Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Into Fantasy Giveaway

Today is the start of the big Fall Fantasy Giveaway, hosted by Ash Krafton. The event runs from now until the end of the month.

More than 50 authors, including yours truly, are participating and there will be tons of ebooks and swag baskets given away. Visit Ash's site here to enter and join in on the fun! You can also enter through the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.

Check out the book box below for just some of the books up for grabs. I think you'll recognize at least one in this group. ;)

Polar Night

At noon the sun awakens as rural Dalton highway is painted on the arctic, Alaskan horizon. Silhouetted against the burning haze, a haunted asylum pierces the never-ending sky.

A woman screams.

A silken voice and a powerful grip to the throat persuades her silence. His classic Russian features, not unlike the minted image of Czar Nicolas II, remain frozen in time. “Please do not disappoint me like the others, my darling.”

The doorbell chimes. He releases his hold and caresses her cheek. “Natasha,” escapes his lips as he ascends the creaky wooden stairs. A calm hand opens the door. The glistening snow on the front porch pales against Aleksei’s skin and charming smile.

The callused hand of a detective, Danny Fitzpatrick, flashes a search warrant. His puffy, bloodshot eyes lock onto Aleksei’s ...

The young woman cries out, but only Aleksei hears. They will never find you my dear. This beaten and hung over man does not have a clue.

Hours later, the detective crosses the threshold and shudders as if encased in a block of ice. The sun drops to sleep and an eerie shadow creeps alongside him. He shakes his head.

Aleksei watches from the peephole. You feel my immortal essence ... do you not? A forceful hand bolts the door. Aleksei probes his elongating eye teeth.

It is time for a new plan ...

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  1. Whoa, that's a long Rafflecopter! I own several of the books already, although not all.

  2. Oh crap, favorite fantasy book - The Sword of Shannara.

  3. Super giveaway for fantasy lovers. Will share this! :)

  4. @Alex, oh, I don't know that one. Will have to check it out. The rafflecopter has to be in the running for longest ever LOL.

    @Melissa, thanks for sharing about it!

  5. Thanks for participating, Julie...and I think this Rafflecopter will be haunting my dreams for a long time to come. :D

    Cheers, Ash

  6. Thanks again for hosting this, Ash! I can't imagine how much work must have gone into it.

  7. I'm loving being a part of this with you Julie! :)

  8. @Christine, LOL, I know, I still can't believe how big it became!

    @Shah, thanks! I feel the same. :)

  9. Wow! Lots of great books as prizes. Awesome!

  10. WOW!! What an awesome giveaway!!! Ah, what a great fall!!! :D

  11. Great giveaway. And I do recognize a certain book on there which I've already read and enjoyed. :D

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  13. This is a remarkable giveaway!! Loving it.

  14. My thought was the same as Alex's - longest Rafflecopter I've ever seen! haha. This is an amazing giveaway.

  15. As for my fave fantasy book - ummmm, I'd have to say the Zagor Chronicles book 1 - it certainly changed my life. :)

  16. Had this giveaway on my giveaway list before it even opened.

  17. Such a great idea. Good it goes great and everyone gets many reviews.

  18. That is a monstrous giveaway. Perfect for this time of year. ;)

  19. Gads that was a looooong list.

    My favorite fantasy/paranormal is hard to come up with. I fell in love with fantasy by reading The White Dragon by Anne McCaffrey; And really adore Lestat from Interview with the Vampire by Ann Rice. Hmm; maybe I prefer authors by the name Ann? Nah, too many good authors to choose from :)


  20. That is the biggest rafflecopter I've ever seen. I'm astonished. Congrats on being part of it, Julie! :-)

  21. What a tremendous selection of books! It's very exciting to see you here Julie!


  22. Julie, it's great seeing you up there! I've already got a few of the books in this amazing collection.

    Have a fab weekend!

  23. @Cherie, I agree!

    @Cecilia, I always love fall and this makes it even better. :)

    @LG, thanks! :D

    @Cathrina, it's great we are both part of this.

    @Trisha, another one I haven't read, will have to add it to my endless list LOL.

    @Sheena-kay, good luck with it!

    @Nancy, thanks!

    @Nicki, very true. :)

    @Donna, those are both great. I love vampire books. :D

    @Heather, isn't it? Ash did an amazing job.

    @Lexa, the biggest I've ever seen too. Thanks!

    @Julie, thanks!

    @Kittie, thank you! I hope you have a great weekend too.


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