Thursday, April 14, 2011

L is for Ladder to the Stars

I recently watched the tv show Sons of Anarchy on DVD, and one of the episodes ended with a montage featuring the song Forever Young. While it is a Bob Dylan song, the version that was used was a cover by a singer named Audra Mae. I was totally taken with the song while watching the montage, and have been in love with it ever since.

I love all of the lyrics, but this is my favorite part of the song:

May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung
May you stay forever young

I don't have children of my own (at least not the human kind!) but I'm lucky to have several wonderful nieces and nephews, and this ladder to the stars is what I wish for them. They are all grown now, but it's never too late for wishes.


  1. Oh I love Bob Dylan. Great cover version of this song. What a great wish for the day.

  2. Well, I love Bob Dylan, love this song. The lyrics you chose are indeed brilliant. A ladder to the stars is such a great image.

  3. You are so right, it is never too late for wishes or for dreams to come true.

  4. So beautiful, I love this kind of music. :)

  5. I'm actually not a big Dylan fan, but this cover is excellent.

  6. Very nice and inspiring - thanks for sharing!

  7. As a musical person I enjoyed this song by Bob Dylan. Love the post throughout,

    Thanks for the visit and comment.

  8. What a lovely post! Such a wonderful gift to wish for~

  9. I've always loved that song and keep the wish to stay forever young. We all can because it's in our minds to see that ladder to the stars.


  10. The song and post were beautiful. Thanks for sharing them!

  11. Hey, that's the song played on the show Parenthood.

    I love this version and thanks for sharing! I think we feel as young as we act. My mom is 59 and she acts like she's 90, and as a result we're just waiting for her to break a hip. A friends mom, is 70, but is out doing yoga and acting like she's 40 and we say she's going to outlive us all.


  12. I love Bob Dylan! I grew up listening to his music and have always been able to connect with his lyrics.
    Thanks for stopping by both my blogs. I'm so happy to have you following. I'm following you back on yours. The Circle Tail sounds like a great organization!
    Nice to meet you too!

  13. Those lyrics are wonderful for so many reasons. They really struck home today, though, as my son discovered the joys of space travel from an air and space symposium here. Funny I would find this post today of all days. A wonderful wish!

  14. Hello Julie,It is very true that its never too late to live your dreams i remembered that of late and i am taking charge to make that dream a reality. Thank you for visiting my blog, i am a new follower!

  15. Lovely song and such a wonderful wish. Your nephews and nieces are lucky to have you :)

  16. Hhmmm...Dylan. What can I say? I was born and raised in his home state of Minn.

    Hhmmm...Sons of Anarchy. What can I say? One of our absolute favorite TV shows in this house!

    The lyrics...stars and forever young? There's an old proverb: I'm as old as the hills, but I feel twice as young. I've always thought that's a good place to be.

    Conclusion: Considering that I like the way you word things, how could I *not* love your post!!

    P.S. I know another writer who did a post about Martha's Vineyard for the letter M. She's an "author, editor, mommy and [get this] dog whisperer!" Her site is @

  17. @Carrie, thanks, I'm glad you liked it. :)

    @Tim, I agree, I just love the image that comes from the lyrics.

    @Karen, so true!

    @Nicole, I agree, I love it too.

    @Paul Anthony, I'm the same, not a big Dylan fan, but I just loved this cover

    @D U, so glad you liked it, nice to meet you!

    @Yvonne, thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    @Ella, thanks so much, thank you for coming by, great to meet you. :)

    @GigglesandGuns, thanks!

    @Monti, it's such a great image to have in our minds, I just love it

    @Kendal, thank you!

    @ahhsome, you are so right. I know people too who act so much older than they are, it's unfortunate. I hope I can be like your friend's mom when I am older, fingers crossed anyway.

    @Amy, it's so great to meet you, and I'm glad I found your blogs. Circle Tail really is a wonderful organization!

    @Shannon, what a great story about your son, I hope he had a wonderful time. So glad you liked the post!

    @Muragi, good for you, I wish you all the best with that and I can relate! Great to meet you!

    @Samantha, thanks so much, that's very kind of you to say.

    @Kathy, great to find another Sons of Anarchy fan! My niece recommended it to me and I just loved catching up with it, can't wait for the new season in the fall. I love Katey Sagal on there!
    I love that proverb too, and thank you for letting me know about Katie's blog, I am looking forward to checking it out!


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