Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A visit from Annalisa Crawford & her dog Artoo

I'm excited to welcome Annalisa Crawford to the blog today as part of her tour for her latest, You. I. Us. I had the good fortune to read an advanced copy of this collection and I can say without any reservation that it is fantastic. If you've ever read any of Annalisa's work you know how talented she is. I think she has outdone herself with this release. 

Annalisa asked each of her hosts to send her a question to answer. It's probably no surprise that I chose a question about animals. Specifically, Annalisa's adorable, and adorably naughty, dog. 

Artoo waiting for a walk

Even those of us who love dogs and puppies know they can be destructive little monsters if they get the chance. What's the worse thing Artoo has done since he became part of your family?

Aw, my lovely pup. As you know, Julie (because you read all my Facebook rants from when he was very small), Artoo was a handful, to say the least. But, looking back, there was nothing very bad he did—he was just relentless with the little things. Cabinet handles, a wooden chest, many cushions and several items of clothes were all chewed to destruction. And I’ve got a couple of scars on my arms that I didn’t used to have.

I remember many days, when I was trying to write, that I’d be chasing him around the house instead, because he had something he shouldn’t.

He’s still keen on getting into the bins when we’re out, though. And he’s recently started to bark at people who skateboard past the house. The other day I came home and he’d taken one of my t-shirts out of the laundry basket and was cuddling it in his bed—no, he didn’t get told off for that, I chose to believe he missed me.

However, I know you’re really just after some photos, so here they are. :)  

Two & a half months old

Umm, my cage fell over...
Help, the bin's attacking me!
I'm sure this is my bed...
Ten months old

You are too cute for words, Artoo! I hope that cat let you have your bed back. Thanks for being here with your mom! :)

You. I. Us.
Publication date: June 10, 2016
Genre: Short Stories (Single Author)

In You. I. Us., Annalisa Crawford captures everyday people during  poignant defining moments in their lives: An artist puts his heart into his latest sketch, an elderly couple endures scrutiny by a fellow diner, an ex-student attempts to make amends with a girl she bullied at school, a teenager holds vigil at his friend’s hospital bedside, long distance lovers promise complete devotion, a broken-hearted widow stares into the sea from the edge of a cliff where her husband died, a grieving son contacts the only person he can rely on in a moment of crisis, a group of middle-aged friends inspire each other to live remarkable lives.

Day after day, we make the same choices. But after reading You. I. Us., you’ll ask yourself, “What if we didn’t?”

About the author

Annalisa Crawford lives in Cornwall UK, with a good supply of moorland and beaches to keep her inspired. She lives with her husband, two sons, a dog and a cat. Annalisa writes dark contemporary, character-driven stories. She has been winning competitions and publishing short stories in small press journals for many years, and is the author of Cat & The Dreamer and Our Beautiful Child.


  1. LOL, Artoo sounds like quite the mischief-maker, when he wants to be. Those photos are absolutely precious!

  2. Thanks for letting us loose on your blog today, Julie. You may appreciate the facet I had to stop reading this post to retrieve a wad of bubble wrap from Artoo's mouth! :-)

  3. Artoo is adorable.
    When I was a kid, my dog ate the coffee table legs, my 45 record collection, and a hole in the wall. Plus at least one shoe from every pair my mother owned. Oh yeah, fun!

  4. If that cat is anything like mine, that's not Artoo's bed anymore...

    My dogs bark at people who pass the house in any way, shape, or form. Makes me miss my old house where there were so many trees, they couldn't see anyone doing anything.

    Another great question. Love seeing the pictures!

  5. Great pics! And I love the story about the t-shirt - so sweet. :)

  6. LOL! I have a kid who's more destructive than a dog. Don't think my nerves could handle both. Love the pictures--especially the trash can lid. Cute doggy.

  7. Heather - he's very troublesome when he wants to be!

    Alex - ooh, your dog sounds even more of a handful than mine! Your poor record collection!

    M.J. - the cat, Dylan, definitely comes out on top most of the time.

    Madeline - I'm sure 'Aren't I cute?' is what he was thinking :-)

    Crystal - watching a dog pretend there isn't a bin lid on his head is very funny indeed!

  8. Super adorable! And you know that cat isn't going to move until that cat is ready. Hehehe!

  9. Aww, he definitely missed you an needed to snuggle your clothes. Great name, Artoo.

    Congrats to Annalisa on the new book - it sounds wonderful.

