Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Lobsterville

Lobsterville is a two mile stretch of beach along the calm waters of Vineyard Sound, which is the section of the Atlantic Ocean that separates Martha's Vineyard from Cape Cod. In my experience, Lobsterville is one of the quietest and most peaceful places on the island. Parking in the area is extremely limited, so that could be a reason why.

I took my dog Clancy to Lobsterville when he made his first trip to the island in 2013. In spite of the fact that the water is about as calm as ocean water gets, Clancy was scared to death of it. His body language said it all.

Perhaps because it is so quiet, Lobsterville is a nesting area for the island's many seagulls. I love seagulls and would love to see them nesting, but either they are hidden or I haven't been to Lobsterville at the right time of the year. I suppose the birds would not want me or anyone else disturbing their nests anyway.

While I was doing research for The Ghosts of Aquinnah, I learned that a few survivors of the wreck of The City of Columbus, which opens the book, came ashore at Lobsterville. The ship sunk in January, 1884 off the coast of the Aquinnah cliffs, which are located at the tip of the land shown in the photo below. One of the survivors lumbered ashore at Lobsterville and went in search of help. It's impossible to imagine how terrifying that night must have been when standing on Lobsterville Beach on a perfect summer day and seeing nothing but calm and clear blue water. 


I'm also over at Untethered Realms today for our A-Z of Fantastical Creatures. I'm sharing the story of a mythological dog named Laelaps. Please come and visit with us over at our blog. :)

My A-Z of Martha's Vineyard theme is inspired by my book, The Ghosts of Aquinnah, which is set on the island. Click here for all the info on the book.


  1. That is really calm water.
    No lobsters though?

  2. It looks beautiful - but I bet the water's cold! I don't blame Clancy for being wary! Is it actually famous for lobsters? I can't believe there's actually a place called Lobsterville! Brilliant!

  3. Poor Clancy! The beach does look beautiful though. That's one of my favorite kinds of beaches - quiet. :)

    Madeline @ The Shellshank Redemption
    Minion, Capt. Alex's Ninja Minion Army
    The 2014 Blogging from A-Z Challenge

  4. It looks so peaceful. Loved your description; when I close my eyes, I can even hear those waves.

  5. Ooh, and don't forget those lobster rolls. Was reading about those in your novel and now I have to find one. Not easy where I live. :)

  6. I like birds in general - particularly the noisy ones like magpies and our cockatoos/galahs.

    That's a good way of keeping a town calm - just offer like 5 public parking spaces. hehe

  7. Oh my, that looks so peaceful. Clancy is adorable when he's all afraid of the water.

    I think you're lucky to not come across any seagulls during nesting season -- mama birds are viciously protective.

  8. Awww, poor Clancy! That IS a very cute picture, though :) I've never been to this beach, probably because of the limited parking. It looks so serene!

  9. @Alex, I think there is a lobster hatchery somewhere there but I can't remember.

    @Linda, LOL, I never thought about it but it is a funny name, isn't it?

    @Madeline, my favorite too - I hate crowded beaches.

    @T, oh, thanks!

    @LG, I don't even like lobster by itself, but those lobster rolls are amazing. :D

    @Trisha, yeah, it works LOL.

    @Nicki, that's a good point! I wouldn't want to disturb them anyway I guess.

    @Liz, LOL, he is such a chicken.

  10. Beautiful! Poor Clancy, he definitely has a scared stance.

  11. @Cathy, he couldn't wait to get back in the car.

  12. Hi Julie .. Lobsterville - what a lovely name for a beach - and it does look blissful - giving it limited access seems sensible - though gulls round our coasts are scavengers and so 'demanding' they're not much loved and damage a great deal too .. birds are fine!

    Poor Clancy .. but I bet if he stayed around .. he'd have been happy running loose on the beach (though probably not allowed too) .. cheers Hilary

  13. Your poor doggie-not like the water-it looks so calm and nice to walk there

  14. Sam the Labrador I wrote about to day was scared of the water too; he would only paddle in shallow water if he had to. Hope Clancy learns to like it.

  15. Samson had a similar reaction to the Pacific and was happy when a cop came by and told him and his daddy he was not allowed on the sand at Venice Beach. Your love for the island shines through in every post.

  16. You placed me into tranquility, Julie. Beautiful. X

  17. You make me long for the beach. It's been several years since the last time my feet felt the warm and soft soothing sand and the ocean caressing my ankles.

    13 years is too long!

  18. @Hilary, I don't know, once he is afraid of something he never seems to let it go LOL.

    @Birgit, yeah, he really hates to get wet in addition to being a scaredy-cat LOL.

