on all the positives around me instead. If you want to join in, here's the info from Sharon's page:

The lovely and enthusiastic Roybn Campbell and I decided that we all should celebrate this wonderful day by going on twitter at least once that day and saying something positive followed by #bepositive.  At the end of the #bepositive day, I hope you will friend all the people who joined in and maybe do some retweets to inspire some other people on Twitter.

I hope you will join our positiveness on twitter.

Congratulations again to Lisa and Nancy, and Happy #BePositive Day to everyone! :)


  1. That is so wonderful of you! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. And I hope people will buy Nancy's book cause it's so amazing!

  2. @Lisa, you're welcome! I'm so glad to have a chance to help you celebrate. :)

  3. Love when we get to see authors and their great books promoted. Thanks for doing this Julie. And awesome cover, Lisa. Really gives that feel of suspense.

  4. Thanks, Julie, for your support! You rock! I'm really excited here as the Launch is going great, a major wheee! after so many set-backs.

  5. @Julie, I totally agree, it's fun to help with these promotions!

    @Kittie, you're welcome, I'm excited to post about your book tomorrow. So glad it's going great so far! :)

  6. Thanks so very much, Julie! Lisa's book is simply amazing. And I've had an up and down week, as well, but when I get too focused on the downer aspects, I just look deeper & see how blessed I really am, and I feel better. You have to focus on the positive in life. It's essential! Thanks again for promoting the Writers4Writers campaign.

  7. Yay!! It's so great to see Lisa's book everywhere today. Can't miss that orange cover. She'll also have a great guest post on my blog tomorrow. :)

    And good to see Nancy getting some more love for her novel as well. Kind of a Sapphire Star Publishing day.

  8. @Nancy, you're welcome! And I agree, I loved Lisa's book. I'm looking forward to reading The Mistaken too!

    @LG, oh, that's great Lisa will be your guest tomorrow. I'll definitely be by to read her post. I didn't think about it but you're right about SS!

  9. Be Positive Day? I've been grumpy all week (and haven't written a word). I will write today! (That's my positive statement. Not sure if it's working. :))

  10. @Tonja, haha, I hope it is working. :D

  11. Hi Julie .. I must get back on Twitter and befriend everyone .. and start getting into the Twitterland ..

    The #bepositive was a great idea .. and I enjoyed the day ..

    Cheers Hilary

  12. @Hilary, I enjoyed it too. But like you I still need to get back on and befriend everyone, this is another case where I can't keep up LOL.


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