Saturday, April 9, 2011

H is for Happy Things

I had a terrible time thinking of an "h" post, so I finally just decided to go with a list of five random things that make me happy.

1. Football. Most of my family members are football fans, so we've been gathering together to watch games since I was a little girl. I enjoy both college and pro football, so weekends in the fall almost always revolve around football for me. My sister makes great food for the games, and we settle in with yummy party food and a few beers to watch the our favorite teams. Fall means football for us, and that's a tradition I hope continues.

2. The first signs of Spring, especially hearing the birds singing in the morning after the long silence of winter.

3. My Ipod. I'm a music nut, and the Ipod is my favorite toy I've ever owned. It's ancient by technology standards, and is showing its age. I dread the day it dies on me for good.

4. Flannel sheets. I love getting under cozy and warm flannel sheets on a cold winter night. I'm always happy to see the return of the warm weather, but I can't help but be a little sad when I put away the flannel sheets for the season.

5. Best Friends Animal Society. Writing for Best Friends has been an amazing experience for me, and I love the opportunity to help a wonderful cause while doing something I love.

I've really enjoyed the first week of the Challenge, and am looking forward to the rest of the month, and the alphabet! Happy Weekend, everyone! :)


  1. I also had a hard time with H. Of course I didn't come up with a great topic like you did. I did a poem about a hornet! LOL

    Great post.

  2. I too had a house with football fans, my son was a pro, also my husband coached a group of youngsters to keep them off the streets and give them an interest, well husband has long gone, son got injured out of the game and lives in Spain but I remember with joy all the happiness in our home years ago when I see a match on TV.

  3. I was never a football fan until about two years ago. Now I look forward to football season!

    I'm so happy it's Spring. Just this week my flowers started to poke through the ground. Today, several of them bloomed. Still waiting for my daffodils, but I think they have another week or so to go. :)

  4. I had trouble with H too! I came up with mine on the spur of the moment. I love the signs of spring too - especially those brave little crocus poking up their heads. And I LOVE flannel sheets and I actually still use them in summer because they are light and soft.

  5. Oh, I love flannel sheets! Yay for happy things.

  6. Isn't it funny how some letters are more difficult than others? Nice job with H. I wholeheartedly agree with #1!

  7. @Retired Knitter, oh I'm anxious to read your hornet poem, sounds great!

    @Yvonne, how interesting that your son was a pro player, such a shame though that he was injured. It is great to have those memories though when the whole family was part of something. :)

    @Liz P, oh, your flowers sound beautiful. I just love when everything starts to bloom, such a great time of the year.

    @Donna, thank you!

    @Melissa, I should try to find flannel sheets I can use year-round, mine are too heavy. I just love them though, so soft and cuddly!

    @Talli, thanks for coming by! :)

    @Tim, I know, some letters come so easily, but this one was a different story. I don't know what I'm going to do with the really tough ones like Q or X. I'll see when I get there I guess.

  8. My mom is the biggest football fan, and when I moved out I got hooked on football as a cure for homesickness. Love it!

  9. Hi there. Except for your #1, I share things that make me happy. So nice to "meet" you on the a-z challenge.

  10. @Kendal, oh, that's a great cure. Thanks for coming by! :)

    @Karen, so nice to meet you too, thanks! :)


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