Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V is for Von Count

I was originally going to use vampires for my V post, as I love vampire characters and stories. But then I really couldn't think of much to write beyond the fact that I love vampire characters and stories. So, I decided to write about the first vampire character I ever loved, Count Von Count.

The Count rocks, and I still totally love him. I found this clip on youtube, and I love how he enters the scene with his cape half over his face. I also love the crazy laughter, and the lightning and thunder.

I read that in later years The Count was toned down and made friendlier, over concerns that children were frightened of him. I don't know if that's true as I wouldn't have still been watching Sesame Street then, but if so it seems kind of a shame to me. Maybe I was a weird kid, but I was never frightened of The Count. I thought he was awesome.

It's kind of funny though, as I have mild OCD and can be compulsive about counting. It's nothing debilitating, but it's just something I've always done, counting things like steps and tiles, etc. When I watch The Count now I can't help but feel like the poor guy has a really bad case of OCD, and that's why he can't stop counting. Regardless, I've no doubt he helped generations of kids learn about numbers, and how to count.

I'd like to write my own vampire story someday, and have been kicking ideas around in my head. I don't know if it's possible, but I hope I can find a way to work in some sort of homage to my first vampire love, Count Von Count.


  1. One fun post, ah, ah, ah...oh, someone had to do it.

    And I wouldn't have been afraid of the Count either. I used to watch all the old Bela Lugosi films when I was a kid, and assumed he was that guy as a muppet.

  2. I thought Count Von Count was awesome too! He was my favorite on Sesame Street. I can't imagine kids being frightened on him, but maybe I was a weird kid too. :)

  3. Love it! I loved the count as a child and even still love Count Chocula cereal as a adult! Yummy! What a great post. :)

  4. LOVE The Count!!
    He never frightened me as a child.

  5. Love the Count from Sesame Street. I watched it with my son when he was little and he was our favorite character. Thanks for the comment and visit today.

  6. The count is pretty cool. I never thought he was scary even with all the thunder and lightening. This is a pretty funny video.

  7. Best Sesame Street Character Ever! I loved the Count growing up, especially the thunder and when he played the organ. I watch Sesame Street now with my son, and I get sad that the Count isn't around as much.

    He totally has OCD. That never occured to me, but it is some genius backstory.

  8. @LG, LOL, cute! :D

    @Amy, yeah, I was really surprised to read that. I don't know why he would frighten anyone, I just always thought he was funny.

    @Snakesmom, thanks! I love Count Chocula too, I haven't had that in ages but now I'm hungry for it. I'm a total sucker for kid cereal LOL.

    @Jennifer, I never knew anyone who was afraid of him, it was really strange to read that!

    @Karen, how cute that you and your son watched together. Thank you too for your comment and visit!

    @Carrie, yeah, I think it's funny too, I just always thought he was goofy, not scary LOL.

    @Kendal, too bad the Count isn't on much, he was the best. I never thought about him having OCD before but it's pretty obvious, poor guy!

  9. Loved The Count and your entire post.

    Thank you for your comment, yes, it was a sweet moment of cat meets rabbit.

  10. oh I'm sure kids weren't scared of him - just uptight adults! Has anyone read the real old fairy tales - the Count is a saint compared to some of the folks that were featured in those stories - especially us wicked step-mas

  11. Count Von Count was one of my favorites too (Next to Bert and Ernie.) I don't recall seeing him as scary either.

  12. I actually had forgotten all about count Von Count until I saw your post...very funny! I don't know that I was ever afraid of him either!
    good 'v' word...

  13. Perfect V word :) You're right. The count totally rocks!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  14. The Count is awesome! I was never afraid of him either. That struck me strange that anyone would think he was scary.

  15. Excellent post Julie-very creative use of the letter V.

  16. I always found him amusing. I can remember him saying sfter all these years 'I am ze count and I looooove to count!' He made counting fun for me even when I was long past the age for watching Sesame Street.

  17. Hi Julie, Great post for V. I remember the count with pleasure. Both my kids loved him. Glad you found my blog and thanks for the follow. We'll keep in touch. I'm involved in dog related issues too.

  18. The count is my faVorite! We've almost made it. Four letters to go!

  19. If only all vampires were like the count. He's the cuddliest vampire I know.

  20. I don't have kids, so I'm only a little familiar with Sesame Street and I'm no fan of vampires either. But we do have animals in common. I was a Best Friends supporter since the early 90s, I live next to a rescue, and I have a friend, Rachael, who has an educational program with reptiles she rescued. See my posts under Sydney's Legacy under my Blog Subjects at the bottom of my sidebar.

  21. Frightened of the count? What's wrong with a little fear? lol Okay, maybe I'm weird too. I can still hear the count music. ah, ah, ah, ah....

  22. I adore the count! (and count the way he used to to my kids when I'm being corny--they are teens *shifty*) I think all those tweaks they did to the Seseme Street characters are a shame. I loved the original. (and my hubby does that counting thing, too)

  23. @ladydragonfly, totally agree! :)

    @Yvonne, thanks so much. That kitty and rabbit picture was just precious.

    @Jan, I love those old fairy tales and legends. They're so dark and creepy. LOL about the step-mamas. :D

    @Melissa, me neither! :)

    @Patricia Lynne, I loved Bert and Ernie too! I used to have Bert & Ernie dolls that I totally loved, so funny.

    @Tracy, thanks!

    @Sarah, he does! :)

    @Donna, I thought it was so strange too, there was never anything scary about him!

    @Tim, thank you!

    @JL, I would imitate the Count long after I outgrew Sesame Street, I loved the way he talked too. :D

    @Joanna, thanks for coming by, it's great meeting you. I'm a huge dog lover. :)

    @Better Is Possible, cute! I can't believe we're almost to the end.

    @Angela, he is very cuddly, no doubt.

    @Canyon Girl, oh, that's wonderful you volunteered for Best Friends as well. I just love being able to write for them, such a great organization. I will look up the posts under Sydney's Legacy, thanks for the heads-up. :)

    @Nicole, I love the music! :)

    @Hart, LOL LOL. Yeah, I think the tweaks are a real shame too, silly to me.

  24. Oh, the Count totally rocks it! Love him!

  25. thanks for dropping by my blog! The count was one of my favorite Sesame Street characters, next to Grover and Big Bird!

  26. LoL! Give me a good old fashioned vampire like the count any old day.

  27. @Talli, agreed! :)

    @nutschell, I loved Grover and Big Bird too, really I loved all of them LOL. Thanks for coming by!

    @Cathy, LOL. :D

  28. The Count is a great character. :-)

  29. @KC, I totally agree. It actually made me smile to see this post again, I love The Count. :D


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