Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Faves: Song Lyrics

This week I'm listing five of my favorite song lyrics. These are just lyrics that struck a chord and stuck with me with various reasons. I guess it goes without saying these are also all songs I love.

Born To Run on Amazon

"Remember all the movies, Terry, we'd go see
Trying to learn how to walk like the heroes we thought we had to be"

Backstreets ~ Bruce Springsteen (Born to Run)

Yes I Am on Amazon

"There's something waiting out there
That says I've got to try
I've been talking to my angel
And he said that it's alright"

Talking To My Angel ~ Melissa Etheridge (Yes I Am)


The Joshua Tree on Amazon

"I'll show you a place
high on a desert plain
Where the streets have no name"

Where The Streets Have No Name ~ U2 (The Joshua Tree)

Where You Live on Amazon

"If everything you think you know
Makes your life unbearable
Would you change?"

Change ~ Tracy Chapman (Where You Live)

Planet Waves on Amazon

"May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung
May you stay forever young"

Forever Young ~ Bob Dylan (Planet Waves)

Are there any song lyrics that are particularly meaningful to you or that simply hold a special place in your heart? I have a life-long love affair with music so I could probably have gone on all day with this list. It was hard to stop at five. :)

It's been kind of a crazy week here getting ready for the start of the new school year where I work so that is it for me today. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Friday Faves is a great idea!
    What a musical line-up!
    U2 are iconic; and who can ignore Tracy Chapman's distinct gravelly voice...?
    Writer In Transit

  2. U2 is cool. I used to not like them but got hooked on Beautiful Day.
    I could name a lot of lyrics. This early in the morning, the first thing that comes to mind is Killswitch Engage's Rose of Sharyn - 'It won't be long, we'll meet again, my love for You is everlasting.'

  3. Julie, what a lovely idea. I love so many songs, I'd be here all day. Would I pick a song from a musical? From the 50's, 60's. Today? Oy! Good luck getting ready for school.

  4. I don't think I could narrow my choices down!

    Now, though, I have Born to Run running through my mind.... There are worse things. :)

    Have a good weekend!

  5. Those are some good ones. BVB's In the End, which was dedicated to someone special, is one of my favorites. Esp. the lyrics,"In the end, as you fade into the night, who will tell the story of your life?" We do live on the memories of those we leave behind. Also their song, Savior, means a lot to me because my son has been bullied for years at school and the lyrics, "A savior for all that you do, so you live freely without their harm...I will be there." always make me think of him. This first week of school has gone well and I'm so glad because I hated to see him go through that. Their music has helped him through some tough times.

  6. Nice selection! The lyrics are great, I enjoy all of these. (:

  7. @michelle, thanks! I've been a U2 fan for what seems like forever.

    @Alex, I don't know that one. Sounds great though, now I have to look it up.

    @Karen, I could go on all day too LOL. My mom always listened to musicals when I was growing up and I love those as well, so many great songs.

    @Madeline, LOL, definitely worse things to have in your mind. Probably my favorite album ever.

    @Julie, as you can imagine In The End is very special to me as well. :)I'm so sorry to hear about your son but I'm glad the music has helped him. And I'm glad his first week went well, hope that continues!

    @Elise, thanks!

  8. Love Melissa Etheridge. My husband and I saw her years ago before she made it big and loved the concert!!!

  9. I'm right there with you on U2 and Tracy Chapman. I'm still so stuck in the 80's for music. :))

  10. Yes, I think Friday Faves is a great idea, too. Did try something similar with my Book Excerpt Fridays, to stop my from blogging every day when I should be writing. But it didn't work!

  11. Love this post! I could go on and on, my husband gives me crap all the time that I am way too into song lyrics. One I always loved was Lyle Lovett, "If I were the man she wanted, I would not be the man that I am."

  12. Good idea,Julie! Music is special and there are so many kinds that everyone should find something appealing. Happy weekend.

  13. @Cathrina, oh, I bet that was a great concert! I think she has such a fantastic voice.

    @LG, I am too LOL. Oh well, that was our era. :D

    @Carole, oh, I'm sorry your excerpt idea didn't work. I'm at three weeks for this one and I hope I can keep it going, I tend to get distracted very easily LOL.

    @Rachel, oh I love some Lyle Lovett songs but don't recognize that one. To me there's no such thing as being too into lyrics LOL.

    @Deanie, thanks! I hope you have a great weekend too.

  14. I have always loved "Sweet Home Alabama" by the Eagles? Songs by Chicago, uh, Credence Clear Water...Boy, this is a test of my memory. I will think of them later in the day,though.

