Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Untethered Realms Spotlight: #UnRealms Blog

I'm deviating from my summer plan to highlight one of my fellow Untethered Realms authors each week in order to shine the spotlight on our new blog. The blog has been under construction but today is a bit of a "grand opening," with a special post from Angela Brown.

Angela, who I spotlighted last week, is kicking off the UnRealms blog with a celebration of her new release, Atone. Check out this awesome cover!

I also love the novella's tagline: What harm can come from a kiss?

Based on that creepy cover, I'm guessing quite a bit. I know I can't wait to find out.

For the full blurb and all the info on Atone, visit our UnRealms blog here. And while you're there, please take a look around and see what else we have going on this summer. If you have a chance to help spread the word about our group and our blog we would really appreciate it!

Congratulations to Angela!


  1. Congrats to Angela. The cover is really neat.

  2. Thanks so much, Julie. It's great getting a chance share Atone and it's even better with wonderful buds like you and the Untethered Realms crew :-)

  3. Another fantastic cover, AB! Just screams "this story is going rock your socks", you know? :)

    Hi Julie! :D

  4. That is a really neat cover!


  5. That is a great tag line. And now I'm off to check out the new site. :)

  6. That is a great cover. It really catches both your eye and your imagination.

  7. Yay for Angela! I love the tagline too, and awesome cover.

  8. Congratulations to Angela. That is a seriously creepy cover.

  9. Oh, that is an awesome cover! Off to check out the Untethered Realms blog. :)

  10. That's a real knock-your-socks-off cover. Congrats on launching the new blog. Here I come, ready or not!

  11. Cool cover- congrats to Angela. I will head over and check out the new blog, too. Sounds like fun. :)

  12. You're right - that's a very unnerving cover.

  13. @Summer, I agree, I just love the cover.

    @Angela, you're welcome, and I'm so thrilled to be part of the UR bunch!

    @Alex, agree!

    @EJ, hi! :D

    @Gina, I couldn't agree more.

    @LG, thanks for checking it out!

    @Inger, I totally agree.

    @Christine, seconding your yay. :)

    @LD, it really is.

    @Heather, thanks for checking out our blog!

    @Susan, thanks!

    @Rebecca, thanks so much!

    @Annalisa, isn't it? And I totally love unnerving LOL so that's a good thing in my book.

  14. Love that cover. Looks interesting!
    Best of luck, Angela. :)

  15. @Melissa, I agree, love the cover.

  16. Congrats to Angela! What a chilling cover!


  17. @michelle, I totally agree. Gives me the creeps!


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