Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for Magnets

I saw a fun feature on Smith Magazine called Freeze Frame, where people submit snapshots of their refrigerators, showing magnets, notes, photos, and anything else they might have there. This made me think about how I love to collect magnets, so I decided to go with magnets for my M post.

Here is a (poorly taken) snapshot of my current collection of refrigerator magnets.

I love to buy magnets when I go on trips, so some of these are mementos of my favorite trips that I've taken, including London, San Francisco, and New York, where I saw A Raisin in the Sun on Broadway a few years back.

I got this magnet on a trip to Chicago when I visited the Art Institute. It's probably my favorite of the bunch, as I've always loved the painting Nighthawks, and it was a treat to see the real thing. I've always thought this painting would be great inspiration for a story, as I love trying to imagine a story and background for each of the four people in the diner.

I've mentioned before that I'm a huge football fan and, when it comes to the Ohio State Buckeyes, I'm a fanatic. I got a Buckeye magnet set several years ago, and this drum major is now all that's left of it. He's been on the refrigerator so long that I hardly notice him, but when I took this picture I realized that he's actually kind of creepy looking. Maybe it's just the shadow, but I almost feel like he will march off the refrigerator at night when I'm asleep. I might end up retiring him. 

So that's my refrigerator, minus the shopping lists, photos, and miscellaneous notes. What's on yours?


  1. On my fridge are magnets of my favourite Irish singer Daniel O Donnell, also of places I've been to such as Nashville, LA, Las Vegas.
    Loved your post.

    Thanks for your visit and comment.

  2. These are great magnets. I think that painting may have been the inspiration of a Peep diorama a couple years ago in the Washington Post competition.
    I have a lot of art magnet from local artist in my neighborhood depicting some of my favorite neighborhood places like Matt's Bar and The May Day Cafe

  3. Our refrigerator is covered with three-dimensional magnets from all our trips. THey are great little reminders of particular places we've been. Fun post.

  4. I'm so glad you did a close up, because I was like "Is that Woody (toy story) or a Marriachi?"



  5. I wish I could see the magnets on my fridge, too many papers sticking out from under them to see what they are any more
    stopping in from the A to Z

  6. We have a ton of magnets on our fridge. A lot of them were gifts. My sister just brought back two cool turtle magnets from Turkey for my daughters. I have some Packer and Badger magnets of course. I think you can learn a lot about a person by checking the magnets on their fridge. Or in this case, reading about them. I love the Nighthawks magnet. Another great post Julie!

  7. Magnets are fun. I got lol-speak magnets so our freezer door is covered in mispelled words and sentences that make no sense unless you've visited

  8. We don't have too many on our fridge, but my favorites are a Vermont foliage picture magnet, a South Park cut-out magnet, and a Chum Lee magnet (from the Pawn Stars shop in Las Vegas).

  9. Only one magnet on my fridge. "Home of Grandma, otherwise known as the Queen Mother!"...that's all. My decorator forbid me to put anything else on the fridge. I dare not disobey the decorator! I miss my magnets. *sigh*

  10. I love your Nighthawks magnet. My favorite magnets on my fridge are the art magnets. I have a couple Salvador Dali magnets from the museum near Tampa and a few New Yorker cover magnets from the Guggenheim. Of course, with all the kid papers on my fridge it's kind of hard to see the magnets (or the fridge itself, for that matter.)

  11. I used to collect soooo many magnets until just a couple of months ago. I bought a stainless steel fridge...and....magnets WILL NOT stick to the front of it :(
    I can put them on the side but I had to get rid of most of my collection...nowhere else to put them...
    I also got them from various cities I visited, of course I have cats, cats and more cat magnets........I collect anything and everything. Quotes are another fave. I am an eclectic magnet collector!

  12. I love fridge magnets, I used to have loads of them but now I share a house so I don't have any.
    - andrea, an A to Z participant

  13. No magnets now for us. I wonder what happened to them when the old fridge went for recycling.

  14. Kids and grandkids are too old for magnets so I have a magnetic towel rack.
    That picture hangs in my dining area because it's a retro decor.

  15. I have a wide variety of magnets on my refrigerator. They drive me crazy but I view them as a necessary evil. I need to keep phone lists, calendars, etc. in front of me so that I won't forget things.

  16. I had so many magnets on my fridge from my trips, other people's trips, etc. that I bought a sheet of metal and put it on the wall in my kitchen. Now my fridge is getting full again.
    Visiting from the A to Z Challenge (My M post was M&M's). P.S. I'm a Texas Longhorns fan

  17. We also have a lot of magnets on our refrigerator, but your fridge is missing the paper junk that our magnets hold. It looks a lot better with just the magnets.


  18. I've never collected fridge magnets and have to admit that my fridge door has absolutely nothing on it - boring! But I remember as a small girl having the job of picking up pins with a huge horseshoe shaped magnet at my Grandma's dressmaking workshop.

  19. @Yvonne, I have some distant cousins in Ireland, and met them when they came to the US some years back. The woman's favorite singer was Daniel O'Donnell, I'd never heard of him before that, but I think of her now whenever I hear of him. Her husband couldn't stand O'Donnell so it was funny hearing them argue about him. :)

    @Carrie, those magnets sound great, I really need to get some more local ones from around here.

    @Karen, that's why I love them too, they really are great little reminders.

    @ahhsome, oh, I never realized it, but the drum major does look like Woody! Funny. :D The set was from the Buckeyes' trip to the Fiesta Bowl so he was wearing a sombrero, so he does have a Marriachi look going on LOL. ;)

    @baygirl, it's great to meet you, thanks for stopping by!

    @Tim, the magnets from Turkey sound really cool. What great little gifts! :)

    @Patricia Lynne, I love the icanhazcheezburger site! So funny, I know I would love those magnets. :)

    @Liz, the South Park magnet makes me laugh, those all sound like great ones.

    @Better Is Possible, oh that decorator sounds harsh LOL. The Queen Mother magnet is awesome though, very cute! :)

    @Kendal, thanks, I know I would love those art magnets you have too. I really need to get some more of them.

    @Caren, oh no, too bad about the stainless steel fridge! Although it actually sounds really nice. I can imagine you had plenty of cat magnets. :D

    @wordyliving, oh that's too bad you don't have any now. It's great to meet you, thanks for stopping by!

    @Bob, maybe your old magnets are decorating some other refrigerator now. :)

    @GigglesandGuns, your dining room sounds lovely, I know I would love the picture. :)

    @Sherri, that's part of why I have them too, I have to make lists and hang them up or I forget everything I need to do.

    @thelmaz, the sheet of metal is a great idea! It's great to meet you, thanks for stopping by. Hook 'em Horns. ;)

    @Joyce, I had to take all the paper down to take the picture, when I first tried there was so much junk I really couldn't even see the magnets LOL.

    @Rosalind, I had a game when I was a kid where I used a magnet to pick up pins or some kind of shavings. I don't remember, but I know I loved the game. Maybe that was the start of my magnet love LOL.



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