    @Bob, aww, I'm surprised at that, I thought all labs just naturally loved water.

    @Inger, LOL, Clancy would have been happy to see that cop too. :D

    @Shah, thanks!

    @Jay, oh, that is too long! Hope you make it back soon. :)

  19. I love photographs with a historical commentary to enhance it. Love the idea of your telling us about the setting of your stories. It does amp up the interest.
    And, thanks for dropping by the ART scene.

  20. I was hoping Lobsterville meant that scores of Lobsters wash up every day with their claws clicking. ;) But it does sound lovely. I'd love to walk along the shore. :)

  21. Your dog sounds wise. I'd be scared of the ocean there too. That's where sharks eat people. I saw it in Jaws.

  22. Lobsterville looks so peaceful! I love seagulls too, though I never get to see them as much as I would like to. :) Great L post, Julie! :)

  23. I would love to hang out at Lobsterville. Peaceful and beautiful, what a combination!

  24. Lobsterville almost sounds like a fictitious name. It does seem funny that lobsters weren't mentioned as being a primary resource.

  25. Very nice post. Clancy looks like he's ready to go for a swim. :-)
    As of this moment, I am your newest follower. Nice to meet you.

  26. @DG, it's my pleasure, your theme is great. Thank you!

    @Chrys, LOL well that would make it more interesting for sure. :D

    @Michael, maybe he saw Jaws too. :D

    @Cecilia, thanks!

    @Elizabeth, exactly. :)

  27. Ahhh poor Clancy!
    That must have really been terrifying, indeed. Interesting how we see calm when this survivor probably saw nothing but fear and hope. The water looks beautiful!

  28. I thought Lobsterville meant that there will be lobsters all over. The water looks amazing. I love beaches.

  29. Now I have the song Rock Lobster stuck in my head. Good thing I like the B-52s.

  30. @Loni, it does, I agree.

    @debi, thanks, nice to meet you!

    @SK, I know, it's impossible to imagine.

    @Rachna, I can see why you would think that LOL.

    @Stephen, oh geez now I will have it in my head too.

  31. Beautiful beach, but it looks cold! I do love those lobsters!!!

    Mary Montague Sikes

  32. @Mary, it was a little cold that day, not a day for sunbathing that's for sure.

  33. Survivors of shipwrecks along the coasts had to have faced some terrifying moments. I can't imagine plunging into a dark sea and crawling onto a deserted beach.

    Anyone who sailed in those days had to be brave. Definitely braver than I am.

  34. I'm adding Lobsterville to must visit places. I'm coming to Nova Scotia this September.

  35. The pic of your dog made me laugh! It's like he thinks the sea's alive. Cats and dogs are the same with water from a garden hose. They're convinced it's a real creature and try to capture it!

  36. It looks beautiful Julie and Clancy seems to like it :)

  37. I had a dog once that for the first few years of his life forgot he could swim until he saw some other dog do it. It was pretty funny to see him stand there eying the water distrustfully when only six months before he was frolicking happily.

    When I read history, I often think of the dangers in traveling long distances - especially over water.

  38. Lobsterville looks like the perfect place to stroll around with a pet or a person. I bet you could get a lot of writing/reading done there too. Looks very peaceful. I would be tempted to go lobster fishing though! :D

  39. Hi Julie,

    Shall keep my comment mercifully short. I just thought how much Penny would love to be on that beach.

    Gary :)

  40. Poor Clancy. He probably thought it was a giant Great White Watery Abyss of Torture.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  41. Well, the name alone makes me want to visit! My stomach is growling. I assume there are lobsters there :)

  42. Man! So many beautiful spots on that island. Just gorgeous!

  43. Hi, Julie!

    Lobsterville.... it sounds like one of those toy towns where lobsters live and work. You know the kind with King and Queen lobster holding court over all the juvenile lobster scurrying around town.Lol.

    What a lovely beach though. It is tranquil and serene.

  44. @Nana, it is. :)

    @Evalina, oh, how wonderful.I hope you have a great trip.

    @Lexa, LOL, so true. :D

    @Rebecca, I think he liked it more when he could leave LOL.

    @Marcy, oh, how funny. Animals crack me up.

    @Chris, I would love to hole up there and write someday. :)

    @Gary, maybe Clancy would have liked it more if Penny was there with him and he had a buddy.

    @Shelly, I think that's exactly what he thought LOL.

    @Sharon, I think you would definitely be able to get a good lobster dinner. :)

    @Ava, very true!

    @Michael, oh that would make a great book for kids! How fun. :)


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