Monday, April 4, 2011

C is for Clancy

The letter C was an easy choice for me, as I can't resist talking about my dog, Clancy. Clancy has been with me since Labor Day weekend of 2008, when he was not quite a year old.

Here he is the first weekend he was home.

He seemed happy about his new place. My cat Nate wasn't quite as thrilled with the situation.

For Clancy's first Halloween with me, I decided to dress him up as Bat Dog. He would have none of it, and made no attempt to hide his displeasure at wearing the costume.

The costume lasted about five minutes, and I've since learned that Clancy views all costumes, sweaters, hats, and booties as an affront to his dignity. When I look at the Bat Dog costume now, I have to admit he had a valid point in that case.

While Clancy hates all attire except his collar, he loves dogs, and is ecstatic whenever he has a chance to play with another pooch. Here he is on one of his happiest days ever, begging for treats with his best buddy Lucy.

Unless there are treats involved, Clancy hates getting his picture taken almost as much as he hates wearing a costume, and he has little patience with it. I recently got a new camera, and was excited to try the pet photo feature, which supposedly eliminated glowing "pet eyes." When I took pictures of him to test the feature out, Clancy sighed and fussed, and acted as if I was putting him through the tortures of hell.

But, at least the glowing eyes were indeed gone!

As I wrote when I started this blog, one of my goals was to have more success in training Clancy. I haven't accomplished that goal, but we're managing okay anyway. Clancy may not be the most obedient dog in the world, but he's definitely a character.

I wouldn't want him any other way.


  1. Ahhh, Clancy's a love! Love his eyes. And I'm not leaving Nate out *sending purrs*.

  2. What a handsome dog. I can see he is a gem. And Nate, well, I can understand his problem. See, we have 2 cats and my children have 3 dogs between them and I have all 5 every weekend.

    I can relate to Nate.

  3. Oh, Clancy's a cutie! (Nate is a fabulous cat name!) And how did I never think of using treats to bribe my pets to pose? I'm clearly an amateur!

  4. My old dog used to love having his photo taken. He'd pose with a 'this is my best side' expression on his face. I do miss him. Enjoy your Clancy. He looks like he's a fabulous dog.

  5. @Kittie, thanks! Purrs back at you! :)

    @Retired Knitter, how funny, I can just imagine your cats when the dogs come over, ha. :D

    @Hart, thanks!! Bribes are definitely the way to go with Clancy. :D

    @Rosalind, thank you! That's how my dog was when I was a kid. She was a ham, and couldn't wait to jump in the picture whenever she saw a camera. I expected Clancy to be the same, but he has his own ideas. ;)

  6. What a cutie! This is a very sweet post. Now I want to run out and get a dog too :) Happy to meet you through the A to Z challenge. Enjoy your day!

  7. Clancy looks a fine dog, I love all animals Thank you for giving Clancy a day of fame on the Challenge,


  8. I saw this was about the letter "C" and of course I had to pop in!!
    Being a "Caren" and having a cat named "Cody", the letter "C" is obviously one of my faves!
    Clancy is adorable!!! Don't feel bad...Dakota is an obedience school drop out! I have to tell ya, Clancy is one smart dude if he doesn't like to be "dressed!!"

  9. Awww, what a sweet pup. Good luck with your training!

  10. Gorgeous Dog. I like dogs, but my Dad loves them. He's absolutely dog crazy! He looks like a lab or retriever. We always had a lab at home, so placid and good natured.

  11. I've run across a lot of c is for cat posts today, nice to see one about a dog!

  12. Oh he's so cute and cuddly! Makes me wish I had a pet friend apt so I could get another cuddly pet of my own.

  13. What a sweet dog, nice use of the letter C for a post.

    I have trouble photographing my cats. Two of them see me looking at them and they have to come up to me for attention time. The other one likes to drop whatever cute pose when she sees the camera.