  10. Aw. Artoo. Yup, puppies sure like to destroy things. I love that picture with the trash bin lid on his head. :P

  11. Artoo sounds like a sweet lovable ball of of random destruction. Aren't many pets?

  12. Christine - no, the cat stays put for as long as possible. Well, he was here for a good few years before Artoo turned up!

    Nicki - Hubby named the dog. I love the name, but my son refuses to use it in public! And thank you :-)

    Chrys - he stood and posed for me when I took that photo, like it was perfectly normal :-)

    Sheena-kay - that's a perfect way to describe him :-)

  13. Artoo and the attack of the bin will make me laugh for days. That's awesome.

    Congrats on your beautiful new book, Annalisa! I'll definitely be adding it to my Kindle.

    Julie, I started Polar Day today. Excellent!

  14. Congrats on your book, Annalisa!

    My cat likes to steal my dog's favorite chair . . . which he's allowed to sit on because of it's washable cover.

  15. Hi Julie - Annalisa's new book is on my list ... while Artoo - looks to be a wonder dog - it's those early months when life is just plain fun for them - and they want to learn as much as us! Where's the goodies?

    Great to see the three of you - no wonder you all enjoy your walks and outings ... with four footed friends along - cheers Hilary

  16. M Pax - that photo always makes me smiles :-) Thank you! Oh, and Polar Day is a fantastic book.

    Tyrean - Artoo has specific places he's allowed, the cat has free run (mostly because he's a cat, and untrainable). You can sometimes see Artoo wondering why...

    Hilary - oh yes, he definitely has fun!

  17. Your dog is absolutely adorable, Annalisa...that puppy time is so much fun..and so frustrating too!

  18. Elsie - we're not completely done with the puppy stage. Just today he had a great game of chasing the vacuum cleaner :-) Of course, it tired him out, and then he's super adorable :-)

  19. I love that cover, and coincidentally, I am in the middle of That Sadie Thing and Other Stories, so I believe you that You. I. Us. is fantastic as well. And what a cute dog.

  20. Artoo looks adorable! And the picture with Artoo and your cat makes me smile. The cat seems to be saying, "You don't scare me." :)

    Congrats, Annalisa!

  21. Congratulations to Annalisa and her adorable (naughty) pup!

  22. Tamara - I'm so glad you're enjoying Sadie :-)

    Cherie - oh the cat is definitely not scared, he does his fair share of scaring though. He makes the dog jump away sometimes!

    Jennifer - thank you :-)

  23. What a cute Artoo!!! Love his name!

    I love your book cover, Annalisa!!! Wishing you much success!

  24. Thanks Cathrina! Hubby named the dog - in fact, I think he had the name before we had the dog :-)

  25. I'd be interested in knowing what that cat did about 5 seconds after you took that picture. If he's anything at all like my cats, there would have been some action.

  26. Ken, I don't remember - but he usually has two reactions. One would be to hiss and scratch, the other to very purposely lie down while keeping eye contact with Artoo the entire time. Either way, the cat won!

  27. How could such an adorable pup be naughty? Impossible.

    Great to see Annalisa's book out and about everywhere.

  28. Hi Julie, Annalisa and of course, Artoo,

    Artoo, dog of action! I reckon Artoo wants to do a bit of writing. Penny used to distract me with objects she shouldn't have because she really wanted to use the peeboard, sorry, keyboard! :) Pawesome photos, as Penny just told me.

    It's terrific to see Annalisa guesting on your wonderful blog, Julie. Great news about the book. Cornwall, what a beautiful place to live. Oooh arrrr...

    Gary :)

  29. Pets can be as devious and adorable as children.

    I love short stories; I like the descriptions of the stories here. I may have to buy this :)

  30. Hey Gary - I'll have to try Artoo out on the keyboard, but he's a bit younger than Penny, so he might just type out a lot of swear words and giggle! We do live in a beautiful part of the country.

    Dolorah - thank you, it's great to hear your interest was piqued :-)

  31. Looks like you raised a fine dog. Mine put me through a lot too and when I look back I would change a thing. :-)

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  32. Hi Anna - me neither, although I do have some extra scars and I swear one arm is longer than the other because he still won't walk to heel on the lead :-)


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