  15. I love this!!!
    Listing lyrics I love will keep me busy for a whole week, awesome choices by the way ;)

    Happy weekend!

  16. I don't think I'd be able to narrow it down. I find music so inspiring, and sometimes a line just strikes you exactly right at a given moment.


  17. I love music too. One set of lyrics that just came to my mind was by the Gin Blossoms "So when your in the company of strangers, or the strangers you call friends, you know before it starts just how it's going to end."

  18. What a great Faves list! I can't think of any lyrics off-hand, but you have a few of my top songs there. Have an awesome weekend!

  19. Thanks, Julie, we live from day to day as best we can. My Grandson does the coding for my website, and I'm eager to show him that I can do some too, pathetic. :0)

  20. Great lyrics, but I really like the last one the best. :)

  21. Susan, that's how I am with everything, whatever I'm trying to think of will come into my mind long after I'm trying to think of it LOL.

    @SK, thanks, and I know what you mean, I could go for at least a week too. I could probably do this one several times. :D

    @M, that's very true, sometimes things just click. I agree, I think music is very inspiring.

    @Nana, that's a great one.

    @Christine, thanks, I hope you have a great weekend too.

    @Carole, not pathetic at all, I give you credit. Good luck with it!

    @Cherie, I love that one too. :)

  22. I know the U2 lyric. Great job, brings up nostalgia. I'm sure everybody has done songs that have effected their growth. :) I'd have to think on what are mine.

  23. "We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year.... Wish you were here." :)

  24. Turn Around - Bobbie Tyler

    Sound of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel

    You made some excellent choices. U2 and Tracy Chapman are definitely great singers.

  25. Tracy Chapman is on my list... love all her songs;)

  26. The first four I knew and they're deservedly classics. I'm not familiar with the last. I had tons of favorites when I was a kid. It seemed every singer knew what lay in my heart. None of them survived into adulthood. They faded away, as childhood things tend to do...

  27. AHEM! I meant none of the songs survived into my adulthood. I'm sure most of the singers are alive and well. (And this is why I need an editor!!)

  28. Lou Reed's Perfect Day does it for me!! :)

  29. The Springsteen lyrics strike a chord, but then so do the ones of Dylan's song.

    All the Lonely People still grabs my heart whenever the I hear John sing it.

    Here's to a new school year!

  30. For some reason, Angels Flying Too Close to the Ground comes to mind. I never was much for country music when I was young, more Otis Redding, Aretha, Bob Dylan and so on, but there's just something about the way Willie Nelson sings that song....

  31. Now I've been asked, I can't actually think! I do listen to song lyrics a lot though and think the people who write them are extremely talented. They fit a lot of emotion into a relatively short period of time. As writers I think we can learn a lot from that.

  32. I can't pick any out off the top of my head but sometimes the most innocuous song can bring back a vivid memory, remind you of a certain moment.

  33. All great choices. I applaud you for narrowing it down. I never seem to be able to do that.

  34. Awesome choices. Those are definitely some classics.

    One Love by U2, Heroes by David Bowie and Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars are also very inspiring songs to me.

  35. @Nancy, I know, I think that's one of the things I love about music, it can bring up so much nostalgia.

    @Tonja, oh, I LOVE that one! Can't believe I forgot it.

    @Sheena, I was going to use the Sound of Silence, love that one too. May need to do a part 2 for this LOL.

    @Weekend, thanks@

    @Tania, me too, she's so talented.

    @Lexa, LOL LOL, I hoped you meant the songs, otherwise you really were a curse to your favorite singers LOL.

    @Austin, another good one!

    @Lee, yeah, hard to believe a new school year is starting up. I love fall though so I'm kind of glad.

    @Inger, oh, I don't know that one. I'm curious now. Country music is not my favorite but I do like some of it.

    @Rebecca, so true and a good point. And I'm always the same, when I'm asked something I go totally blank LOL.

    @ms, that's so true, music brings back memories more than anything else for me. It's funny how that can happen so unexpectedly sometimes.

    @Regina, it was very hard to do and I could have gone on forever LOL. Thanks.

    @Misha, Oh, Heroes is another one I was going to add. I really do need a part 2 LOL.

  36. Love U2. Glad to see them on your list.

  37. So many songs lyrics touch my heart, I could practically write a book listing them all, but at the moment, my brain is mush, and after spending the past couple days playing and singing with the grandchildren, "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" is stuck in my head.

  38. @Brinda, one of my all-time faves, no question.

    @Susan, oh, how cute! Sounds like you had a great couple of days. :)


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