  14. I am mad for my dog too and after ten years I can give you some dog training advice because they train us! Hoagy needs consistency, firmness and no anger. We don't feed him until we're fed and we made him go to his place before we do - that shows him that we're the top dogs in the pack and that is good. People think it is mean sometimes but it messes with dog's minds to think they are the leader when they aren't. We also ignore him when we come in. Those two things have made a world of difference with a sharpei/lab cross male who wants to run the show!
    His abiding sin is that if he gets loose he won't come back until he's good and ready. After ten years of this and endless trainers and tricks I have accepted the inevitable. And he is slowing down a bit!
    Nice to see you on my blog and I'll be back to see how you're doing too!
    Jan Morrison

  15. Oh I love him. I have a dark version of him named Lilo who we took in as a puppy from someone in front of a grocery store. So sad. But we've had her for 8 years now.

  16. Love the Bad Dog pic! My Cooper doesn't like to get dressed up, but he doesn't mind having his picture taken at all.

  17. Clancy is a good sport! Seems like a wonderful dog. I think I will change my T post and write about my Theophilus. Thanks for the idea!

    Gregg Metcalf
    Colossians 1:28-29

    Gospel-driven Disciples

  18. What a handsome dog! Love the Bat Dog picture. Training is tough, I know, but keep at it. I'm sure he's a joy to have. :)

  19. Aww, cute doggy! :) He's very pretty.

  20. Clancy is pretty awesome. My two, Wrangler and Shiner, say hi.

  21. Clancy is so handsome! Loved the batman costume photo. Too cute! :D

  22. I think I have completely fallen in love with Clancy. ESPECIALLY in the bat dog costume :)

  23. Clancy sure is cute! I like the bat costume - sorry Clancy. Did the cat ever get use to him? I'm so proud of how you are doing with your 400 mile challenge - planning something wonderful when you complete it?

  24. Great start to my day! Just finished walking my dear Teeka! An English Bulldog with the heart of a lion and the sweetness to back it up!

  25. @septembermom, thanks! Great to meet you as well!

    @Yvonne, I agree, I love all animals as well. I'm so glad you liked reading about Clancy.

    @Caren, I'm glad Clancy is not alone, he and Dakota would probably get along great! Thanks for coming by for C day! :)

    @madisonwoods, thanks so much, I think I need all the luck I can get with the training. ;)

    @Aine, thank you! When I got Clancy the rescue thought he was part poodle and part cocker, but now we think he must have some lab too, he really looks like it. He is a real mutt!

    @KarenG, thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

    @PatriciaLynne, thanks so much, Clancy is a cuddly guy for sure. I hope you can get your own cuddly pet soon. :)

    @Claire, thanks! Oh, my cat does the same with photos, most of the time he drops whatever pose I am trying to get as soon as he sees the camera. It's a miracle if I can get a picture of him that I like.

    @Jan, thanks for the advice! I love the name Hoagy for a dog, how cute. Thanks for coming by and I look forward to visiting your blog again. :)

    @B's Mom, oh Lilo sounds like a doll, I love that name as well. I'm glad she found a great home with you. Thanks!

    @Janel, thank you! I don't get Clancy with the pictures at all, it seems like most dogs like getting their picture taken. Cooper is such a cutie!

    @Gregg, thanks for coming by, it's great to meet you. I'm looking forward to your T post! :)

    @Liz, thank you, Clancy really is a joy in spite of his quirks. Thanks for your compliments!

    @Trisha, thank you, I appreciate it!

    @Carol, hi back to Wrangler and Shiner, how cute! :)

    @Samantha, thanks! I crack up whenever I think of that Bat Dog costume, it was such a fiasco just trying to get it on Clancy. :)

    @Michelle, ha ha, thank you! I still love the costume even if Clancy hated it. ;)

    @LynnMarie, Thank you! Oh yeah, Clancy and Nate the cat are now friends, although they still have some minor skirmishes. It's funny to watch their antics together really. Thanks about the 400 Mile Challenge, I have been lax on updating but I need to get back to that. Not sure about a plan yet, I will have to think about that! :)

    @Adrian, I hope you and Teeka had a great walk! I bet she is a doll, my nephew has a bulldog and he adores that dog.

    Thanks again all for your comments!

  26. The picture with the cat is what my cat went through this last weekend when my mom brought her new service dog puppy to visit.

  27. Hi Carrie! Oh, your poor cat! I bet the puppy is a doll though, how precious.


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