Friday, September 30, 2011

Coffee Time with Rosalind Adam

If you want to have some fun and also support a great cause, head on over to the wonderful Rosalind Adam's site for Macmillan's World's Biggest Coffee Morning.

Rosalind and her sister are hosting the event, and they're serving lots of yummy food and drinks. You can dress up in your coffee time best and hang out with Rosalind and all her guests. The fun is scheduled to go on all weekend.

But it's not just about fun, as the event is registered with the Macmillan Cancer Support Team, and is all about raising money for Macmillan, the team that cared for Rosalind's mother before she passed away from cancer earlier this year. When I visited the blog a little while ago, the coffee party had already raised 112.50 pounds! (Sorry, I don't think I can type the UK pound sign on my keyboard! If there's a way to do it, I sure don't know what it is.)

So go visit Rosalind here for all the info, including the link for donations, and have a great time for an even greater cause. 

I hope everyone has had a good week! I've been busy writing my WIP and am still very excited about it, but I've ended up behind on everything else as a result. I hope to get back to a normal blogging routine and catch up with all the blogs I've missed next week.

Happy weekend, and Happy October, to all! :)


  1. Hi Julie, thank you so much for this. It certainly is a good cause and the Macmillan Cancer Care coffee mornings are happening all over the country.

    How strange that you don't have a £ sign. I've got one so you can now cut and paste mine and keep it for future use ;-)

    Good luck with the WIP. It feels like ages since I settled down to mine. Maybe next week.

  2. Fun party and a great cause.

    Funny about the pound sign. You must have to have a British computer that drives down the left (wrong) side of the road to get it. :P

  3. A very good cause and also fun.


  4. Glad your WIP is going so well. Thanks for the link to the blog and a great cause.

    Have a great weekend, Julie! And, Happy October. I can't believe it's October.

  5. @Rosalind, you're welcome my pleasure! Oh, I should have just copied the £ from your original post! I think my brain is more muddied than usual. Well, now I have it LOL. I hope you reach your target donations this weekend! :)

    @LG, LOL. I figured there must be a way to do it, but it never dawned on me to do the simple copy & paste LOL.

    @Yvonne, I totally agree!

    @Mary, thanks! I can't believe it's October either, unreal.

  6. Hi Julie .. I'm just over to Ros' to see if I can dress for the party .. and join in the fun .. and the serious side of MacMillan Cancer nursing .. we have a local hospice here and they are invaluable ..

    Cheers and thanks for the invite and reminder .. Hilary

  7. @Hilary, I agree, I used to work for a local hospice here, and the care these places provide is just amazing. I hope you have fun at the party! Cheers to you as well! :)

  8. Thank you for telling me about the wonderful cause.

  9. @Robyn, thanks, Happy October to you as well! :)

    @Theresa, you're welcome, my pleasure. :)


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